The Guardian’s pond life journalists

Vandalism at the University of Cape Town, South Africa

After an orgy of desecration of imperial heritage by the Black Lives Matter campaign, Guardian writers had much to celebrate.  In drunkenly righteous exuberance, they gloated on Twitter as statues were vandalised and police officers got what they deserved for a history of racism towards black people.

Perhaps foolishly on the part of Metropolitan Police Chief Cressida Dick and senior colleagues, ‘softly, softly’ was the policing strategy for these angry demonstrations. Whether this was due to fear or ideological sympathy I don’t know, but officers on the front line could not have been more conciliatory. Some ‘took a knee’ in support of the cause, a humiliating act that broke guidelines on impartiality.

For the last three months British society has shown gratitude to NHS doctors and nurses for their vital role in the coronavirus pandemic. The Guardian went further than other media by promoting not only the weekly ‘Clap for the NHS’, but also the hectoring ‘You Clap for Me Now’, which referred to BAME workers and ungrateful older white patients who think Enoch was right.

All keyworkers are crucial in a crisis, but the NHS has a special place in the hearts of the metropolitan Left: a socialist institution with a multicultural staff, which the evil Tories dare not reform. The police force, by contrast, remains hideously white. Whereas in the NHS black carers save white people’s lives, in the police white officers kill blacks. That the latest example was four thousand miles away in Minneapolis is mere detail.

Inevitably, a largely peaceful protest descended into violent disorder, as a mob assembled at the gates of Downing Street. After showing much patience with the threatening verbal abuse and raining missiles, the police decided to disperse the crowd. Mounted police cantered along Whitehall, drawing more fire. A brick hit one of the horses from behind, and it bolted. The helpless rider was knocked off as the horse hit a traffic light. Not a pretty sight, but the protestors whooped. While the rider lay unconscious on the road, several young men hurled ‘Boris bikes’ at the mounted horses, while the stricken nag ran off.    

The media, keen to show that they were on board with the protests, downplayed the violence. The BBC headline was ’27 police officers injured during largely peaceful anti-racism protests in London’, while the Independent reported a jolly day out, noting that a police officer fell off a horse. This enraged decent people who had witnessed the scenes on video, and the hashtag #ScumMedia was trending again on Twitter.

Among the commentators was Owen Jones. Responding to allegations that the horse incident was caused by thuggery, Jones refuted this as a lie and criticised the police for needless aggression. The horses wouldn’t have been hit if they hadn’t been there! Jones was more concerned with a protestor who the runaway horse had knocked over. He had no words of sympathy for the horse or badly injured rider, or condemnation of the demonstrators’ cruelty. This was despite knowing that the officer was in hospital with a broken collar bone, collapsed lung and broken ribs.

His Guardian colleague Hannah Jane Parkinson, the resident mental health writer, watched the video of the dismounting over and over again. She suggested setting it to music, and asked Jones and a techie for an edited clip, to which she would add a Gwen Stefani song.

As an experienced journalist, Jones could have stepped in here, but he did not. The clip was done, and Parkinson tweeted ‘Thank you so much for your service’. Soon her artwork could be going viral, and she’d gain much coveted kudos from peers. She came to realise her stupidity too late.

Facing a spate of demands that she be fired by the Guardian, Parkinson issued an apology. But in remorseless self-justification, she stated ‘I knew that the officer in the incident was not severely injured, because there were no reports that they had been’. Notice the word ‘they’. For Parkinson had not initially known that the fallen officer was a woman, and knows that this made her behaviour look worse. As someone tweeted, satirically: –

‘In her defence, it was assumed it was a white MALE police officer, hence her justifiable derision and contempt.  Had she known it was a female, or if she had suspected it was a BAME officer, she would, of course, have been extremely sympathetic. An honest mistake.’

But Parkinson isn’t the only Guardian writer in trouble. Another insufferably smug scribe by the name of Joel Golby saw the incident and this was his Twitter offering: –

‘Volunteering as tribute to fuck horse traffic light’s wife tonight.’

As the house bulletin of social justice warriors, the Guardian delights in reporting instances of political incorrectness, demonising the wrong-speaker and contributing to many a dismissal by employers. This was bad enough under Alan Rusbridger, but it’s got worse with editor Kath Viner. Monday could be a busy day for HR at King’s Place.

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35 Comments on The Guardian’s pond life journalists

  1. Werdna, YOU have the diseased mind. You hatred of your own race and people is a sickness. we know it because you cannot answer any questions about it. You do not understand it yourself. It owns you, not the other way around.

  2. Thank you for your article Niall.

    It is sadly, as I have long suspected, the truth that many of these Guardian journalists (and a surprising number of others in the populace) are really enticed by violence, crudity, and thuggery.

    The same people who will chastise you as a heartless fiend for eating a sirloin steak, are quite happy to see a horse mistreated by thugs.

    The same people who will call you a bigot that perpetuates violence because you accidentally use the “wrong” pronoun, are themselves enthralled by repeatedly watching an innocent police officer suffer possibly life changing injuries at the hands of genuine thugs.

    The same people who will call you a sexist that perpetuates rape culture because you simply compliment a lady on her clothing, are more than happy to suggest they take advantage of the wife of an injured man (a disgraceful and barbaric practice that most conquerors descend to – since it is regarded as the ultimate humiliation).

    I see no good end to this. The childish left in the whole Western World is now so blatant in its hypocrisy, stupidity and foolishness, that we are surely dangerously close to mass mob violence and the shunning of any form of law and order, justice and democracy.

    I pray we may find a peaceful way out of this mess, but with types like those Guardian journalists at the levers of power, it doesn’t look hopeful.

  3. Dear Raven. Very true. Anyone who would take the time to read Simon Heffer’s excellent biography on Enoch Powell – Like the Roman’ – they would learn just what an honourable man he was and certainly not a racialist but concerned only for the preservation of Britain’s national identity, cohesion, and culture. His mistake was to fall into the trap of exposing an unpalatable truth in a way which allowed his political enemies to take a sound-bite line from a classical quote out of context and destroy him. Positive discrimination and capitulation to black pressure in Britain has proved him to be right.

    • Dear Derek,
      I saw him speak in Belfast, he was by then an old man, but spoke with clarity, honesty, and with the power of incisive thought.
      He was truly impressive, his answers to questions from the audience were sometimes hugely detailed, sometimes short and absolutely to the point. He didn’t over-emote, or over-empathise but it was absolutely clear when he felt strongly about a subject.

      • Dear Raven.

        I would have liked to have been with you in Belfast to hear Enoch Powell. There is nothing quite like hearing a live speech. He was a remarkable and accomplished man from humble beginnings who never compromised his honour to others and was an English patriot in the truest sense. He fought valiantly against Heath selling out Britain to the European ‘Project’ to the detriment of our Dominions and former colonies with every ‘selling out’ or retreat from British rule or influence resulting in a shabby betrayal and enfeeblement from Ian Smith’s Rhodesia and Northern Ireland to the E.U.

    • We are all “racialists” because we all have descent and kin, and people; and it is the life and interests of one’s people which are the ultimate human value. It’s just that some of us are more clear and honest about human nature than others, and not encumbered by fake models of human being or politically manufactured moral imperatives.

      • Yes, literally every person on the planet is our kin. Go back far enough and you find a common ancestor, about 5000 generations ago.

          • I think it’s appalling of course, and I find it hard to understand how he could have decided it was a good idea to hit the send button.

            I’m actually flattered you’re suddenly so interested in my opinion.

        • Child, you are not descended from Modern Africans. You are not merely a “human being”. Universalism is a Judaic prescription for the gentile , passed to you through Pauline Christianity, Catholic humanism, and liberalism. You are not a universal man. The blood in your veins is not that of all men. You are not required to deny your own kinship in order to lay claim to a specious anti-native moral value.

          Is that clear?

  4. Dear Niall, That is a superb article and produces the evidence to support, what we have long suspected, that The Guardian has some viciously unpleasant people writing for it. In a sane world, your piece would be taken up by the BBC and consequently the Guardian editor would publicly apologise to the Police Officer in particular and the Metropolitan Police in general.
    However, since we live a world of screeching celebrities, a silenced majority, and an inept leadership class, they will instead interview the oppressed billionaire Lewis Hamilton about his ill formed thoughts on the rioting in London and Bristol.

    • I’m amazed they bothered to respond to your rambling diatribe.

      In it you refer to antifa several times. First, it is “effectively now declared a terrorist organisation by the US government”. No it isn’t, as your word “effectively” acknowledges. The de facto fascist president, who tries to govern by decree without actually the authority to do so, that he would like to, but of course he can’t anyway because it isn’t actually an organisation at all. You then repeat the phrase twice without the US caveat as if to imply antifa is a terrorist organisation in country, before the remarkably bold “Antifa=a terrorist organization”. No it isn’t. Only in the fantasy world of a barmy despot.

      I know the police have often behaved in an appalling way, and been politicised more than once, the Stephen Lawrence and Ian Tomlinson killings, the miners’ strike, cable street riots and so on, but you’re really barking up the wrong tree here.

  5. As blacks, like south Asians, are not actually an ethnic minority in this country, having no deep, settled history on the soil like, say, the Irish or Jews, one can only conclude that the Graun’s white anti-white racists are exploiting them for destructive and genocidal purposes. As ne body, the left has radicalised on immigration, race and race-replacement, and has become quite insane.

  6. The demos have shown us all what ignorant, stone-headed thugs, all safely hidden in their cramped hypocrisy, the police have to deal with on a daily basis.
    Given the 800,000 cops in the US it’s a tribute to their professionalism and patience that so few lose their control. The same applies here. Give our cops a medal.
    How the criminals must be laughing. If you’re a Muslim paedophile rapist you already get protection from media exposure. Now, in the view of these crowds, exquisite specimens of what millions of years of evolution can do, any crime can go ahead without disturbance as long as you’re black. or can claim to be.
    Some of us had faith in Priti Patel’s reputation. Yesterday she delivered a lot of flannel in an 8 minute statement. It doesn’t need all that time.
    What she should have said was – Any more monkeying around with our heritage and I’ll pull your liver out.

  7. Judging by the actions (or inaction by the police) and comments by the police and the media, it appears that Enoch Powell’s words – “the black man will have the whip-hand over the white man” are not entirely unjustified.

    • Dear Derek,
      Another key line from Enoch Powell’s speech is:
      “The discrimination and the deprivation, the sense of alarm and of resentment, lies not with the immigrant population but with those among whom they have come and are still coming.”

  8. Re: The Guardian’s pond life journalists Niall McCrae 8 June 2020

    The picture caption should read : Vandalism at the University of Cape Town, South Africa

    • Well, I suppose if anybody is entitled to say “Fuck white people”, it’s the indigenous population of South Africa.

      • Given the boiling marsh of crime, corruption and chaos that South Africa has become since white rule ended, I very much doubt if the voiceless poor of that benighted country share your noble sentiments.
        But hey, it’s all good stuff for the armchair revolutionary, eh?

        • When Jamaica gained independence from the British in 1962 it had a murder rate of 3.9 per 100,000, a testament to how well the island was policed. By 2005, it had the highest murder rate in the world. There’s a combustible observation somewhere in there about what happens when you leave people to their own devices, but I’m not going to be the one to make it.

          • Aristotle, safely dead, made it long ago. Some people are unable to manage their affairs and are best served and happiest if they are treated as natural slaves. We have seen any number of peoples released from colonial rule or freed from vicious tyrants who go on to spoil their own nests in spectacular fashion.

            Aristotle remarked that the best rulers were tall, with broad foreheads, neat hair, a slow, dignified walk and an upper class pedigree. He might have been off target with that, but looking at the multitudes slavishly following a deranged ideology and a false history, one can’t say he was wrong about natural slaves.

      • You are quite simply beyond redemption in tacitly supporting and applauding the rape and murder of many South Africans by black savages. You wouldn’t dare walk through a black area in daylight let alone at night.

      • The Boers actually colonised South Africa a couple of hundred years before the Bantu tribes migrated down from central Africa.