How BLM will convert Britain into a grasser’s society

Corona Virus legislation. A snitch's charter

A radical Maoist group called Black Lives Matter has seized control of the public conscience by defining anybody who is not white as a member of an exploited class and white male society as the – albeit unwitting – exploiting class. In consequence if you are white, especially a man, and oppose BLM then you are in danger of being denounced as a ‘racist’ a catch all term like ‘witch’ in the Middle Ages, which these days has very serious consequences.

The public, cowed by fears of being denounced as racist, go about their shopping and plan their summer holidays pretending it all isn’t happening. After all, all one of your fellow workers has to do is to denounce you to your boss as a racist and you are out of your job, one you might have held for years. Many of the big supermarkets have kicked out employees for the most innocent of remarks.

BLM’s ultimate aim of course, like all radical Maoist groups, is not to create a racially harmonious society but to establish a propertyless socialist society governed by street committees and people’s militia. The exploiting class, who happen to be white in this case, will have their property seized and will be sent for re-education. There is no escaping your colour. Such an idea will not work but the damage to our society will be incalculable.

Many of our young people, entranced by the idea of instant racial equality, and infused with feelings of racial guilt from their early childhood, as well as the effects of lockdown, are only too glad to take to the fresh air in support of BLM.

So, every Sunday, aided by their willing white collaborators, the BLM movement advances down the streets of our cities gaining more and more adherents from the very class they aim to destroy, and whose property they intend to seize.

Demonstrations, street fighting, public denunciations of class enemies, destruction of statues continue. Thanks to BLM the re-cataloguing our libraries to remove their overriding emphasis on western white culture is now under way in our public schools, state libraries and universities supervised and by whom we do not know or by whose authority. By September we will have an entirely different history written by unknown hands.

BLM’s aims may seem fanciful and utopian, and often tried before with disastrous results, Soviet Russia, Mao China, Venezuela Cuba and so forth, but will they succeed ? In so far as people will start to feel more and more frightened of talking to each other openly for fear of being denounced, BLM will succeed, thus converting a racially tolerant, open harmonious society into a closed and frightened one. I fear that, like many others, I will lose a lot of my non white friends for fear of giving them unintended offence, or offence prescribed by law.

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34 Comments on How BLM will convert Britain into a grasser’s society

  1. Fact is that blacks have been well-served by white civilization, nett nett-

    -far better served by white Civ they are than by black ways of doing things.

    Ditto Muslims, and most Asians.


  2. Nothing else for it:

    We will just have to accept the pretence, in perpetuity, that multi-racial and multi-cultural civil orders are really good for everyone.

    Even though in that everlasting time evidence to the contrary will be apparent to those still capable of apprehending reality -especially the evidence violence and other criminality, sexual predation, and lack of productivity and positive contribution to the civil order within certain groups is of vast proportion.

    • You will not be pleased to learn that Seattle Council agree with you entirely!
      They have voted to repeal their drug trafficking and prostitution loitering laws because they primarily affect ‘people of colour’.
      How about that? It can’t be a slice of racist libel as Seattle councillors will doubtless tell us that they have always opposed etc.

  3. I’m afraid in this instance you have the wrong picture at the top, it should have been our old friend Lenin. It was the Bolshevik / Communist Party under Lenin who pioneered entirely arbitrary arrests, true terror, with people dobbing in anyone they didn’t like, and it worked; the party itself was an especially dangerous place to be and the NKVD was constantly arresting it’s own members, a practice that was also true of it’s predecessor, the Cheka which Lenin founded immediately after the Bolshevik coup. Under the Third Reich, an ethic German loyal to the regime did not have to fear arrest.

  4. Let’s have a little perspective here. Much of the mischief we see emanates from London, now nothing more than a human zoo busily eating itself whilst the bemused populous of Little England looks on. Yes, there are pockets of dissent in other towns, but largely this is just attention-seeking based in our capital, and the shires of Cumbria or the broads of Norfolk are unlikely to be troubled by such vulgar goings-on, sooner or even much later. The problem with living in London is even the most moderate of observer ends up seeing life through that lens. You have to resist. The Left didn’t take over the world in ’68 and they won’t manage it now.

    • Can’t happen here scenario?
      I’m sure many in London and other places once thought various things that have gone on would never happen either.

    • Awesome Wells. Could have been written by a middle class Russian in 1917. How could a crazy sect led by a lunatic called V I Lenin, a person of no account, think it can overturn the mighty Russian Empire?

      • They don’t have a Lenin. The best they can offer up is an Ash Sarkar or idiot footballer. Having never experienced true poverty, oppression, degradation or wretchedness, not one of these belligerent children (for this is how I see them) has the chops to action true social and constitutional anarchy. Sure, they’ll fill up a few blogs, make some You Tube videos and stand around windy streets shouting, but I suspect the novelty will wear off if their own liberty is threatened. Too soft, you see. Irrespective, the London Mob has been a feature of a our capital for hundreds of years. It’s nothing new.
        Moderate blacks won’t be having this either; they might appear to support BLM publicly but in private they’ll want a reasoned approach which doesn’t undermine their position. There’s been too much ground gained in the last 30 odd years, especially since the butchering of Keith Blakelock. I also hope there will be one or two older and wiser heads who remember the words of Malcolm X when he stated that the white liberal is the enemy of the negro, and trust that the smashing up of police vehicles is that of boisterous pickney who wouldn’t know how to start a revolution if you wrote down the instructions and stapled it to their foreheads.

  5. I think Pol Pot’s Cambodia is a better analogy than Mao’s China. The plan is to destroy all memory of what really happened in the past, so that the fanatics can start again with Year Zero, and get on with the principal aim of socialism, which is to kill as many people as possible.

    Our Sainted Editor writes: “I fear that, like many others, I will lose a lot of my non white friends for fear of giving them unintended offence, or offence prescribed by law.”

    Today I cheerfully shouted “Thank you very much!” at the black man who emptied my dustbin, and he cheerfully shouted back “You’re welcome, mate!” I suspect that he and I would get on much better if we were trapped in a lift together than either of us would if we were trapped in a lift with David Lammy or Paul Golding.

    The Khmer Noir project will certainly reduce both him and me to living off what scraps we can find in dustbins.

    • Why are you so weak? Do you want the English people to live sovereign and free, for which estate our forefathers fought and died, or do you want us to be minoritised within the natural lifetime of anyone under forty today?

      That’s your choice. What do you want for us?

      • Guessedworker: I’m sure I’ve told you before that I’m not English. Apart from that, what in my comment did you find weak?

  6. Would you, dear reader, and would this publication actively support a campaign for a referendum on the future of the native British people, although that demand originates in and is, at least initially, led by nationalists?

    Or would this publication be mechanically repulsed by nationalist leadership and, by default, stand against such a referendum and with all those who advance the multiracialism project in our home, even though our consent for it has never been sought or given?

    • What do you mean Gast Arbeiter by the native British people ? Anybody whose ancestors were born here before 1900 ? It is no good trying to the cast the SR as a liberal straw man. I have been writing about the dangers of immigration for years, as have my fellow journalists.

      And what question would your referendum ask? The phrase “Nationalist” leader summons images of Moseley, railway sidings, barking dogs and cries of “alle aus dem Zug”. Repellent, ridiculous and about as out of date politically as flint firelighting .

      The technical cause of mass immigration is the wide bodied jet, the political cause the incompetence and cowardice of governments, the social cause the exploitation of our education system to politicise our children.

      There are 80 million passenger movements at Heathrow alone every year. In 15 years we will be trying to come to terms with the social catastrophe of the RAM jet, 4 hours to Sydney from London, an hour and a half from Delhi. Everybody wants more flying, read the press…

      Finally if you think this is bad, in 20 years we may have found a means of halting ageing. Man is a biological machine and aging is a chemical process mediated by cellular mechanisms that are increasingly understood and will be acted on.

      • Myles,

        Obviously, no people should be required to define itself in order to defend the fact of its existence. But because it happens continually when proponents of the Establishment race project are challenged by nationalists, such a definition does exist.; and if you really need it I can provide it for you. But I hope you don’t, and your request was a simple error.

        It would be dishonest of you to present traditional conservatism, as represented at SR, as an opponent of the Establishment project. You are part of it. Yes, you are on its outer limits. But you serve there as a safety valve, fielding dissent and preventing its radicalisation. In the end you would lie down with the enemies of our people rather than a nationalist. The furthest you will venture is Civicism, and that is part of the liberal universalist Weltanschauung (because Civicism’s foundational model of Man is modernist in conception, and remains such no matter how often you twatter on about tradition).

        Anther problem id your deeply pathetic and slavish, received comprehension of what nationalism is. For the record, it is an holistic system of thought grounded not in Christo-liberalism’s unfettering will but in genetic interests – which can be expansive (hence Judaism, NS and the fascisms) or it can be defensive (hence ethnic nationalism). I do urge you at least to try to understand the difference between ethnic nationalism … an existentialist, defensive and preservationist poltics … and the imperialistic supremacisms of the expansive nationalist forms. It is a difference not less than that, in the liberal system, between anarcho capitalism and revolutionary internationalism.

        For the record, the genetic interests of the people of the land are the highest interests o the land. The defence of those interests is unimpeachably moral. There is no functioning counter argument to it, and you certainly don’t possess one. Being ignorant of your own people’s natural identity, rights, and interests is never a hopeful sign, and you are ignorant.

        The technical cause of the foreign colonisation of our home and the replacement of our people is (a) the fear and detachment of the ruling class since 1945, (b) the power of Jewish activism throughout that period, and (c) the same phenomena in every living space of European Man. The political causes are the total control of the state machine, the political process, and the media spigot by the aforementioned entities, and their willing employment of aggressively anti-white revolutionary ideologies and factions from the left. The social cause of our replacement is the dehumanisation and silencing of dissent.

        Nota bene: it’s not simply immigration. Clear?

        The ram-jet won’t survive Zoom. But it doesn’t make any difference if we don’t grow and pair and retrieve our home for our own children. I suggest you grow a pair too, and look reality in the eye. The reality of your people is ethnic.

          • Subject to gene-flow from neighbouring territories, the English, Scottish, and Welsh are the people wholly related to those non-immigrants and non-Jews present in Great Britain on 22nd June 1948 before the HMT Empire Windrush entered British territorial waters.

    • There is the distinction sometimes made between nationalism (hate for outsiders) and patriotism (love of one’s homeland). We are all for the latter and have worries about the former.

      There are some terrible injustices happening now – folks being sacked for saying that all, or white, lives matter. And yet the BLM mobs are demonstrating that they are already integrated into British culture: nothing is more British than constant bellyaching about ‘Them’ and imagined injustices.

      • I’ve looked at several definitions of Nationalism and haven’t found one with that defines Nationalism as ‘hate’. It is a ‘love’ of something more than a hate of anything and it’s the knee jerk reaction and one that has been drilled in to people to believe it always means genocide for others.

        I would say the system we currently have seems to deal in hate and intolerance of others rights and opinions, but I’m supposed to see it as a heaven on earth.

    • Guessedworker: I’d vote to expel all immigrants (and their descendants) who have come to the UK as a result of the passing of the 1948 British Nationality Act, and who would not have been permitted to come here under previous, less insane laws. There would be some individual injustices done, but the long-suffering, long-inhabiting people of the UK (most, but not all, of whom are “white”) would be preserved from total disaster.

      But the horse has already bolted. The ship has already sailed. Millions of voters in the referendum you propose would be the very immigrants we propose to expel, whether the “Yes” campaign was led by nasty Mr Golding or nice Mr Farage, and millions of “No” voters would riot if “Yes” won. And a majority of the rest would have been indoctrinated with Cultural Marxism since early childhood.

      We’ve already lost.

  7. What is noticeable with BLM, is that they have the overt support of large companies and organisations, something that was never true for previous Trojan horse movements such as CND.
    That ruthlessly corporate organisation’s such as Price Waterhouse Cooper Accenture, and Goldman Sachs openly support the mad Maoists of BLM shows a shocking moral cowardice.
    When the Chief of Defence Staff publicly states his support for such a movement we the indigenous Britons must ask what madness has corrupted all our senior military, police, and civil service leadership, and wonder if they have read the stated aims of the BLM, and do they really believe that such aims are worth supporting?:

  8. On the bright side, think how easy it now is for teachers to explain to bewildered school kids how in the 1930s perfectly respectable ordinary people became hate-spewing Nazi fanatics overnight, many of them happy to kill innocent neighbours.

    We’ll know if any teachers use current events as a teaching aid as we’ll hear they’ve been sacked for hate speech.

  9. Where the hell did you get the idea that we are a “racially tolerant and open harmonious society”? Have you really never understand the betrayal and abuse of our people until BLM came along? Do you have no life-experience at all outside of your own little professional circle?

  10. All this was forewarned, but so many particularly in the middle classes refused to listen as the large numbers of different people coming in never really affected them too much.
    Now as I suspect, many of those are seeing the reality. It’s one thing to live in a nice area with a few Indian Doctors etc as opposed to an area no longer recognisable as England.

    Anti-white racism has been going on for years, but it has just been dismissed and the long slow creep through the institutions has now made it possible for it to show its true self.
    Could any of this have happened without collusion from the top?
    Haven’t we seen alleged Conservatives conserve nothing except the status quo of mass immigration coupled with more laws to make any opposition to the destruction of our centuries old home land criminal?
    Does the author not know there are, in this alleged racially harmonious and open utopia, indigenous folk in prison for nothing more than holding a different opinion? It comes under one of the many laws enacted that can see you shut up if you stray too close to any truths of the state this Country has been led to.

    Don’t we have a Government elected by the people, albeit because they were chosen only as the best of a bad bunch. Isn’t all this what we would expect to see from a Corbyn Govt.,although personally I put Conservatives in the same bracket when it comes to all this cultural destruction as a means to an end.
    Shouldn’t this Govt. be putting a stop to such as the re-writing of the school curriculum and over turning public library content by an unelected mob?

    I think a fair few who have lived in a bubble are getting a rude awakening.

    • A lot of sense, here. On your last line – people in the bubble getting a rude awakening – I think this has happened on many occasions; it’s just that somehow they have managed to slither into a new, rather smaller bubble and fall fast asleep again. It has taken place in stages. In the sixties, when Powell sounded the alarm, the bubble vanished and the establishment panicked. For the only time in this sorry saga, the left was told to shut up and Whitehall gave us the Immigration Act of 1968 – not perfect but a big step in the right direction. Then there were the Brixton riots of 81. Despite Mrs Thatcher’s premiership, the left called the shots and “anti-racism” (an anti-white conspiracy theory modelled on anti-Semitism) was let off the leash. So-called “alternative comedy” was one of its first results. The bubble of our old life diminished but we had videos and a number of channels, so we looked away. Thereafter migration bubbled away at a bearable rate but still building up the number of alien communities and their size at which point enter Blair. In a deliberate effort to deracinate society, he opened the floodgates and – surprise, surprise – covered his tracks with practised mendacity. The short term cost to the left has been compensated by the cowardice of the Conservative party. Still, old culture was still broadly obtainable and no threat to statues, conventions or national identity was yet made. But the doctrines being promulgated in seats of learning and corridors of power went on “radicalising”; the young were being pushed left and the number of migrant clients was surging quietly. Cities began to lose their old identity; take Leicester as an example. Do its citizens really feel themselves the heirs of Mercia or Saxon England or the Norman Conquest? The migrants look back along their lines of ancestry and the natives have forgotten or been diverted into studies of their alleged “guilt”. So we come to the next stage, in which the “bubble” is uncomfortably small and comes at a cost – for within such a bubble it will be difficult to be published, employed or successful. It’s inhabitants will be the old and the moribund and the marginal. From this tragic squint, we will see the wholesale rigging of our identity and slanting of our history in a further significant step towards becoming the “Airstrip One” of the new, global order. Except that it isn’t “global”. It is a the rump of the old western world, taken over by the left, haemorrhaging wealth and prestige, losing eastern Europe, Russia and Japan and ever more dominated by a new conservative grouping that will destroy not only “woke” and “PC” but every form of emancipation achieved by the enlightenment. And it is not a native conservative group, either. We bubble dwellers will be used to twilit living by then; our bullying, stupid, cruel masters will not. And they will be “taking the knee” for the rest of their lives.

      • Sadly many of the citizens of Leceister with roots centuries old, wouldn’t even know what you were talking about in terms of Mercia. As for Anglo Saxon, haven’t you heard that’s the latest lamb to slaughter in the Cultural Revolution. Many in academia want the term banned for its white supremacy.

  11. As others have noted, mixing the races and cultures will always carry with it high probability of conflict and violence.

    The probability and degree of such conflict will rise to the extent that one or more of the minority or incoming races/cultures:

    1. Maintains a sense of grievance against the host race/culture.

    2. A minority/incoming race/culture wants to supplant the host race/culture

    3. If within a minority or incoming race/culture the frequency distributions show less productivity, less educability, less trainability and more propensity to violence than the host race/culture.

    This will always be true despite some folk establishing friendships with persons of other races and cultures.

  12. “a catch all term like ‘witch’ in the Middle Ages”
    A small correction: the massive witch hunt did not start in the Middle Ages, but during Renaissance and continued with great vigour during Reformation. Protestants, though supposedly more ‘progressive’ were as eager to catch and burn witches, as Catholics, if not more so.

  13. Yes, true as far as it goes about BLM.

    And there is much further to go.

    There are several other groups which in their distinctive ways are anti-Western Civ and/or anti-white are also working hard to supplant Westerners/whites and confiscate their wealth and their rights.

    These groups are being subsidised by those Westerners who create economic surpluses and whose forbears created and/or fought for the conditions that make possible Western boons and benefits -booms and benefits not available in any other Civ/culture.