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6 Comments on Stand up for yourselves you British wimps

  1. An incoherent twit.

    Andrew has a point when he says that you’ve “hit rock bottom”. If that’s the best the right can offer, the left have won.

  2. Really Myles? I think you’ve hit rock bottom linking to that. I’d happily face that coward – without his gun. Not that the black people there have guns. I wonder why. Perhaps they’re not there by free will at all.

    But is that the new “British culture” I read about so much here?

  3. Yes.

    Join the Conservative Party in your millions, and push, push, push to save Britain.

    You will be resisted by many current officeholders in local branches of the Party and by many nominally-conservative MPs, and by local council power-holders.

    You will be attacked and stymied by many in the media, in the civil service, and in the education systems -and by marxist-inspired persons in all walks of life.

    This Battle to save Britain will take decades.

    And will require the sacrifice of your own time and your own money.

    Start-up political parties go nowhere -the Conservative Party must be revolutionised -that’s all.

    But as the Editor’s exhortation suggests, we are actually wimps.

    Fighting for Western Civ went out of fashion, shortly after the Eighth of May, 1945.

    • Harry, we are not fighting for “Western Civ”, which is a tertiary consideration at best. Can you perhaps imagine what cause might be higher? By orders of magnitude, actually).

      As for “wimps”, the editor is assuming that sleeping people have agency. To a nationalist it is as though we are all on the train barrelling out of control down the mountain-side and all the while picking up momentum. is, in fact, barrelling down the mountain-side at break-neck speed, all the while picking up momentum. Its passengers, meanwhile, are dreaming contentedly. Only a handful have been woken by the buffeting motion of the carriages, and have worked their way forward to the driver’s cabin to see what’s wrong. They find no driver on the plate, and through his window they see to their horror that the mad machine is not, in fact, running on tracks laid in the past by some wise and benign, controlling Power, but is slamming the timber sleepers and steel rails down on the cold earth in front of it as it hurtles onward.

      • Guessedworker, judging by some of your comments, I believe my imagination has greater reach than yours and carries with it greater practicality for implementation of its products.

        My sincere and compassionate suggestion to you is to more cautious in your perhaps unconscious attempts to put others down.

        Meanwhile, my view is that Western Civ must be saved -as it is the best set-up for Europeans/Whites to live within -and actually for many Others too.

        But there are many Europeans and many Others who seek to destroy Western Civ, consciously or not.

    • Harry Black: Of all the suggestions I’ve seen, joining the so-called Conservative Party is probably the most plausible.

      There’s certainly no other plausible party on offer.