A future where no lives matter.

It is indubitable that the killing of George Floyd was an unconscionable and repugnant act. What seems however clear is that the multiculturalist agitators are exploiting and manipulating the killing in a shameless effort to further their own destabilizing agenda. The media coverage following the killing makes it transparently plain that the omniscient activists do not value human life per se. It only counts when it furthers their cause

In the aftermath several police officers were shot in the head, stabbed and had Molotov cocktails hurled inside their cars. These brutal acts have hardly been mentioned in the press. Are they even mentionable?

Apparently, George Floyd’s death deserves international media coverage, and the death and suffering of at least a dozen officers is unnoteworthy. It is almost as though the lives of the officers are held at an ontologically lower level. It is no longer the case that Black lives matter; the new creed appears to be that Black lives are the only lives that matter.  And this ontic perversion has come to seem so natural, so self-evident, that it is scarcely noticed. It is just part of the new piety.

The singular hypocrisy of our leftists also seems to escape the mesh of media rhetoric. They are very careful to make a fine distinction between “good” and “bad” protestors and insist that everyone believe that the “bad” ones are a trifling minority in a vast sea of decency. Perhaps.

However, they are not so fastidious in making reasonable distinctions among the police. No, when it comes to the constables, the activists are quite content to lump all the decent officers in with the bigoted few. Some simplifications are strictly forbidden. Others proper and even mandatory.   

Indeed, the double-standard about who gets to be angry has existed for quite some time now. The left has mocked the prophetic wrath of white industrial workers ever since abandoning them in favor of more malleable forces of radical disintegration. And they are lightning quick to pronounce anyone who incites  white laborers a veritable “demagogue.”

Very well. I can sympathize with that. Mass movements tend to neglect the common good in favor of intolerant factions. I don’t much care for them either. The problem is that “Black Rage” has carte blanche to gnash its teeth, burn churches and steel Gucci handbags without rebuke. And those that inflame such rage are “awoken” folks, never demagogues. Is it fair that only the chosen have license to huff and puff?

There is something else worth mentioning here. Groups of people are getting together now, bringing their children along, to “honor” George Floyd’s life. Floyd had landed five years behind bars in 2009 for an assault and robbery two years earlier in which he held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach.

The man had a violent criminal history. Now, I do not suggest, even for a moment, that he therefore deserved to be killed. But it is sheer lunacy to demand we are now somehow obliged to “honor” this life. Did he attain some pinnacle of virtue? Every life has its unique dignity, true. But “honor,” if the word is to have any meaning, is reserved for things that are exceptionally praiseworthy. What is there to honor about a life of thieving and forgery?

One brilliant suggestion did emanate from these sanctimonious protests: We should now disband or underfund certain police departments, in favor of “community building” programs. I think this is a wonderful idea. Really. No kidding.

Perhaps the soy-Cappuccino-sipping activists need to taste what 1970s NYC or Detroit was/is like with no cops around? When a woman needed to ask her cabbie to wait to drive off until she was snugly inside her building, for fear she might be robbed or raped in the six feet between the curb and her doorstep?

The problem, of course, is not the anarchy sure to follow.  That “Golden Age” will only be temporary. The problem is that the craze for uniformity (in the name of diversity) that this protest already requires will need a functional despotism to spread its contagion over vast areas.

A leader (not Trump) who the mob will submit to will prove necessary. There will be police departments anew, believe me. But they will be called something else. The envy and insecurity of the protesting masses will make ever increasing demands for equality, until the community building programs, governed by our activists, will make no lives matter, black or white.  

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Mark Mantel lives in Virginia


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8 Comments on A future where no lives matter.

    • Why are you so clavishly anti-white? Who told that is not betrayal and self-hatred by “virtue”?

      Kindly explain this weird stain on your psyche, because to normal, healthy, whole men and women it is extremely puzzling.

  1. Looked at from the UK, the 2nd amendment finally makes sense.
    We have something here that will clear the streets faster than an AR15 and that’s a forecast of a week’s rain.

  2. This habit of inventing a category whose boundaries may be shifted at will is an old one. Mao and Stalin were particularly proficient at deciding who or not would be included among the enemies of the people.

    • Dear Harry,

      Unlike progressivists, conservatives cannot proffer a facile, speedy and socially engineered solution to all human problems. Only in the laborious labor of reminding people of moral ambiguities in the face of absolutist political sloganeering, a combatting of forgetfulness of the past, a bearing witness to saints and poets, a rectitude of judgment and correction of terrible simplifications can we do good. We can remind people about the boredom of total egalitarianism, identify various glum political factions, show the folly of seeking immanent perfection, restore human personality, restrain squalid plutocrats and ideological mobs and write decent English prose. That is enough work for a lifetime!

      Kind regards,

      Mark Mantel

      • Dear Mark,

        Thank you for your points in reply.

        They are excellent points.

        And as my lifetime advances, the more I understand that I will do best by being my Inner Tortoise -in the areas you identify.

        All best, Harry.

      • And Mark, I add this:

        To me, there is the matter of how to scale-up efforts in the significant areas that you identify.

        The current situation is that the marxist-inspired, post-modernist, anti-Westernist forces command/dominate the flow and shaping of info/concepts to the folk-

        -in the education systems, in the mainstream media, in the entertainment-arts industry and generally within the civil/public services (Deep State, to use that description.)

        However tortoise-like we do it, I believe we must work on greater scale and that requires retaking ground in influential institutions.

        Cordially, Harry.