New University Term.Workshop of Knowledge and Education (WOKE)

31st August 2020 3

Min Ed Circular 666/2020 On 1st September 2020 the Central Universities Board (CUB) is to be replaced by the fore-mentioned institution. WOKE is an exciting new venture in the framing of an enlightened and progressive curriculum for all UK universities. To avoid any possible confusion, the names of the subjects to be taught will remain as they were when this … [Read on]

Transgender “Ooh… you are awful!’

30th August 2020 10

J K Rowling is in ever deeper trouble for offending the trans community and virtue signalling liberals by daring to suggest that biological women are different from trans men (women). Yet I suspect the real source of the anger among the trans community lies elsewhere, and has, not to my knowledge, been remarked on. It is pure and simple resentment. … [Read on]

What BLM really stands for.

30th August 2020 46

White couple being harassed leaving the White House by BLM supporters, most of whom appear to be white themselves! Is BLM a vehicle upon which our spoilt and over indulged generation of white youth are riding? Turn on sound at bottom of video Nigel Farage “This video is why Trump needs to win. A Biden victory will lead to a … [Read on]

The Refugee Railway

28th August 2020 19

I, and another writer and a photographer, were down in Folkestone this Wednesday, to interview a witness who went out into the strait to see first hand the operation of the ‘refugee railway’, (assisted by the Border Force) that brings ever more illegal migrants, few of whom are real refugees, to our shores. It cost a lot of money for … [Read on]

This Tory government is frightened to prosecute racial or anti semitic abuse from the left

25th August 2020 11

While the BBC excises classic comedies and variety shows from its archives for offensive racial stereotypes, the musical genre of rap has seemed immune to cancel culture. Glorifying drugs, misogyny and violence, its lyrics are a profusion of the ‘n’ word and ‘motherf******s’. If you were to quote these verbal volleys on Twitter you would risk a ban, or perhaps … [Read on]

No Educashun ples

18th August 2020 15

For far too long our wonderful young people have been the victims of scandalous prejudice on the part of the educational establishment which inexplicably favours students who are intelligent, knowledgeable and industrious. This reactionary policy constantly discriminates against those of our wonderful young people who are ignorant, idle and thick. I have been gathering first-hand testimonies from some of these … [Read on]

Lebanon: Who lit a cigarette near the ammonium nitrite ?

10th August 2020 0

On Wednesday August 4th a large amount of ammonium nitrite fertilizer exploded in Beirut near the centre of the city, killing around a hundred people and wounding thousands. In a warehouse in the harbour area about three thousand tons of the material blew up, comparable to the two largest ever man-made (non-nuclear) explosions, 1917 at Oppau in Germany and at … [Read on]

Carl Benjamin (Sargon) Deport the Rochdale Three.

6th August 2020 10

With millions of followers online, Sargon (Carl Benjamin) asks why, despite three Rochdale Rapists being sentenced in 2012 to be deported, and calls by the Home Secretary and the local MP for this to be done; immigration, police and local officials still refuse to deport them.

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