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  1. You will already know the ones I saw in Parliament Square.
    I spent an hour scrubbing plinths and statues with Fairy liquid and very dilute paint thinner to be gentle on the stone on the morning of June 13th. The latter provided by a 20something decorator who had the same idea.
    It was quiet then but several came up to support us. I think they represent a mostly silent and angry majority.
    I reflected on the ignorance and idiocy of the BLM group who defaced statues of Lincoln,Peel,Gandhi,Disraeli and Churchill.
    Eventually a Heritage Warden politely asked us to stop as professionals would do it later.She was very apologetic and we had a good chat.
    I can’t believe I am saying this:I wish our leaders had the backbone of President Macron!
    I applaud President Trump for his attempt to impose 10 year sentences.
    I also applaud the Review for not letting our history disappear down an Orwellian memory hole.