Killing the elderly and frail in the name of anti-racism

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Racism is still an issue. I wrote about some of my experiences in The Salisbury Review earlier this year. As a mixed race individual,  I’ve been party to my fair share of horrific attacks because of the colour of my skin, and I’m sure many others have been through much worse than I have.

And what happened to George Floyd in America was terrible. That video sent chills down my spine. But what’s worse is it’s not a unique situation, we’ve seen this happen time and time again, and the American police officers in question tend to get away with it. There does seem to be an issue of institutional racism in some police forces in the United States.

However, these online protests we see as a result are nothing short of virtual signalling. White guilt in and of itself is unhelpful. I’ve no doubt some of the people on social media may care about the issue, but what’s become pretty obvious is that they seem to care far more about looking good. Everybody wants to appear woke and on the ‘right side of history’.

You only have to look at the condescending slogans that are being thrown around, “Educate yourself”, “Read these 20 books”. It does make one wonder how many of them the poster has read. Regardless, these lists are nearly always entirely made up of extremist left-wing titles. ‘White saviour’ this, ‘White fragility’, that. They’re offensive if not outright racist, themselves. Oh, the irony.

“Fuck racism” is another popular slogan. Yes, very good, problem solved! It’s an empty platitude. Not many people are going to disagree with that statement, but how does posting it on your social media feed help change the world for the better?

And the veiled outrage towards people who haven’t yet posted a BLM meme on their timelines is ridiculous. How dare they not fall in line? They must be closet racists! This fascist mentality has to stop.

The protests in London are even worse than those on social media. Thousands of people are swarming around Hyde Park during a global pandemic, that seems like a sensible way to get one’s message across. The UK has suffered the highest death rates in Europe, and these selfish individuals want to put the lives of vulnerable people at even more risk, by holding mass gatherings and become super spreaders, all in the name of signalling their virtue.

Even if the virus weren’t in the picture, these protests wouldn’t be helpful. They’re counter-productive, the protests rapidly evolve into violent riots and end up causing a lot of noise that drowns out any productivity. Instead, campaigners could be fighting for new legislation to enforce more prosecutions against rogue police officers, or even to weaken the stronghold of the unions who are often at the centre of protecting corrupt cops.

It’s difficult to tell whether these protests are organised by the extremist leftist thugs seen beating police officers and chasing journalists around London, or if it’s just a case of these masked rent-a-mobs are turning up to hijack events. Either way, by spraying red paint all over the cenotaph they seem to believe they’re fighting fascism, proving that Anti-fa remains completely blinded by the irony of their name and their actions.

What are these people doing to make a difference? There is an alternative to violent thugs holding mass gatherings and screaming “Fuck the police” at the top of their lungs toward the same police officers who they would call at the drop of a hat to protect them under different circumstances.

If these protesters cared about ending racism, they’d be more politically engaged than their black display picture on social media shows them to be. How difficult is it to join a pressure group, donate to a good cause, or write to one’s local MP? More time consuming than posting a black square meme though isn’t it.

As for the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’. All I have to say to that is all lives matter! If you want to end racism, stop dividing people based on the colour of their skin. If hearing “all lives matter” offends you, good, I don’t need you to unlock my potential, thanks. I know my life matters, as does yours. We’re all children of God. Don’t patronise me by claiming mine matters more, that’s simply untrue.

What seems to have escaped people during this horrendous debacle is that racism is not defined by white-on-black discrimination. Anyone can be racist. Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. Telling white people to stop being so white is racism. Saying all white people are racist is racism. Saying white people are not allowed to voice an opinion on the matter is racist. If that offends you, perhaps you’re racist.

I’m not saying that historical racism isn’t a thing. Rather, that you cannot hold someone accountable for the actions of their ancestors. And if you try to judge someone based on the colour of their skin, for the action of someone else of the same skin tone, that’s racism. You don’t get to redefine racism to suit your purpose.

It might be worth mentioning that most of the racism I receive these days is directed at me from black people. I don’t do my hair the way they think I should. I don’t vote for the parties they believe I should vote for. I don’t dress how they’d like me to or talk how they think I should sound. Because I don’t subscribe to their idea of how a black man should be, they offer me abuse. No white person has ever called me a coon, an uncle Tom, a house nigga, but I’ve lost track of the number of black people who have. White people may have once owned my ancestors, but black people seem to think they own me now. If that’s not racist, I don’t know what is.

For that reason, nobody should be bowing down in front of black people and kissing their feet. You do not need to apologise for your ancestors. Even if you feel like you must, have some dignity about it.

What we really must get to the bottom of though, is why are we importing all of this US drama to the UK? Why are Brits yelling “fuck the police” and punching British police officers in the face over an incident that happened in a foreign land? It’s unfathomable. I understand the idea of solidarity, but this isn’t that, this is using a horrendous incident as an outlet for pent up rage and misdirecting it toward an authority figure, much like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

It’s saddening to hear that the rioters in the US have killed four black men during these protests. How’s that for solidarity and proving that Black Lives Matter? Surely not the appropriate way to memorialise the life of poor George Floyd, may God rest his soul.

The truth of the matter is these riotous thugs don’t care about George Floyd any more than they care about black lives. They just want a fight. You can see this by the way they conflate issues, with tweets like “We have a dictator because you didn’t vote for the woman”. That’s an Anti-Trump stance and a pro-feminazi stance. A typical woke statement, but not particularly pro BLM.

My good friend Dr Rakib Ehsan wrote in the Telegraph recently about how the incredibly divisive US culture war isn’t relevant to the UK. Here, “Black” isn’t used as an umbrella term with the same meaning as it has in the US. Black Caribbean and Black African people in the UK have very different lived experiences and tend to have entirely different political views. It’s insulting to group two very different demographics together based on skin colour. In fact, it could almost be considered racist.

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20 Comments on Killing the elderly and frail in the name of anti-racism

  1. To begin with, lets stop lionising George Floyd who was a career criminal with a string of offences and jail terms for crimes including armed robbery with violence but I, obviously, do not in anyway excuse or condone his killing by a police officer with a record for brutality in the course of his police career.

    Western conservative culture has lost confidence in itself through the successful left-wing ‘long march’ through public and private institutions and the Christian rectitude of a passing generation. Anyone who challenges these changes is howled down by a foot-soldier in the media army or from any yob that screams of racism or ‘slurs’ against his/her ‘rights’. Peter Hitchens sums it up in his book – The Abolition of Britain – which anyone perplexed as to what is happening will be enlightened.

          • Noel,
            Actually, the Editor has been besieged by a couple of monomaniacs for some time now and has not taken the easy option of spamming them. I feel you are over-reacting.

          • I don’t read this magazine any more. I tried reading on-line with a view to subscribing to the printed version. I feel it’s reasonable to show dislike for someone’s opinion, but not to insult the person. It turns out that the rudest commenter is the editor of this magazine. Personal insults abound. If you don’t agree with him then you are an idiot.
            My comment “The policeman was restraining a violent criminal by a method prescribed in that state. Floyd did not die of asphyxia. The policeman did not kill him.” is a quote from the article I read through Salisbury Review. Follow the link I provided and see for yourself. Myles didn’t.

  2. Calvin, I respect your independence of mind and your brave efforts to approach the question of racial identity and exclusiveness with fairness, even impartiality, However, the real question, which you do not address, is that, from the native British perspective, of the coercive nature of immigration since 22nd June 1948, the violence of forced acceptance which has accompanied it, and the effective denial of human worth and meaning.

    Successive governments plainly believe that there must be fewer native white people.  By extension, native white people throughout this land, and most especially native white men, may not exercise hegemony in any sphere of the life we have, by the genius and adventure of our forebears, created ex nihilo.  Apparently, our moral obligation is to get out of the way for the sake of “diversity”; and if some of us don’t like that, well, the exclusivity of the two party system, the violence of the state security machine, and the lockstep hostility of the media will hammer that away to nothing. As much as is possible in a Western society, we natives are denied effective dissent.  Apparently, speaking freely and dissenting on the matter … arguing for the interests of our own people in our own home … is so immoral for white people, it can only be met with an Orwellian ritual of public dehumanisation.  In our schools and universities the lesson our children have to learn is that because they are white they have “privilege”, and so are morally flawed.  They are lesser beings than the oppressed innocents of the immigrant populations.  Yet the diversity-mongers mechanically presume that justice and fairness is a one-way, anti-white street.

    It really isn’t, and I think you see that, which is noble. But I don’t think you see that we must have life … that our life is the highest value on the soil … and that means the whole machinery of our marginalisation, displacement, replacement and dissolution has to be dismantled, and mass repatriation effected. It cannot be done any other way, and no injustice could be greater than an outcome whereby it is not done.

    • Dear Guessed Worker, you speak from the heart, and any white man who has had to read the words ‘we particularly welcome applicants from the Black and Asian communities, as white males are over represented in this area at present’ when completing a job application will have felt the same.

      • The complete airbrushing of the word ‘English’ from the nationality section of application forms is also a scandal, plainly because Englishness is now solely attributed to whiteness. It is overt racism on a grand scale. A Japanese will consider him/herself Japanese because they were born in Japan, yet I am to be denied this same right because our new imported friends don’t wish to be associated with the indigenous whites they are living amongst? Pathetic. Thank goodness for the attendant choice marked ‘other’, which I always use to my advantage and no doubt causes simmering rage for a Lefty civil servant in an office somewhere.

    • Guessedworker. I think that repatriation is at the best naive and at the worst foolish. There is an article in this quarter’s paper version of the Salisbury Review, ‘L’Angleterre sans Frontieres’ which deals with Home Office’s policy to abandon any pretence of Britain having a frontier and the secondary consequence, which is that our internal border around our homes and lands secured by law, which will now tumble.

      • Myles, repatriation/relocation of the peoples colonising our home is the only just and truly moral solution to our gathering existential crisis. What else can give us life but the restoration of our nations to their respective children?

        We have to remember that when the Referendum Party and, later, UKIP were created it was never considered by our ruling elites that we should break with their internationalist dictate and re-found our country as a sovereign state. It took two decades to win a vote on Brussels project, and a further three and a half years of struggle to win a parliament that would deliver on the outcome of that vote. The same steep political curve awaits us on the struggle to secure the existence of our people. Whatever the difficulties, we have to undertake that struggle and we have to win. There is no more noble and necessary cause.

        • Guest worker How do you propose to do it ? Used colour swatches from your local decorator’s shop to see who is white? What about my medical colleagues , you would be hard put to find a surgeon in London after your repatriation teams had been at work. Your ‘our people’ sounds pretty volkisch to me.

          • First, it is completely possible to separate the native British by descent from the non-natives, and to allow for the classic interpretation of gene flow. I can offer a very straightforward definition to that effect if you require.

            Second, you seem to have some objection to the native British doing what we must to survive in our own homeland. I cannot conceive of any moral basis on which one may safely support the foreign aggressor and coloniser against the native victim. Europeans like objectivity in such matters. So what is this objective argument? It can’t be that the pain of dislocation and return to their own homeland (or some third country of their choice) is worse for the colonising peoples than the experience of ethnocide which is becoming our experience. Can it. So what is the moral argument against securing the existence of our people?

          • ‘you would be hard put to find a surgeon in London after your repatriation teams had been at work’

            Not true. A quick scan through the lists of the best London specialists on the Top Doctors website reveals a very diverse bunch, with white Europeans ably represented. However, once again, the London-centric worldview rears its ugly head. This notion that all surgeons are either Indian or Pakistani is a fallacy, possibly borne out by the overrepresentation of GP’s originating from those backgrounds. Travel further afield and it’s a whole different ballgame – during my time living around Brighton/Eastbourne I registered with three separate GP surgeries and wasn’t ever seen by a non-white doctor. My then-partner (who was black) was attending a pre-med course in Lewes which was around 80% white. London is our most ethnically diverse city but remove all those non-white surgeons and there’ll be a stampede of top quality white Europeans elsewhere who will jump at chance to take their place and work in the capital.

        • Guest worker How do you propose to do it ? Used colour swatches from your local decorator’s shop to see who is white? What about my medical colleagues , you would be hard put to find a surgeon in London after your repatriation teams had been at work. Your ‘our people’ sounds pretty volkisch to me.

          • Always the sacred cow of the NHS comes up with any discussion about just curbing immigration , let alone repatriation .