White lives matter

I confess I had some sympathy for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests – the peaceful ones – until I tuned into the evening phone-in on the radio and was subjected to a succession of young white liberals expressing their guilt at ‘white privilege’, their own unconscious racism and microaggressions, and the normally level-headed presenter, terrified of causing offence or committing microaggressions of his own, pandered to every conceivable anti-White sentiment. Where on earth does this come from? By the evening, when the London demonstrations turned nasty and our national monuments were being desecrated, I was joining Trump in calling for the rubber bullets.

White privilege and unequal outcomes?

Sure, there are unequal outcomes.

The Chinese top all tables of academic achievement. Some would say this is because they work harder than anyone else, their culture places great store on learning, their children are taught not to question the authority of the teacher, they enjoy stable two-parent families, and are keen to assimilate into the dominant Western culture. No, Chinese privilege

Indians are vastly over-represented in the higher reaches of the medical profession – as doctors, surgeons, consultants, dentists etc. Some would say this is because they work very hard, value education, they come from stable families, value social status and achievement, and put special store on occupations that provide these things. No, Asian privilege.

Black Africans from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria, mostly Christian, perform exceptionally well academically. Some would say this is because they have the same cultural advantages as the Chinese and Indians. No, Nigerian privilege

Then we come to those representatives of the BAME community who are not doing so well, who blame their lack of success, educationally, academically, occupationally, socially, on ‘white privilege’. Some would say this is because instead of working hard, accepting authority, and seeking success and recognition within the dominant culture, they wallow in the politics of victimhood and resentment, and seek refuge in aggressive dead-end juvenile subcultures. Some would say this is all made worse because the dominant culture’s establishment, subverted by liberal post-colonial guilt and self-hatred, panders to this politics, and even generated it in the first place, going so far as to re-write the history of the world as a tale of white-black oppression. Some would say that the cult of BAME victimhood and resentment makes matters even worse by provoking the resentment of the non-BAME community, who are fed up with being constantly told they are ‘racist’. No, White Privilege.

But what of the white working class, whose boys fail dismally academically, whose broken families are disproportionately involved in crime and anti-social behaviour, who are deprived, both economically and socially, and who disproportionately suffer from debilitating medical conditions. What of their unequal outcomes? Some would say that they too are victims – the sacrificial victims of a multicultural society in which they have no place, in which their culture, their heritage, their identity, has been destroyed. Some would call this BAME privilege. But no, that is not the correct answer. No, here there is no privilege involved. There is not even any cultural issue to be addressed, not in the legitimate multicultural sense. No, working class whites have only themselves to blame. Yes, White Racism!

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12 Comments on White lives matter

  1. As an English nationalist and natural conservative (although a Heideggerian rather than a Scrutonian), I find it gratifying that just as the most suggestible and self-estranged among the urban English young seem to be marxising and radicalising and also, if these protests are to be taken as indicative, proliferating, so among the older generation of the English there is plenty of evidence of an awakening to the true horror of the situation.

    Setting aside the obvious war of existence we natives are in now, there is, beneath this, a culturally-instituted and morally- framed war of artifice versus authenticity, of self-estrangement versus self-affirmation, of captivity to external dictates versus self-possession. We have been late to react, but we are reacting in the privacy of our own minds. The next stage is to find better means to communicate with one another, and the next to find better means to express ourselves politically.

      • You are just demonstrating that you are shrivelled up, diseased little white-hater. The only interesting question is why do you hate-label human nature in white people, but not in non-white people. Please explain. Please do so with respectable argument, not more pathetic and clueless hate-labelling.

        By the way, why is it “eugenicist” to desire the survival of a native people? Why is it nazi to understand the ontology of the greatest thinker of the 20th century?

        • I was born and brought up in this country. I expect that makes me what you would call a “native”. I am not in any “war of existence”. You are delusional.

          It’s your mind that is diseased, and your life is going to be one long, hard and very unpleasant slog, unless you wake up and get help.

          I pity you.

      • You know, being called a “nazi” in the sense of “I disagree with you so shut up” loses it’s ability to shock after the 332,539th time.

  2. My respect to the author of this piece, and those who similarly labour.

    My view is:

    To save those white males and females of all social and economic levels who show signs of wanting to live flourishing lives and especially those who seem likely to contribute to the generation of their fellows who come after them, I’d say we older white folk must make targeted, smart efforts -working in our small platoons.