The cause of race relations has been set back decades by the BLM.

Establishment liberals have expressed horror that the statue of a black street poet in Bristol has been defaced, whitewashed. But what did they expect? By targeting the white English, their history and identity, which they have designated exclusively evil, they have invited the white English to respond in kind to the black British and their culture. So much for the multicultural society.

The latest establishment-media tale is that right wing extremists are planning trouble – planning to subvert the Black Lives Matter message for their own ends. But really, they need not bother. For millions of ordinary English people (yes, white people), the scenes from Poole, where local residents have formed a protective ring around the statue of Lord Baden Powell, whose worldwide scouting movement has benefited countless millions of young people of all races and creeds but who has now been declared ‘a white racist’, fill them with disgust.   

The argument is no longer about racial discrimination or police brutality, which decent people of all races oppose. It is about the ideology, the ‘narrative’, concocted by Black Lives Matter activists, in association with self-hating guilt-ridden liberals and latter-day cultural Marxists of academia, to excuse the failure of young Afro-Caribbean blacks.

Even the semi-literate must be able to work out that the narrative of historic victimhood and white privilege is garbage. The history of the world is that of tribes, empires, cultures, and civilizations. The stronger and more advanced survive, the weaker perish. People of all creeds and colours have been enslaved, persecuted, and oppressed through history. Before the Europeans arrived, African tribal society was founded on slavery. It was the tribal chiefs who sold the slaves they had captured to European traders – and a very good business they did too. The Arabs transported seventeen million African slaves, which excludes the estimated one million Europeans of the north Mediterranean coast who were captured and sold into slavery by Barbary pirates, a trade which continued up until the nineteenth century. Roman and Greek civilization were founded on slavery. In Britain, the Romans enslaved the Celts, the Saxons enslaved the Celts, and the Normans enslaved the Saxons. There are hundreds of thousands of black slaves in Mauritania to this day, beholden to their Arab-Berber masters. But that is fine. It is whites that are the problem.

Western imperial powers did their fair share of conquering and enslaving, aided by superior technology; if their technology and weaponry had not been superior, then no doubt they would have been conquered and enslaved. But uniquely, it was the West, under the influence of its own universal Enlightenment values and the rule of law, which ended the slave trade, which decolonised, which instituted the notion of universal human rights. This, ultimately, was the mark of the superiority of Western civilization and of Western values. Whether the West is now committing suicide is another matter.

White privilege? White oppression? The ‘whitewashing’ of history? To many of us, it seems that our history is being blackwashed. 

Being essentially decent, ordinary English folk listen respectfully and sympathetically to those who recount the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade. They believe in fair play and instinctively recoil against colour prejudice. They have no problem with learning the lessons of the past. But when beloved and admired national figures – Churchill, Nelson, and Baden Powell – are threatened, they know instinctively that it is they themselves who are threatened. When they see much-loved comedy programmes banned because they might cause offence, and public figures who express their feelings silenced, the feeling is only compounded. They know that their culture, their identity, their precious freedoms, everything they know and love, is threatened with destruction, as surely as it would have been had the Nazis invaded and instituted a fascist state.

Yes, those pictures of local people guarding the statue of Baden Powell suggest that the day of reckoning may be approaching. Perhaps we should even be grateful to the Black Lives Matter activists for exposing the sham of the multicultural society for what it is. The Black Lives Matter movement has declared war and their enemy is England and all it stands for.

Only one path is now open, and that is to fight back.  

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37 Comments on The cause of race relations has been set back decades by the BLM.

  1. Bully ya Limey Bastard! Ya got it right. Same here across the pond for us Yanks…these Soros funded Socialist Sociopaths even tried to tear down statues of Abraham Lincoln. There is no end to their idiocy. Glad they exposed themselves for what they are. Great writing. Hope you’re not censored or banned soon. Keep up the good fight.
    God Bless ya

  2. I appreciate that profit is the only driver for corporations and the large sums of money donated to the Marxist/racialist organization – B.L.M. – is, on the face of it baffling. However, a motive bigger than flogging junk food etc. to black people is to cause as much disruption and unrest as possible in society during Donald Trump’s presidency and discredit him at the November polls to get their ‘place man’ into the seat of power and resume the hitherto smooth trading arrangement with tyrants around the world at the cost of American home industry and jobs.

  3. If corporate America naively cowers to BLM they will instead see hostile take overs & take downs. My experience is they already allow white people to be harassed but of course the harasser is job protected. The anti discrimination that can be fought now.

  4. “Even the semi-literate must be able to work out that the narrative of historic victimhood and white privilege is garbage.” The author grossly over-estimates the intelligence of those who have been taught, generation upon generation, how NOT to think.

    BLM is a revolutionary Marxist organization which aims, not only to destroy white civilization, but the family as well. Whether civilization can withstand decades of corruption and will now fall like a rotten fruit, I have no idea, but speaking to you from Ground Zero in Minneapolis, it doesn’t look very hopeful. The AT is an Antifa advocate. The office holders and administration are overwhelmingly Democrat – as is the case in all the rioting states. They corrupted the Body Politic, and now want to blame it on us. Civil War is unavoidable.

    • Diana Mary,
      Thank you so much for your comment, the truth from ground zero is unavailable elsewhere. I have forwarded your clear thoughts on what is happening to my friends. We must know the enemy, before we can effectively combat them.

  5. The Marxist front organisation BLM and their allies in the media with the acquiescence of the bunch of cowards in the House of Commons are trying to re-paint history in their own colours.
    Unfortunately for them – they lack one little ingredient “The Truth”.
    Nevertheless as they control the levers of the media. They are able to pump out their propaganda and lies to a gullible public on an industrial scale.
    Could you please change the sub-heading on the ‘Salisbury Review’ to ‘Absolutely the right opinion on everything’.

  6. Hear, hear! and thank goodness someone is saying so. The degree to which many of us feel insulted, oppressed and endangered would have been unimaginable once. If twenty years ago a man had said that they’ll be toppling Victorian statues and calling on whites to kneel in the streets, the left would have been the first to call him paranoid. Yet here it is. And not one major figure in public life, with the lonely, honourable exception of Nigel Farage is taking the hard left on. At the same time a socialist author, Rowling, is being hounded by neo-communist supporters of “trans rights” and again, nobody is coming to her aid. Instead and in fact she is being basely betrayed. One might have thought that a body of MPs – the ERG for example – would band together and hold a press conference upholding the freedom to differ and liberty of conscience, but there is a resounding silence. The only forces which stand up to this gale of totalitarian hysteria are a number of brave journalists and members of the public on these threads. And if the wind continues to blow, no doubt we will be investigated, too. Freedom is dying in Britain and its greatest guardians from the prime minister down are failing to revive it. They will emerge from history – the real history conducted by a free people – as infamous, spineless, terrified and mediocre.

  7. Dear Zengha Wellings-Longmore.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your comment. As Minister for Education, Shirley Williams took an axe to Britain’s education system and established comprehensive schools and, having infiltrated Britain’s institutions, the new army of unionised young teachers versed in Marxist ideals inculcated political attitudes and selected ‘world history’ into children instead of a proper educational grounding which left children from poor white working-class families cheated and ill equipped to get a descent job let alone to understand what had happened to them. For poor black children, the new syllabus taught to them provided an immovable chip for their shoulder with crime as their best career choice.

  8. This article goes on the premise that there are subversive neo-Marxists intent on toppling the culture of our Great British Society, whereas the white English are keen to protect England’s glorious history. In reality the (mainly) young English men who have recently reacted to the Black Lives Matter protests, know nothing whatsoever about their history. History is hardly taught in schools anymore – and please don’t blame black people for this sorry state of affairs (although I expect you will).

    Beloved and admired national figures? Is that a joke? The people who became crimson-faced with apoplexy over the toppling of Edward Colston’s statue had never heard of him before. Ask any of the protesters against BLM if they’ve heard of Nelson you’ll probably get a bottle smashed over your head because they will think you’re referring to Nelson Mandela. Last Saturday, they swarmed to London to ‘protect’ Churchill’s statue and what did they do? They made Hitler salutes next to it. Hitler salutes. ’Oy vey,’ as my grandfather would say.

    ‘Only one path is now open, and that is to fight back.’ Well, Mr Monteith, they’ve fought back all right. Did you see them urinating on statues of a heroic policeman, attacking police with missiles and valiantly protecting Churchill’s statue by shouting Nazi slogans next to it? Is that the fighting back you had in mind?

    Mr. Monteith, if you seriously care for, and wish to protect the ordinary, decent white people of England, then why not campaign to improve their education? Maybe once they have heard of James Colston and have studied his life, they might actually agree with some of BLM’s decisions – or at least be able to have an intelligent debate about them. As it is, it is not the Afro-Caribbeans who are failing academically, but the poor white British boys who, through woeful lack of schooling, do not understand or appreciate their own history.

    • Dear Zengha

      The tragedy is that those poor white British boys have been denied access to their own history, i.e. English history, and Afro-Caribbean kids, who might have been initiated into the same national story (I remember black A-C kids in Streatham telling me 25 years ago in no uncertain terms that they were not ‘British’ but ‘English’ – Roy K had something to say about this in his ‘Black History’) have instead had ‘black history’ foisted on them. But I agree with you about intelligent debate.

      By the way, it was perfectly obvious that the guy urinating, after having drunk 19 pints, with no public toilets available, (a) had no idea that he was next to this particular statue, or any statue, and (b) was clearly not urinating ‘over it’. Not an attractive image, but his summary jail sentence and the faux horror in the media suggests his real offence was to be white and working class, and therefore, necessarily, a racist fascist thug.

      PS Isn’t the term ‘crimson-faced’ suggestive of a micro-aggression?

      • Dear James Monteith,
        Thank you for your response, but it has left me a little bewildered, I’m afraid. First you explained that the White Lives Matter protesters are upset because their beloved British history is under threat. Next you say, ‘the poor white British boys’ have been denied access to their history – so in other words they wouldn’t know British history if it was served up on a platter with Hollandaise Sauce. Then, to add to the confusion you state that the problem is they’ve had black history foisted on them. So are you suggesting last Saturday’s missile throwing was a result of having studied the life of Harriet Tubman? Or were the Nazi salutes a reaction to Booker T. Washington’s separatist ideology?

        It seems strange to come all the way to London to protect statues of British heroes then end up urinating on them and making Hitler salutes next to them, but, as you suggest, perhaps that’s where the study of the ancient Olmecs leads to.

        I actually think if the angry young men really had studied black history they would be less angry. As it is, in the northern towns I have visited, where many of the WLM people dwell, there are families who have not worked for generations and some of the boys emerge barely literate from the school system. The paucity of their education has caused them to be swayed by three-word-slogan politicians to vote against their own interests. Their lives will only get worse after Brexit. What a mess! But I expect they will point at an identifiable minority and say, ‘it’s all your fault!’

        Oh, and I would never dream of being aggressive, micro or otherwise. Would it be acceptable to swap ‘crimson’ for ‘purple’?

  9. Peter Hitchens has said for many years that the only way to get a truly conservative party is for the Conservative Party to be destroyed. As he opines, that might have happened had the oily Blair clone – David Cameron – not scraped by in the 2020 election to form a dreadful coalition government with Clegg to push through yet more Marxist social measures and bury shibboleths on morality, biological truth, and the family . That opportunity is now past and the Johnson election victory promising to ‘get Brexit done’ following the dung-heap of the Teresa may government has re-established the Conservative Party in the mind of Britain as a conservative force but the same machine that has excluded its supporters input rumbles on and this latest show of weakness against left-wing fake-moral grandstanding doesn’t give conservative Britain much hope. Whatever form of Brexit is forged by this government we can only hope that it frees us from the tentacles of Brussels and its Stalinist European Court but it will not retrench the Marxist inspired social revolution.

  10. “Only one path is now open, and that is to fight back.”

    But how? I assume you’re not telling us to become terrorists or to join Paul Golding’s gang of soccer yobs. So, as cultured, humane conservatives, how do we fight back?

      • Robert Sharpe:

        I wrote to my “Conservative” MP to tell him that if he supported Theresa May’s Brexit “deal” I’d never vote for him again. He voted for the “deal”, but when the General Election came around, I had to go back on my word, because the only other options were Labour, Liberal and Green, which were even worse options.

        You can’t threaten a “Conservative” MP with a plan to unseat him unless there’s another candidate to vote for who might win, and if he’s not in danger of being unseated, he won’t pay you any attention.

        After Nigel Farage’s betrayal, where is there any hope of finding genuine conservative candidates with whom to threaten the “Conservatives”?

        • If the middle-class university-educated dissident mind will not take its leadership role in British nationalism, and shape its future, then obviously there will never be anywhere for middle-class university educates to dissent.

        • Same here, except that my Tory MP who I didn’t want to vote for as he was and is a dyed in the wool Remainer, told me that if I didn’t vote for him I would get Corbyn. But he did insist that he fully supported Boris Johnson. So i reluctantly voted for him. Now I discover that he is trying to get a group of MP’s together to oppose leaving the EU without a Deal.

    • “The Saxon is not like us Normans. His manners are not so polite.
      But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.
      When he stands like an ox in the furrow – with his sullen set eyes on your own,
      And grumbles, ‘This isn’t fair dealing,’ my son, leave the Saxon alone.”

      I am with the “Saxons”, There are no university departments writing learned papers for us, there are no playwrights taking our part, there are no television programmes showing how the rich and the corporate world have used and betrayed us. The globalist liberal elite would sell our country, and us, to the first Chinese business man to offer them an executive jet.
      The Tories are the best we have and they are a feeble minded shower.
      I feel the threat to us , to our country, to our people, and the men standing by Churchill’s statue (placed in a box by Citizen Kahn) feel that threat also…This isn’t fair dealing!

  11. It was the Christian religion which brought about the banning of Slavery.

    Kant’ s formulation including reference to a ‘universal law’ was merely a rewriting of the Golden Rule as adumbrated by Jesus. This, unlike earlier versions was both positive, lacked connotations of reciprocity , was universal in intent and uniquely was unlimited in extent.

    Furthermore, equality of esteem for every human being is derived from the Judaea-Christin view that we have equal dignity as equally loved ChIldren of God, made in his image.

    • Not equal, though. One group is separate and chosen by its G-d, whom Christians must self-estrange to accept and offer due obeisance.

      The faith instinct is genetic, and in a European population is probably expressed in about two-thirds to three-quarters of any generation. Faith, as invested in an exoteric religious system, functions as a (moral) shortcut to adaptive choice-making. It is a sharp-elbowed trait, claiming for itself first call over everything. The minority who simply have no expressed faith have had, in past centuries, to screw up their eyes and mutter their words, and not think too hard about things. We consider ourselves to have outgrown formal religious systems, but it is not true. The instinct reigns as ever, and must alight upon something. Left-politics is one rather depressingly common substitute.

      • My impression is that most of the young are neither faithful not faithless but utterly indifferent or unaware that there is anything at all to think about. If there’s a word for people who are not even agnostic never mind atheist, that’s what they are.

        • Michael McManus: On the analogy of “colour-blind”, I suggest the word “god-blind”. Or, on the analogy of “tone-deaf”, “god-deaf”.

          If you want fancy words of Greek derivation, you could try “theotyphlic” for “god-blind” or “theocophic” for “god-deaf”, but I have a feeling that neither of these coinages will catch on.

        • Happily, in the PhilosophyNow magazine just out there is an article on Humanism by Robert Griffiths in which he uses the term Apatheists for the people we are talking about. He gives the character Meursault as an example from Camus’ The Foreigner. Griffiths regards the Grayling/Dawkins kind of debate as a continuation of C18th disputes that have long lost their interest, and Humanism, in consequence, he sees as past its use-by date.
          You can read four articles online before the paywall (including one by me on genocide).

    • Merely? If you mean Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, I would say Kant’s categorical imperative was not an improvement. For instance, lying. Kant’s rule says No in all circumstances. Jesus’ rule allows for telling an armed labourite that there are no Jews hiding in your house when there are.

    • I was going to mention Christianity (thinking of Wilberforce) but then thought to myself ‘Christian Europe took a hell of a long time getting round to it’. By contrast, the French Republic abolished slavery in its colonies in 1794, under the influence of its Declaration of the Rights of Man, heavily influenced in turn by Kant’s Enlightenment principles.

      My take is that whereas Kant’s categorical imperatives were deduced (or intended to be derived) from pure reason, from man’s rationality, the Christian injunction ‘Love your God with all your heart, and your neighbour as yourself’ derives from God and his unconditional love for us. The first is reason, the second is love.

      • James Monteith: St Paul, in his shortest and least headache-inducing epistle, tells Philemon to receive his runaway slave Onesimus no longer as a slave but as “a brother beloved”. European Christians failed for centuries to act on St Paul’s words because, like all Christians of all times, they were imperfect Christians.

        Nevertheless, the typical life of a slave under a Christian master was probably better than the life he’d have led as a slave in the monstrous Kingdom of Dahomey, where he may well have been purchased.

        Christians are still obliged by the Bible to treat slaves and their descendants as “brothers beloved” – which doesn’t mean that we’re obliged to invite millions of them into our country and then allow them to destroy it, of course.

        Did the French Republic regard liberated slaves as “brothers beloved”? No. Did Abraham Lincoln? No. Do Christians? Perhaps not, but they ought to.

  12. There’s been much criticism of the police over their absurd showing during the recent protests, but if we can take anything from this weekend it is that the government doesn’t seriously see BLM as a threat. In fact, all the running away and bended-knee antics of last week look like a bit of a Met in-joke, something light-hearted to laugh about in the pub before the real work begins today. The heavy mob was out in force for a few hundred determined-looking chaps who don’t seem unduly worried by the sight of a baton, a snarling police dog or a hastily arranged Section 60. Stern faces and stiff upper lips on both sides of the line – as it should be – whilst the assorted fops, students, Guardian readers and Instagram poppets were mysteriously conspicuous by their absence. For all the hand-wringing about our way of life being eroded, I think it’s fair to say the patriotic Englishman still exists in abundance, and he isn’t about to let the memory of Lord Nelson or any other historic icon be desecrated by Tarquin and his luvvie friends.

  13. Never mind the statues, now is time to tear down the signs of white colonialist repression such as: ‘keep off the grass’, and ‘no smoking’. Obviously an intrusion into the West-Indian habit for cannabis which is a proven substance for improving your ability to be violent and mentally unstable in smashing the fascist conservative conspiracy to hold onto English culture and history.

    • Tea drinking will have to stop now the neo Nazi labourites think Priti Patel’s Indianess is tantamount to acting white.

  14. A really good article, I have little doubt that the majority across the United Kingdom agree with you.
    Our problem is that we have no voice nor representation in public life at present. There is hope, as the referendum result revealed, but we must realise that our enemies are relentless, as the events after the referendum result revealed.
    The enemies of the Britons (and indeed the whole west) have been planning this for years, and because of our quietness thought we were cowed, the Brexit vote showed that we weren’t. There is little doubt that the BLM riots and statue campaign have nothing to do with the death of a thuggish man in Minneapolis , and are a continuation of the Brexit fight for the soul of our Kingdom.
    We need to organise again, and resist this threat with all our might, as you say maybe the hard left/BLM have done us a favour by showing their hand. We know who the enemy are now.

    • Indeed so. If Poole turned out to be the turning point I would, as Poole-born (though sarf London raised), be chuffed to bits.

  15. Excellent and factual article but, unfortunately, any ‘fight back’ will be branded ‘far right extremism’ by the BBC and their media allies (Nigel Farage has already paid the price) with cowardly politicians and a supine police force condemning any repercussions to upset the now established occupation force that multiculturalism has afforded them. The police prefer to arrest passive white people for minor ‘lock-down’ offences than risk opprobrium for arresting a black ‘activist’ hell-bent on mayhem and destruction.

  16. That black guy’s statue is a pretty terrible piece of work anyway. He appears to have breasts. A tit for tit crime?

    I used to teach overseas PG students, Africa, Middle East, West Indies. They always remarked upon how pleasant Brits were to them, so the claims by openly Marxist/anarchist stone-heads are just false. Maybe it’ll blow over if the police are made to do their job and HMG sorts the BBC.

    On which matter, here’s a petition.

    • Thanks, signed.

      Was shocked to read on the BBC website earlier that demonstrators ‘who are largely white men’ have come to London to ‘protect symbols of British history’ and ‘guard our monuments’. Some of them even sang the national anthem and chanted ‘England’. Some, I see, were even waving English flags. Outrageous.

      Meanwhile Sir Nicholas Soames, Churchill’s grandson, has commented from the safety of his club lounge that it was ‘absolutely repulsive’ that fascist groups were threatening ‘to stand guard’ over the Churchill statue in Parliament Square. But what have Sir Nicholas and the Tories done (apart from passing the port) to fight the poisonous ideology that has led to all this?

      We all know where Churchill’s sympathies would have lain.

      • I’m not sure. My suspicion is that Churchill would have made some pithy remark about the absurdist nature of erecting such monuments before retiring to his study to get pissed and harass his secretary.

      • This is outrageous! Next we will have these reactionary fascist thugs making cups of tea in public and encouraging their indoctrinated uniformed child storm-troopers to carry out bob-a-job tasks for the privileged white hyenas who exploit child labour!

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