BLM is a white middle class thing.

“Blackness is a religion”, a girl screamed as hard as her lungs would allow. The surrounding crowd erupted, “Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!” . So deep and meaty was the war-cry that the resurrection of Leonidas and his mighty three hundred was all but confirmed. Except, the citizenry attending this Black Lives Matter protest didn’t look all like the Spartans.

Amongst a deluge of corrugated cardboard signs – scripted with the usual ‘Boris and Trump are racist’, ‘Silence is complicity’ and ‘Check your privilege’ – there were a diverse set of attendees. Youths and the middle-aged mingled alike. Shell suits came side-by-side with tweed. Louis Vuitton handbags featured beside polyester. Budget blue facemasks met the more edgy black ‘3-layered’ facemasks. Except for one overwhelming trait, ninety-nine percent of the people were white.

What happened to George Floyd was disgraceful. One would estimate the resulting protests mirrored the profound sense of anguish anyone would feel watching the footage. That was not the case this afternoon. During muddled speeches, people chatted away, stopped to say hello to their friends and typed away on their phones. Only when the speaker incoherently blurted into the microphone did participants cease and dutifully roar, “Black Lives Matter”. This occurred every five minutes. 

On the outer fringes of the protest lurked menacing all black-attired Antifa types, sporting bandanas instead of facemasks. Some occasionally navigated their way through the crowd – with I thought the haunting eyes of anarchists – searching for dissenters. What would they do when they found them? Ironically enough, for the hour and a half I was there, black members of the congregation were the first to depart, while a white middle-aged, middle-class man shouting, “we must end white privilege” the rain drizzling on his shiny polished loafers was there until the end.

That brings to mind the truly tragic aspect of these latest protests. They are less a matter of Floyd’s death than an opportunity to propagate the woke agenda, about systematic racism, white privilege, the ‘whitewashing’ of history – the conspiratorial belief that British institutions seek to exclude minorities – it’s about Boris, Trump, and the patriarchy, tying an act of police brutality in a country thousands of miles away to a plethora of woes. Black on black crime however, not being racially motivated, is of no consequence.

Floyd’s death in America is to be an instrument for a complete upheaval of the system here in Britain. Yet the electorate, whom we have not heard from yet about these riots – rejected such views, in various forms, in three recent significant votes: Brexit, May’s election and Johnson’s huge win in December. Black Lives Matter will implode when the electorate realises the movement is not so much protesting British institutions, as we the British.

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25 Comments on BLM is a white middle class thing.

  1. Dear Rokiah. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Mussolini and Hitler began their careers as socialists – as did the reviled English ‘fascist’ Oswald Mosley who had been a Labour Party M.P. – and their core beliefs resided in a national socialist dictatorship – the operative word being ‘socialist’. Black Lives Matter is too pure to be bothered with the law, justice, and democracy – they want ‘action’!

  2. Werdna, here is the Oxford demographer David Coleman making the point in Standpoint Magazine back in May 2016 that we are suffering an existential crisis:

    “Even without migration … the White British population would cease to be the majority in the UK by the late 2060s. However, should current high levels of immigration persist for any length of time, that date would move closer to the present. Britain would then become unrecognisable to its present inhabitants. Some would welcome a brave new experiment, pioneering a wider world future. Others might say Finis Britanniae.”

    Now, little boy, take the lesson. Never oppose the life of the native British people, never dehumanise the native British people for cleaving to life.

  3. Probably the best course would be for these heroes to take their protests to certain areas of Africa where Boko Haram and As Shabab and the likes thereof would show with their usual enthusiasm how much lives matter.

  4. Dear Harry Black. The Conservative Party threw in its hand after 1945 and did nothing to hold back the tide of socialism until Margaret Thatcher ended union revolutionary power and liberated a couple of state-run industries but failed to reform ineffectual policing and reverse a failed comprehensive education system by reinstating the proven grammar school for advancement of the working classes. She actually increased the size of the ‘state’ and centralised too much governmental power. Her ‘conservative’ successors completely embraced the New Labour/European project and, by eviscerating local Conservative Party associations to choose Parliamentary candidates, joining the Conservative Party in order to restore conservative British values is useless. There is no effective political party in Britain that dares to do so.

    • Dear DS,

      Thank you for your note.

      Yes, for many decades now, all over the West, the nominally Conservative political parties have all been in retreat.

      Reasons obvious:

      It’s very expensive, on all dimensions, to push back against the marxist people.

      Now, I hold the idea that if a critical mass of the plain folk would volunteer substantial proportions of their own time and their own money to the push-back, it would delay the final collapse into the Leftist Morass.

      Just as many of our recent forbears gave their all in the the big wars of C20, it’s up to us now.

      No Saviour is coming.

      It’s all up to the little people, as it often has been in times past.

      This time, the effort is required at local branch levels in the nominally non-Leftist political parties.

      And I also hold that in response to the work of the little platoons, some quite useful higher-ups will emerge and bring with them much needed resources and connections.

      But still, I expect no Saviour.

  5. Increase the Conservative vote, across the board.

    Yes, that is now an essential task.

    But also: More citizens must join their local Conservative branch and work to identify more of the right kinds of candidates and then both push and support elected politicians to do the right things.

    Yes, it’s hard and thankless work in local branches, with enemies all around.

    But to take the path of “diligently voting” on election day is not enough these days.

    As we have seen.

    • Well, Harry, are typical conservatives willing to commence upon dismantling the Establishment’s race project for our home, which requires a thorough and on-going process of mass repatriation? Or at least insist upon a referendum of the natives on the project, with dismantling to follow upon the inevitable “no” vote?

      You see, my experience of conservatives since the 1970s is that, with one moment of partial dissent in 1979-90, they are all terrified cowards only interested in their own personal material well-being and in appearing “respectable”. Buy even then there was absolutely no interest in justice for the English people. The 1979 manifesto stated plainly that there can be no question of repatriation. There HAS to be repatriation, or we minoritise and, as is now very plain, are sucked into an increasingly vertiginous decline among alien peoples who have been taught to hate us (if they ever needed teaching, which is dubious).

      • Yes Guessedwork -I have seen what you have seen in conservative parties across the West.

        And I see that start-up political parties go nowhere.

        Re-furb an existing system -that is the best way, among bad choices.

        (BTW, you might know that when the Union won, Mr. Lincoln and others wondered about repatriation or other form of re-location for blacks.)

  6. I think this article’s ends rather optimistically. Brexit has been delayed for four years and after three Conservative governments we still have the stabbings, the race riots, the drugs trade, the illegal immigrants etc, etc. And now a new horror- the sight of policemen literally on the their knees before the mob.

    • Yes, the situation is bad.

      And yes, Conservative governments have not helped.

      Why not?

      Across the West, many/most public and private institutions are now subject to marxist-inspired ideology -the civil/public services, including obviously the education and criminal courts systems, and the tax-payer funded mainstream media.

      And we see, especially in the Anglosphere, that nominally non-Leftist governments have not the power to push back the Leftist effects in all those institutions.

      Meanwhile on the sidelines, concerned citizens shout advice to the nominally non-Leftist politicians.

      But that does not improve the situation, does it.

      Thinking caps on -and I think it’d be useful if several million people joined their local branch of the Conservative Party, worked to secure and support/push the right kinds of MPs and council members, and volunteered generally to work in any way to push back the Left.

      Eight or so hours a week, possibly more, sacrificed for future generations.

  7. I turned on the BBC Radio 4 ‘World at One’ program today and heard an asian police officer excusing the inaction by the Bristol police to prevent a mob pulling down an ancient bronze statue – of whom the BBC refer to as “a slave trader” and not a philanthropist as if to imply that we celebrated slavery by erecting a statue to it – and dragging it to a dock and dumping it into the water. Why is it that, on a second day of yobs desecrating our memorials, did the police not prevent further obscene graffiti being daubed over the Cenotaph and the statue of Winston Churchill? In addition, it was quoted that the oily Kier Starmer – who played down the systematic rapes of white children in Rotherham, Oxford, and other places by asian gangs when he was Director of Public Prosecutions – encouraged the police to ‘take the knee’! I had to turn off the radio in disgust. The strange death of Europe indeed.

    • Starmer has been the standout MP in Camden for some time, boasting the second highest crime rate in London behind Westminster and a third of all children living in poverty amongst his many accomplishments. As we’ve already seen, he’s Billy Big Balls in an empty chamber with just BJ as company, but was exposed as a self-conscious dullard during his pre-election speeches. Faced with a packed house of braying Tory attack dogs he sinks like the stone he is. Another Yes Man who won’t ripple the pond, who almost makes me long for a proper statesman like Blair again.

  8. “…we will have no “first-class citizens” and “second-class citizens.” This does not mean that the immigrant and his descendent should be elevated into a privileged or special class or that the citizen should be denied his right to discriminate in the management of his own affairs between one fellow-citizen and another or that he should be subjected to imposition as to his reasons and motive for behaving in one lawful manner rather than another.

    There could be no grosser misconception of the realities than is entertained by those who vociferously demand legislation as they call it “against discrimination”, whether they be leader-writers of the same kidney and sometimes on the same newspapers which year after year in the 1930s tried to blind this country to the rising peril which confronted it, or archbishops who live in palaces, faring delicately with the bedclothes pulled right up over their heads. They have got it exactly and diametrically wrong.

    The discrimination and the deprivation, the sense of alarm and of resentment, lies not with the immigrant population but with those among whom they have come and are still coming.” Enoch Powell

  9. Antifa has been declared a terrorist organisation by Donald Trump. And so it is,

    In this country, Britain First leaders and Tommy Robinson have been prosecuted, and the media refers to the ‘far right’. Not so Antifa which Is never referred to as ‘far left’ and goes round masked to avoid identification and in a uniform of top to toe Black when out looking for trouble.

    • You don’t need to be “far left” to oppose fascism, surely. I hope most of the right opposes it too. Or are you all fascists, not just Guessedworker? After all, the moderate left has twice now removed the far left from prominence in the Labour party.

      • Do you know what fascism is, little boy? Here is a hint. It isn’t ethnic nationalism. It is the opposite of ethnic nationalism – a progressive, imperialist, corporatist politics of the national state in which the role of the people is to flog themselves into heroism so an age of national aggrandisement may be born … indeed reborn.

        That is fascism. Why, then, do you confuse it with the existentialist, defensive, survivalist, conservative politics of the sovereign life and freedom of one’s people on their own land? Is it that your mind has been polluted, and now everything that isn’t communism is “fascist?

      • Werdna or Wakner or whatever he calls himself (we know its andrew backwards, which is apt) isn’t intellectually equipped to know what fascism really means. He parrots buzz-words like the immature boy he is.

  10. Pictures from Bristol too show a majority of white bleeding heart liberals among the people responsible for the vandalism of yesterday. Protesters think the USA is stuck in a 1950s redneck timewarp but what no one has pointed out is that the policeman involved in the Floyd killing is, after all, being prosecuted for murder. He must be, like anyone else, innocent until proved guilty, but judge and jury will be under tremendous pressure. If governments submit to mob rule, the loony far-right also will regard this as a licence to do what they like. Democracy can only work if common rules are accepted, most importantly the rule of law.

    • What loony far right? There is no far right. There is only a band of courageous and decent men and women who love their people and reject their politically engineered replacement and dissolution.

      You think governments in the West are somehow neutral amid all this? They are anti-native, pro-multicult globalists. They stand with the non-white colonisers and the white race traitors. None of them has ever lifted a finger for the benighted natives.

      • To paraphrase an old saying, “if you look around you and can’t see the loony far right, it’s probably you”.

        Your overt, racism, fascism and even possible Nazism must make even the more bigoted on here uncomfortable. I see most of them as harmless, shouty, empty vessels, constantly seeking to outdo each other’s reactionary rhetoric in a tiny online echo chamber. You on the other hand, are a very scary individual.

        • Not only do you not know what a fascist is, you don’t know what a racist is. NO Englishman in England can be racist when rejecting his people’s replacement and dissolution through the colonisation of foreign peoples. That act of self-defence cannot be morally impeachable. You cannot withdraw the right to self-defence from the English people, because we are white, without being banged-to-rights guilty of racism yourself.

          Can you.

          Now, if you think you have a contrary argument that stands up (you don’t, of course), then let’s here it. Otherwise just accept the fact that you are a self-hating little toad of the anti-white left.

  11. This is a fight for cultural and ethnic supremacy and the host nation is turning its sword into its own proper entrails.

      • You’ll get what’s coming to you one day. How you’ll desperately try to recant then. It will be too late. What you think you will get if your dreams comes true will be more of a nightmare from which you will not awake.