Sign petition to pull down the Highgate statue of Karl Marx in Highgate, responsible for the deaths of 100 million people world wide and notorious anti semite.

Karl Marx - sign petition to remove his tomb from Highgate

The Tomb of Karl Marx needs removing from Highgate Cemetery, North London. Karl Marx was the founder of modern-day Communism which led to death, suffering and oppression across the world. Communism has led to the deaths of 100 million people across the world in countries such as China, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, Soviet Union, North Korea and many more. Karl Marx was also an Anti-Semite who wrote works such as ‘On the Jewish Question’ which was published in 1844. His tomb should be removed in the UK, as it is disrespectful to the millions of victims of communism and to anti-racists everywhere. Source website


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37 Comments on Sign petition to pull down the Highgate statue of Karl Marx in Highgate, responsible for the deaths of 100 million people world wide and notorious anti semite.

  1. Carl Marx was not responsible for any deaths, read up on who he was and what he did before you spout this kind of propaganda. He offered workers a real solution to the issues of poverty, which are still in existence today. Solidarity creates power, which is why Margaret Thatcher targeted the unions. This was entirely due to the capitalist project of neoliberalism, which is nothing to do with free choice for ordinary people, but about reclaiming the wealth which the wealthy feel the are rightly entitled to.

  2. He was no slum landlord. He was not even able to pay when he went to brothels. That required the continual subsidies from friend Fred Engels. His nephew (Phillips Electronics) used to say about “Uncle Karl”: He wrote about capitalism; we made it! Who should be really celebrated?

  3. It should never have been installed, Karl Marx ideology, Marxism, Communism and Socialism (Crypto Communism) Inspired evil people such as Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao and many other evil lefties to suppress their people and kill many. Stalin murdered more people than Adolf Hitler! are there statues of him around Europe? Remove it now. If possible set up a crowd fund to offer a one way ticket to North Korea for all the lefty and *Antifa types (*Accursed Neo Terrorists Inflicting Feogan Anarchy) who hate our country and live in the paradise they aspire to, I’ll donate!
    Feogan is an old English word meaning Hate, Persecute.

    • These ‘people’ were not lefties. They were authoritarians, dictators. I believe that many of these dictators kept copies of Le Bon’s The Crown: a study of the popular mind, as it clearly states how to control people by subjectification.

  4. Good idea to remove it from Highgate. I’d think I’d offer it to the highest bidder. We can’t then be accused of not respecting others with different if erroneous misplaced opinions.

  5. The statue of Karl Marx should NOT be pulled down. To do so would be to descend to the level of the savages who seek to destroy our culture & erase our history.
    Karl Marx’s grave in Highgate Cemetery is a national monument. Whether or not you agree with his views his memorial must stand. He is an important figure in European history.

    • Cool it babe. The point of the petition is to show up the mob’s hypocrisy. No one wants a reminder of what ideology can drive humans to do removed.

    • Absolutely agree!
      And to the person(s) saying “sign the petition, it’s only a joke anyway” belittles how destructive these statue destroyers are. They are history erasers.
      Hasn’t the last decade of history revision been enough? We now stamp out all bad ideas so we can repeat them in 25-100 years when we forgot them?

  6. Like history books statuary is erected by the victors. So tear down the Slavers by all means.
    And campaign to replace them with 100 statues to the white slaves shipped to the Americas and West Indies, to Drummer Rigby, the children murdered and injured at the Expo terror attack and the London Tube and Bus bombs.

    • Equality is anything but equality. Equality of opportunity or equality of outcome? One is free market (or at least democracy) and the other? Communism.

  7. No. I’m a from communist country and of Jewish decent and no. Karl Marx is a part of history so far off that there no feelings involved any more just facts about a man who’s ideology changed the world. These statues are there to educate us. The World is not a pretty place, can’t be placing important parts of history that shaped our society with pretty statues of happy people and unicorns.

    • Leila – sound words, but I and the other 1000 who have signed did so intending to mock the hypocrisy of the sanctimonious BLM mob.

      There is no more chance of Marx being attacked than there is of the statue to the racist barmaid, Mary Seacole, being toppled – though visiting Turks might challenge her view that the only industrious creatures among the Turks were their fleas.

  8. Like the bust of Nero in Rome, the single statue should be kept in a highly visible place as a reminder as humanity’s memory tends to be short and rather distorted. Possibly it could be draped in black crepe on his birthday.

  9. The ‘Prophet’ Mohammad was a slave owner who captured, used for sex and traded them. His slaves included black slaves, who he referred to as ‘raisin heads’. He also likened a black man to the devil: `Sahih Muslim 5:2334

    In view of the current fashion for toppling monuments to historical figures who were connected to to slaving, surely Mosques which memorialise this man should be dismantled?

  10. I heard mention of Queen Victoria being the next statue in the wretches sights. Let them try. I will personally hire a JCB and drive it though Guardian HQ on York Way myself.

  11. The problem with all this protesting is that it is a knee jerk reaction to an ignorance of history – virtue signalling without the virtue! How about Engels, if it is statues we are after! What about modern day slavery.

  12. I’m glad someone thought of this – it is a very good illustrative counterpoint. But, being reactionary, it works on the terms of the enemy – so I won’t sign it.

  13. Ok, I see that you’ve just pasted the citation on the website without attribution, so I accept those might not be your ludicrous assertions. Apologies.

    • Werdna. Thanks for the reminder about the attribution, I have made the correction. An oversight . As for Marx not being responsible for the deaths of millions I bet if it was a statue of Hitler you would be only too willing to sign for its destruction. Do you seriously believe that Pol Pot Stalin, Mao were beneficial to their peoples ?

      • First of all, surely those people advocating statues for the purpose of commemorating history warts and all should be happy to have a statue of Hitler.

        If it were in a public place, yes I’d want it removed. In your own house or garden, do what makes you happy.

  14. Ha ha, good luck with that Myles. It’s on private land, and you actually have to pay to even be able to see it these days, quite apart from the ludicrous assertions you make that he’s responsible for other people’s actions with their interpretation of his ideas.

    I had an old girlfriend who, having just finished a tough course on Marxism, expressed a desire to dance on his grave, and on a quiet afternoon I took her there and she did just that, to my chagrin. I may even have photographic evidence somewhere.

    An interesting fact that not many people know is that his actual gravestone, very worn and cracked right across the middle, is about 50 yards away down a narrow pathway. If you do ever go there make sure you don’t miss it.

    • I recall that now about his grave. Was it due to fear of vandalism or too many worshipers at the last resting place of the Secular God. I believe he was also a slum landlord and Engels a Victorian factory owner with all that suggests.

        • It’s not a statue, it barely even qualifies as a bust, stopping at the neck, and the purpose is to mark his actual place of burial. It’s been defaced more than once. Reading these comments, maybe it was by some of you people.

          This ill-informed petition literally calls for the exhumation of a body from a private cemetary, and removal to some unspecified location overseas (or whatever “removed in the UK” actually means). Not really comparable in any way with the removal of a statue from a public place. You need to pay to even see Karl Marx’s head.

          I bet most of you don’t even know where Churchill is buried.

          I wouldn’t expect this subtlety to be understood by some of the cloth brained idiots posting here.

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