Elderly and frail white lives don’t matter?

The Evil Adviser, the Murderous Police and the Righteous Rioters

The BBC, ITV, SKY and most of the newspapers roundly condemned Dominic Cummings and called for him to be sacked because he had – “perhaps,” according to the police –  committed a mild offence by going on an errand of mercy for the sake of his sick son. The media, in one of its frequent fits of self-righteousness, declared themselves to be shocked by such a mild (possible) infringement of the emergency regulations.

I wonder if the same media will now condemn the far more dangerous infringement committed by the thousands of protestors who have marched through British cities and thereby demonstrated their solidarity with the rioters and looters who are causing so much criminal damage and distress across the USA?

I will write my next paragraph most carefully, so that no one who reads it – except of course all those practitioners throughout the media – can be any doubt as to my views on the killing of George Floyd. It was a disgraceful, appalling and abominable act. Does that make my opinion clear? Is that utterly unequivocal? If not, then kindly tell me which other words I should use to leave you in no doubt. 

So what should happen to the perpetrators? I will write my next sentence even more carefully than the first: They should be arrested and made to answer for their evil actions. Is that statement also clear? I didn’t say that the incident was trivial and the authorities in the Justice Department should turn a blind eye. The full force of the law should be turned on those policemen. They should be arrested, accused, arraigned and put on trial. And if, when this due process has been completed, the policemen are pronounced guilty, they should be punished severely. Such a vicious and merciless act deserves no leniency for those who performed it.

Again, let me ask, have I made myself quite clear? 

Are you sure?

But hang on a minute, this is precisely what is now happening: those accused are in custody and they will be brought to judgement. That is how the law works. It has developed over many centuries and with much strenuous effort. The accumulated body of law is reasonable and moral. But what is either reasonable or moral about the behaviour of the mobs who have rioted, looted and burned throughout the USA?  In what ways do their criminal actions contribute to the due process of law? I can’t believe that such a destructive response is what George Floyd would approve.

The protestors claim to be acting in the interests of the rights of black people. But there are norights in wrongs. And rioting, looting and burning are very definite wrongs. Undoubtedly the killing of George Floyd was a monstrous wickedness. So what words are left to describe the even greater – because it affects so many – wickedness committed by the rioters?

Those who perpetrate such violence and destruction against lives and property are in the wrong – just as the killers of George Floyd were in the wrong. To condemn the police while excusing the rioters is irrational.

There is an exact word for this irrationality: hypocrisy.

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15 Comments on Elderly and frail white lives don’t matter?

  1. The police used the term “might” because they didn’t attend or investigate the actual offence at the time, but only have Cummings’s own subsequent, filmed, full confession. The trip to Barney was an offence under the regulations at the time, and possibly also constituted a driving offence since he drove while thinking his eyesight may also have been defective. Don’t be fooled by the slick rhetoric, this was no errand of mercy, they went for a day out at a well known beauty spot on his wife’s birthday. His preposterous explanation is an insult to anybody’s intelligence. If it isn’t I’d suggest remedial classes. The subtlety that seems to be lost on you is that not only does he seem to be pulling the strings of the so-called prime minister that gave us a “simple instruction to stay home” that he doesn’t feel should apply to him, but has shown absolutely no remorse, shame or humility over his actions. Also, of course, he’s unelected and we have no way of getting rid of him, which strangely is one of the reasons we appear to be leaving the EU.

    Everybody seems to have forgotten that he also employed the racist eugenicist Andrew Sabiski, whom even Johnson couldn’t stomach (although I strongly suspect has reappeared below masquerading as Guessedworker).

    How many chances is he going to get? And what does he actually have to do to be sacked?

    • Werdna. Yes he is the one person in Downing Street the left has to get rid of so we can have a three year moratorium on Brexit , and more immigration.Thus Werdna’s rage and obsession with getting him out. The one thing middle class socialists like Werdna hate and fear more than anything else in politics is the working class vote. Look what it did to their hopes of Britain becoming a vassal state of the EU at the last election.

      • Can you sort out your last sentence, because it’s meaningless with the muddled parenthesis and misplaced pronoun.

        You recently asserted that the Daily Hate Mail was “rabidly anti-brexit. Now you appear to be saying Cummings is working class. Have you lost your mind? We’ll find out for sure IF you can work out what you really wanted to say. I’m not holding my breath.

        And it wouldn’t hurt you to get my name right, would it Myles, that is, IF you can. You’ll need to know it next time you try to ban me.

  2. Black people demand the freedom to be black and yet to be treated equally. To be black means to inhabit, live, and express/exhibit the sociobiology of the Sub-Saharan African. This has particular implications for (for example) intelligence, impulsivity, physical assertiveness, moral calculation, sexualisation, co-operability and athleticism. These implications and expressions render it impossible for Europeans, in their own homelands, to treat blacks as if they are the same as Europeans. For, the European racial sociobiology also holds implications for (for example) intelligence, impulsivity, physical assertiveness, moral calculation, sexualisation, and co-operability, and they are not at all the same implications. They are the implications which are consonant to our forefather’s grand act of civilisation-building. They have produced the peerless beauty and promise of European culture and civilisation. You know … the European culture and civilisation that all these non-Europeans want to live in and possess, and which they all assume that they can sustain even without the surviving presence of Europeans.

    But can they? What is to stop the Sub-Saharan African sociobiology, for example, from asserting itself historically, expressing itself as the only possible cultural and civilisation modus of Sub-Saharan African peoples? If you think the answer might be “nothing”, but you also think that’s a bit regressive to actually put into words, you might like to search history for an example … any intellectually defensible and viable example … of a Sub-Saharan African civilisation.

    • You probably ought to be aware that Nicholas Wade’s “work” has been generally dismissed as nonsense by geneticists, and a misrepresentation of their research. Then you could desist from writing this racist drivel.

      • Werdna?

        Your assertion re Wade’s work is false.

        And in addition, there are many research findings in fields of scholarship other than Wade’s which support the points made by Guessedworker.

        And it must be pointed out to all on-lookers that realism in matters of cross-group differences in the medians and shapes of frequency distributions of certain human behaviours does not constitute racism, let alone qualifies as racist drivel.

        • There is bigger variation within so-called races than between them. Vague studies such as theirs are nowhere near rigorous enough to prove any of what they said. And they are normally written to prove a predetermined point anyway. Not very scientific. But there will always be idiots who swallow it whole and never look for corroboration.

          • Wernda?

            Studies of educability conducted by African American researchers answer the questions of education and achievement.

            And really, the deeper problem is clear to see, wherever one looks in the world.

            If we take the frequency distribution curves of productive human behaviour, outside of sports, set by Ashkanasy Jews or Japanese, we find very low representation in the upper 20% by blacks from anywhere and everywhere.

            And the relative success of Chinese and South Koreans is also plain to see.

            This relative success is well explained by concepts and findings in Rushton and in other sources.

            In this, there is no sense of superiority for me, a white person.

            But the facts of these matters mean that it is mistaken to insist that whites are responsible for the lack of individual and group productivity/achievement and community peace among black and other populations-of-colour.

            And the prospects seem slim -for individual acceptance of these facts of life, and in consequence, for civil order.

        • Sorry but that nonsense, and the other, have been debunked by respected sources. You can do the searching. You’ll find plenty pretty much straight away, although I doubt you’ll bother risking questioning your racist prejudice. You’ll need to do better than that. I mean, you can’t even get your OWN name right.

      • When science appears to support something the Left approves of, it’s the truth.
        But when science appears to support something the Left dislikes, it’s drivel.

    • Yes, it’s the way it is, and the implications are clear.

      But we are now in a time when the facts of such matters are not persuasive to the majority of people, and when too few of those people who can comprehend reality are willing to spend their lives, or part thereof, pushing back against the ignorance, delusions and power-hunger of those whose actions are destroying European Civ.

  3. It might be hypocrisy, in some/many instances.

    My view is that is some/many instances, persons-of-the-media-and-academia-and elsewhere are engaging in conscious and deliberate activities that they believe will hasten the arrival of the New Age Of All Things Correct In Which The Plain Folk Can Be Bossed Around By Marxist-Inspired Post-Modernist-Greenist Commissars.