Race grifters and Poverty Pimps

When looking back on the last twenty years of the United Kingdom’s political history, one can see the rise of a new political doctrine entering the western world. This new force can only be described as the ‘new puritans’. We have seen the rise of this ideology since that of the 1960s, which didn’t become truly evident until Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses in the 1980s. One might begin to wonder if the West has sleepwalked into both a second Cold War and its own culture war.

This has already been documented by many before however, examples being Allan Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind and Thomas Sowell’s Vision of the Anointed and The Quest for Cosmic Justice. One can now see the true effects of this ideology within our current times and trends.

Whether by accident or by design, it makes no difference now. What has become truly relevant now is the effects this ideology is having on people. The corruption of individualism into latent collectivism has never become more apparent. Ideas of ‘white privilege’ and ‘systemic racism’ will only merely continue non-issues that have been empirically disproven under every measure. The idea of middlemen minorities demonstrates this plainly – East Asians, Jews and Armenians being such clear examples.

It is such groups that dispel the utterances of the systemic part of alleged systemic racism. Alongside this, we fall into the accidental white supremacism of ‘white privilege’. This is merely just a modern twist upon basic white supremacist ideology, that being that white people (white people are not even a race) are inherently better or have advantages because of their skin colour.

For one to believe that white privilege is to be real, one must also believe that and accept ‘black inferiority’. This would be no different to non-white people looking at white people and then recognise that they must be worth less than their white counterparts within the world.

This is something so genius (if you were to be a white supremacist) that I am positive that not even David Duke nor Richard Spencer could have conceived such a policy. From this, one must be constantly reminded that racism is only an ugly form collectivism, as it is the mindset of viewing humans as inherently part of there groups (in this case, race) rather than seeing them as individuals. Racists believe that all individuals who happen to share racial characteristics must be alike and therefore must be collectives.

In continuation of this, we see other examples of this new puritanism. This can be examined in the past sins and misdoings of celebrated figures. The idea that people of the past do not live up to present day standards has only become truly apparent to some, hence why these individuals existed within the past and not the present.

I often remember Walter Williams stating that it is very easy to judge people of the past, because we did not live through their experiences and did not make the decisions that they had to make. It takes very little energy or moral standing to debate or attack a tombstone. After all, you show me a man who is perfect, and I will show you a bullshitter. It is the new puritanism that has shown its face towards such debates.

What this does is create its own form of religious fundamentalism. The West (and by extension white people) have been placed into the classical theistic view of original sin. This is just like the Augustinian theodicy of mankind having the original sin after being removed from the garden of Eden and it being placed upon the seminal presence of Adam and his descendants.

One might wonder what the West can do – end slavery (and other serfdoms); defeat fascism; defeat communism; create countless cures/medicines for the whole world to use, not just for themselves. However, for some reason the West cannot escape its own original sin of partaking in the practice of slavery and imperialism. I do however wish to endeavour on writing a more concise and precise version of what was (and still is to this day) slavery in many parts of the world.

The reason is very simple I would assume. Shelby Steele used to argue that there is an old formula for gaining and retaining power – this being to flame up and to play into one’s insecurities around their lives. We see this with the rise of a professional victimisation of certain individuals. Booker T Washington would often talk about a class of blacks within America whose sole business is to keep the problems being faced by individuals within the public’s purview.

Having learnt that they can profit and gain power, these individuals have universally no reason to end the perceived problems that face the very groups that they claim to support. This is because they would not want to lose their jobs. It would make as much sense as telling the Mafia to give up on crime.

These issues will not go away, because the people who make money and gain power from the grievances of others will not give up so easily. These individuals are what Walter Williams amusingly calls ‘poverty pimps’ or ‘race grifters’. From this, there exists a constant need to display one’s purity amongst their fellow contemporaries. The constant rebranding only suggests that of a constant desire to show and display one’s innate virtue. Because of this, the new puritanism needs to keep searching for more issues to find and complain about – issues that can be explained through either clear empirical data or ones that have been solely invented to continue the complaint culture.

I often find great amusement when hearing words like racism and homophobia, which are now merely replaceable terms for old complaints around witches. The search and desire to show one’s implicit lack of sin has become incredibly weird and confusing. The lengths one must now go to show that they are ‘woke’ is very interesting, but also very sad – for it shows the lack of self-confidence many individuals have during our stormy present.

Overall, I begin to wonder if we can truly rid ourselves of this new puritanism and replace it with a much more pragmatic and holistic worldview. Afterall, one must only be semi-educated on 20th century history to infer the dangers of these modes of thought. From China’s Cultural Revolution to the Cambodian Killing Fields, we have seen the dangers of certain groups and the ideological infections they can create.

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14 Comments on Race grifters and Poverty Pimps

  1. Dear FenLander.

    Much like the story – The Emperor’s New Clothes – facts are now subject to political judgment and approval. Allowing the insidious constant pressure and lawless behaviour by Marxist black activists and their dopey (probably literally for many!) woke perennial-teenage white accomplices to portray historic white success with oppression is deeply depressing by the support given to it in the media, and with cringing politicians apologising for any remark made to counter it or, the ostentatious and humiliating, ‘taking the knee’. Basic human traits produce strong feelings and one of the most unlovely is envy with black Africa appearing to have produced more than its fair share. The envious black malcontents living in Britain and America cannot come to terms with the fact that it was European society that first made and put to use scientific discoveries enabling them to access and make use of the world’s riches to create the modern capitalist economy to benefit all whilst older civilisations lagged way behind stuck in a sclerotic state of feudalism or tribalism with their leaders only too willing to sell off their natural wealth – including slave-labour – to European traders and entrepreneurs. It was General Gordon leading a private Chinese army who helped to liberate China in the 1860s from its oppressors not the 1940s bloody tyrant Mao and tirelessly fought the slave trade in the muslim Ottoman Empire and in Islamist Sudan. Only since the second world-war did a few non-European countries like Japan and Formosa begin to industrialise and then only off the back of that which had been already achieved in Europe and America. The black victimhood cult and socialism are spiritual bedfellows – both are predicated by envy.

  2. Taking a globalist, NWO view, so beloved of certain “progressives”, the world is positively teeming with minorities.

    The biggest is the Han Chinese who largely overlap with the nation of China (PR, ChiCom),

    then Hindus perhaps (again largely contained in India) or maybe Africans, who are spread across various nations but within the continent of Africa.

    “White” people are in a minority when compared to Chinese, Indians and Africans in this world we all share, so this whole canard of white privilege and particularly how whites are supposedly a majority who oppress minorities is exposed as fake news.

  3. Well stated. The beginning of organized race hustlers probably came about as a result of A. Phillip Randoph’s establishment of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. It demonstrated that Black workers were capable of standing up for their own interests. It wasn’t long before the power hungry, exemplified by Adam Clayton Powell and his forebears, tried to use these organizations for their own ends. Now we also have white “progressive” who, having their message rejected by mainline classic liberals, now seek to promote old fashioned radicalism.

  4. There are Western/European-descended researchers who explain the lack of development of black Africa and black African society by way of Africa’s bad geography.

    Jared Diamond is a popular example of such researchers.

    Now is a good time to ask why black communities which have lived for several/many generations in parts of the world with better geography, and with the benefits of advances in the comprehension of matters of civil society and human flourishing that are aided by that better geography, have not reduced their levels of violence and increased their levels of educability and productivity to those levels seen in host communities.

    Yes, answers to this question are apparent, but are too hard to accept -either within black communities, or among whites for whom Reality is too unpleasant to embrace.

    • Diamond’s agenda – the struggle for Olam Ha-ba – has an astonishing effect on his judgement of the utility of the land of an entire continent several times the size if western Europe.

    • I posted on this in a recent article: I firmly believe the Western black community is holding on to the impact of slavery for dear life, because to move on from it would necessitate them finally taking responsibility for some uncomfortable truths. Hence, the Blame Whitey comfort blanket never felt so warm and cosy as it does today.

      It had previously occurred to me that black folks don’t really want change, they want revenge, so I asked my wife (who is Jamaican) straight up this week if black people as a collective hold a grudge for the slave trade. The answer was a resounding yes.

      Make if this what you will.

      • Yes, it’s about grievance -and it’s about extracting free everything from individuals and communities that are nett producers.

        And there is no comprehension that Western institutions and the unending efforts of highly-skilled persons are necessary for the production of surpluses that can be transferred to the non-producers and the destroyers.

  5. Not bad, Nathan, but perhaps some understanding of the descent group – the genetic similarity thereof – as the repository for fitness traits might help you to sort out the recidivist liberal individualism in your Weltanschauung.

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