Carl Benjamin (Sargon) Deport the Rochdale Three.

With millions of followers online, Sargon (Carl Benjamin) asks why, despite three Rochdale Rapists being sentenced in 2012 to be deported, and calls by the Home Secretary and the local MP for this to be done; immigration, police and local officials still refuse to deport them.

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10 Comments on Carl Benjamin (Sargon) Deport the Rochdale Three.

  1. Sargon has a very soothing “BBC” voice. It’s the kind of voice one expects to hear condemning Paul Golding or “Tommy Robinson”. It’s unsettling to hear such a voice telling the truth.

    Dear Sargon: You’re not a fool, so you know that nothing you say will persuade our elected politicians. You also know that nobody who agrees with you has a marshmallow’s chance in hell of becoming an elected politician. So what do you suggest that people who agree with you should do?

  2. Our national politics have shifted so far to the Left these days that Carl Benjamin is considered a ‘far right extremist’ to voice concern for racist religious people enjoying state protection.
    There is no major party left to speak for me: I believe in small government, a cohesive trust based society in a nation state that is fiscally responsible.

    • DJ:

      There is also no major party (or minor party) left to speak for me. But I don’t give a damn about “small government” or “fiscal responsibility”, because those are ideas to be discussed in peace time. We are not living in peace time, but in war time. Enemy soldiers control our cities and their reinforcements cross the Channel every day in ever-increasing numbers. All patriotic resistance is crushed on sight.

      DJ, what are the peaceful patriots of the UK to do?

  3. Speech too long – became repetitive towards the end and thus lost some of its force, which is a pity because it raises some very important issues. By trying to tick all the boxes of liberal righteousness we have a tangled web of laws which strangle their own implementation. If we really can’t enforce deportation, sentencing needs to be far tougher.

  4. No doubt these convicted criminal zealots are considered to be part of the ‘settled’ population of this country and in the perverted hierarchy of rights now prevailing, clearly entitled to preferential settlement, legal and ownership rights, including slave ownership, over the enslaved English helotry.

  5. What they must think is ‘yumin rights – innit’ and they have a ready army of lawyers, activists, and the threat of Islamists screaming ‘racist’ to ensure that they are protected from their just deserts.

    An article (The Irresistible Rise of the Civilisation-State) in the website ‘Unherd’ on the strength of China, Russia, and India maintaining their national culture, history, and identity will overwhelm a decadent liberal-left west destroying its own culture with its pursuit for a utopian ‘global society’.