‘A snippet of the reality we could have.’ The Guardian

Black Lives Matter and other protestors have created their own police free mini-state in the US. Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, formerly six blocks in the central district of Seattle is now the site of a new socialist Utopia.

After nine days of nightly protests and rioting, the East District police quietly boarded up their precinct and left, ceding control to the protestors. As the police retreated, hordes of the oppressed moved in – college professors, feminists, white kids…more white kids.  It would appear BLM was nothing more than an unwitting Trojan horse. 

Establishing their headquarters in the East District Police Department (now daubed The People’s Department) the left-wing ideologues unfurled a blueprint for Utopian vision and set about making it a reality.  

Overnight an open-air cinema sprang up in the middle of an empty intersection, bands played, people read poetry, and topsoil was imported for an agricultural project.

“In four months, we should be self – sufficient”; boasted a resident. According to several articles, there is feasting, free food and dancing in the street. Sounds great doesn’t it?  The Guardian reported it as ‘A snippet of the reality we could have’.

Four days into the project and all is not sunshine and rainbows. Not only have its citizens had to erect a border, but they have also deployed armed checkpoints and patrolling youths with AK47s.

Neither police nor journalists can enter the new state, so who knows what is going on in Little Utopia. Yesterday, Police Chief Best announced, “Rapes, robberies and all sorts of violent acts have been occurring in the area, and we have not been able to get to it”.

 However, this won’t tap the protestors moral conscience; they maintain that being able to ring the police for assistance to begin with was a product of white privilege. You never deserved to be safe.

It only takes one look at what the protestors call their farm – a thin spread of soil on some sheets of cardboard, upon which sits a salad’s worth of potted greens – and the disparity between the a fantasy world and grim reality is laid bare.  The farm would not sustain an anorexic vegan. The free food they’ve been consuming while the farm grows it’s pizza toppings was donated.  The government removes their trash at the expense of the taxpayer, who also foots the bill for the portaloos kindly donated by the Seattle Department of Transport, so the residents of the Autonomous Zone don’t end camping in their own excrement as they did during ‘Occupy Wall Street’. 

Day two and Raz Simone, a charismatic young black sound cloud rapper, who happens to have a lot of big guns, filled the power vacuum. His twitter profile shows him cast against a sunset with an AK-47 slung over his shoulder. It wasn’t long before he began throwing his weight around, solving at least two disputes with a punch. So much for police brutality. 

More disturbing scenes emerged overnight – a video of a circles of white kids squatting, listening to a supposed native American on a microphone, repeatedly telling them they are worthless destroyers, racists, the soulless ruination of everything wholesome. 

It’s disturbing, not merely because of the vitriol of the speaker, but because the crowd are wholly taken in, clearly purging themselves of ingrained original sin. They nod, clap and ‘amen’ him, as he yells directly in their faces how white liberals insist on taking over every movement, fucking it up and subverting it to their own cause.  He will not get through to them, unfortunately. The look in their eyes suggests they see themselves as atoned. It isn’t them the speaker is referring to. It isn’t their crappy garden and revolutionary poetry that hijacked George Floyd’s death.

Except it is them. It’s always them.  This isn’t Black Lives Matter, this is White Liberal Guilt matters. In another video, a speaker demands every white person in the crowd to, ‘right now go and give ten dollars to a black person,’ No doubt the giving of money will absolve more of that instilled shame. It works for other religions after all. 

If this all ends in violence, it will do so when the autozones by then minority black population gets tired of these white kids taking over. Which was why the black residents were probably glad when this morning a crazed, homeless man armed with two broom handles trampled the farm, (this drew gales of laughter online) challenging anybody who tried to stop him to “Mortal Kombat”. Oh, well, there goes the harvest, time to shake down some businesses for cash. It’s all starting to take on a familiar pattern. A snippet of what reality could be like indeed.

So, what is to be done about a far-left territory in the middle of America? Trump labels such zones as terrorist areas, but sending in forces will only worsen the situation. Perhaps we should leave them to it. If they want to entertain the world with a live experiment of a policeless, community-led state, then let them.

They have already embarrassed themselves with their hypocrisy.  For all their globalist, woke rhetoric, it is clear they never wanted a borderless, raceless world to begin with. They are the nationalists they claim to disdain, and the police they claim not to need.  They are becoming the interrogators, segregators and oppressors of free people, doing all of it with the firearms they want to ban other people from owning.

You know where this will lead.

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27 Comments on ‘A snippet of the reality we could have.’ The Guardian

  1. Jim Jones transferred his flock of commune devotees to Guyana from failure in the U.S. and set up a self-sufficient Pol Pot style agrarian utopia patrolled by thugs to dissuade doubters which ended in complete failure and mass murder/suicide of all but a couple of escapees. Do any of these dopey young dupes enraptured by evangelising would-be tyrants ever learn from the past?

  2. I personally would see an electrified fence put around the Utopia. All from the world of politics, media and celebrity la la land who cry ‘freedom’ at the thought of this place being a ‘snippet of the reality we could have’ would have their wishes come true, and find themselves on an expenses paid for, one way trip to the good life behind the fence.

    It is the political class, their financial masters, the media and arts world who have brought this sorry state of affairs into being. Let them taste the fruits of their labour I say.
    This is not going to go away, this is not going to be put right by appeasement or more quango’s devoted to securing more power for BAME and their liberal white backers.
    The problems have been brewing for decades, and erupt from time to time only to meet with the same set of alleged solutions that do nothing except hand over more power to minority groups who know how to use it. Endless money and resources poured into various entities charged with the task of ‘race relation’, a massive industry and a very lucrative one at that. All that happens is a bit more indigenous bashing and a few new laws to make sure we know our place and things settled down (uneasily) for a while until the next opportunity spotted by BAME & Co. to push for more.

    It’s surely do or die now. You cannot have mass immigration at the level we have had, and retain our identity, our culture or any grip on our home.
    The political elite in charge as it stands are more than happy to sit by and watch this. So many now in powerful positions have only recent history here, they are not deeply rooted over centuries so cannot understand our feelings. I’ll go so far as to say many probably desire to see us become something else – pay back for Colonialism I’ve heard it termed. Odd how they all end up here in the bosom of the old Colonial masters!!!
    So looking to the current crop of career politicians who incidentally are so short sighted they can’t see what could lie ahead for them and their families in the future, especially if designated with ‘white privilege’, is pointless.

    This cannot be sorted out with mealy mouthed words, and the ridiculous attempt to please all. The indigenous never asked for a ‘multi-ethnic/cultural’ change, and nor were they asked. Diversity is not our strength, and multi-culti will be our downfall.
    To sort that out is going to need some tough measures, and although without doubt there will be trouble, it will be easier than what’s in store for the future.
    The problem lies in whether we have such a person up to the job, and even if we did have the indigenous lost their spirit for the fight. How many think it’s even worth fighting for now?

  3. Frit, Myles? Well, as a matter of interest do you want the English people to secure their existence and an English future for their children? Or is it more important to you to be able to say, when you get your telegram from the King, and your great grand-children ask why you did nothing all your life, “I avoided being called a racist”?

    • Guessedworker There are all sorts of protest groups, Hearts of Oak you can join for example and which I belong to , (I suggested its name btw) who are actively lobbying (see my editorial) against the Home Secretary for not deporting the Rochdale rapists, one member of Hearts of Oak was arrested and goes before the magistrates soon for demonstrating against lockdown at Hyde Park corner, and one of our writers on the SR, Catherine Blaiklock visited Tommy Robinson in Belmarsh prison.The Salisbury Review itself is hated by the left for its views and for all of its 27 years its steadfast opposition to all things left. Running a magazine like this there are only a handful of us is almost a full time job. Read about the Honeyford Affair in these pages. This contrasts with the thousands of of commentators who are just content to sit back and waffle on on pages they have made not a single contribution to. Have you ever bought a copy of the SR, are you a subscriber , ever made a donation ? Once the Germans crossed back out of France into Germany everybody was a member of the French Resistance. If however you are a subscriber or made a donation than many thanks.

      • Thank you for your kind reply, Myles. However, as someone similar in years to your good self but equipped with a rather more rigorous critique, I am interested in something more revolutionary than having a chat with l’il Tommy. Mere reaction is itself an obstacle to be overcome, doncha know.

        I noted many years ago that there is a curious and deep fissure between those who argue for our people’s life and rights and those who argue for traditional standards and values. This remains a powerful inhibitor to the latter in undertaking, finally, to stand alongside nationalists. Part of it is suggestibility, certainly, and part of that is the too too fastidious moral scruple of the small-c conservative. None of it necessary. I met many BNP members in the days of that party’s success, and their sheer human quality was undeniable. Yet they are caricatured as the epitome of yobbishness and thuggery – a manufactured image if ever there was one.

        The left has an admirable and unifying, longstanding rule whereby no enemy to the socialist democratic left abides among communists and hyper-equalitarians. Why, then, is the traditionalist right so hostile to those abiding, we are told, to the right of it, whose love and sense of belonging and normal, decent instincts tend to the life of our people?

        It is by no means a simple question for any of us to answer. It tests the vestigial liberalism in the conservative heart. It renders intellectual laziness and suggestibility untenable. Perhaps you should view me here as a unifying agent seeking your answer to the riddle. If, like so many, you do not want to be asked, but prefer to stop short of the politics of the blood, then say so; and I will leave you in peace.

        • Guessedworker Have you written to your MP or bought a copy of the magazine or made a donation ?It’s a simple question.
          A typical Tory. Talk the talk but won’t walk the walk

          • It is an irrelevant question. I have done rather more for my English people than you would credit, and at much, much greater cost than buying a magazine subscription.

            Now, let’s address my question. What is it, do you think, that causes traditional conservatives to disdain nationalists and nationalism in an age of our people’s replacement and dissolution?

  4. Only one group in the UK is routinely and systematically discriminated against,The Guardian supports that discrimination, and that is the white working man.
    The case of Matthew Furlong and the fact that if his father hadn’t been in a position to investigate why he didn’t get that post, he would never have known, and just shrugged his shoulders, as we all have and moved on to the next application. Should be a warning of what the future holds for all of us if we don’t resist. https://www.tribunalclaim.com/tribunal-finds-police-discriminated-white-heterosexual-male/

  5. I think this article in today’s The Guardian and subsequent comments, provides an enlightening insight into not only how the left perceive their fellow citizens in England in particular, but breathtakingly, amongst the abuse, is the belief that Englishmen need to re-define who they are and how they identify themselves and their history as immigration and multiculturalism requires the native English population to effectively destroy their heritage and re-invent themselves. What other ethnic group on the planet would be asked to do the same? https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jun/15/racists-england-diverse-multiracial

  6. Across the West, there are many zones that are blocked off to unwanted parties, especially police and white people, police or not.

    The denizens of these zones are typically low-skilled, non-black Muslims, and then there are the zones peopled by low-skilled, non-Muslim blacks.

    High-skill Muslims and high-skill blacks live in open precincts.

  7. Only a handful, 8000 plus, people have signed the change.org petition to save Britain’s monuments. http://chng.it/W26gYTt2Gp.

    So carry on people showing off about Heidegger while BLM dismantles our society around us. If every conservative wrote to his or her MP protesting what is going on we would soon see some action, but why should a conservative lower him or herself to such activities when the higher mind is there to be explored.

    • Yes, if two million anti-marxists wrote to their MPs, it would be useful.

      If two million anti-marxists were to join their local Tory branch -in dedicated squads- and learned to influence their MPs, potential candidates and local branch office-holders, such concerted efforts might be even more efficacious.

    • Myles, the point about Heidegger is to get to the foundation of a systemic replacement of the liberalism which you claim to despise but which, really, abides between your ears too. Foundations are a pre-requisite of any building project that is intended to endure. I know you think Scruton’s conservatism is all you need, but it is, like all conservatism, without the potential for historical agency. We have had three centuries of the unfettering will, during which conservatism has never acted as more than a break; and even that, now, is no longer possible. Look beyond it, therefore.

    • I have written to my MP. I write to him regularly protesting against all kinds of Marxist activity.
      Every right-thinking person should do this. Even the most insouciant MP cannot ignore a growing groundswell.

    • Meanwhile, a petition started five days ago, demanding that teaching of Britain’s evil colonial past be made compulsory in all schools (as if it wasn’t taught in all schools already), has received 216,719 signatures so far, the number increasing by the minute. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/324092 (And it’s reached 216,773 in the time it’s taken me to type a few words.)

      Even if every SR reader and his dog signs your petition and writes to his MP, how are we to compete with the innumerable “troops of Midian”?

      The recent riots and our rulers’ support of them make me think we’ve lost. The best we can do is try to bury what fragments of our culture we can, perhaps to be pieced together by archaeologists of a future civilisation, who will argue fiercely about who Heidegger might have been, and why some people were so excited about him.

      (The Midianites have 217,068 signatures now.)

      • Online petitions and street demonstrations are big weapons for the Left. They both create a false impression of public opinion and politicians are too intimidated to call their bluff. For every person who signs up to a Leftist bandwagon or goes on a protest march/riot there are hundreds more who are utterly opposed to the bandwagon – but whose voices are never heard. This is a key weakness for conservatives: a disdain for threats, violence and confected outrage are part of what being a conservative means.