Acting knowingly and deliberately against the wishes of the English People

Free housing, health, education and damages too

‘Why are you filming them? They are not causing you a problem.’ That is what a man known as ‘ActivePatriot66’ was told by a border force officer as he photographed for the world to see illegal immigrants being loaded onto a luxury coach at Dover.

Why do we even have immigation officials, border control officers and customs agencies if there isn’t a problem with undocumented people entering the country as this official so clearly believes? Why not just have open borders?

As Nigel Farage has shown us on TV, not only are thousands of illegal migrants making their way across the channel from the ‘safe’ country of France but they are being put up at the Bromsgrove Hilton, normal price £100 a night. Some 45,000 people who have arrived here illegally by various methods – channel dingies, planes, ships and those who overstayed their visas or were smuggled in- are now being accommodated in such hotels at a cost to the taxpayer of millions.

That is before the hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal fees that it will cost to remove any single individual. (One charming little quirk of our not-fit-for-purpose leaky borders and legal system is that when a group or family apply for asylum or refugee status they are classed as one application, even if it comprises ten individuals but when, rare deportation attempts are made, each person needs a separate deportation application, together with all the associated expensive lawyers and appeals funded by legal aid.)

This year thousands of people, breaking international law, will attempt to land in Britain. Do we arrest these people? No – quite the opposite. Many people working for various government agencies who are supposed to be securing our borders are actively aiding and abetting them. These include the Port of Dover police, Canterbury police, the immigration services, border force controls and custom officials – together with various charities as well as the lifeboat service.

Instead of deterring these people, they are actively organising logistical help. Why? Who runs these agencies? Have they been infiltrated by Marxists and Common Purpose who think that open borders are a good idea? How many people do they think that they will have to deal with? Do they think that they can empty the Calais jungle and that will be it? Does it never cross their minds that the flow will be like a bursting dam and that tens of millions from all over the world will arrive ?

It is better not to ask these questions and certainly not to stand filming in a public car park in the Port of Dover or in front of Frontier House in Folkestone where illegals are taken. Someone was clearly uncomfortable with the images that ActivePatriot66 might have on his camera. For two weeks, he stood there filming, telling a story that a lot of people did not want told. He was allegedly  physically assaulted and aggressively spoken to by people who are supposed to be protecting Britain and who are being paid for by the taxpayer. Finally on Thursday lunchtime last week, someone high up had had enough. He was told that he was trespassing in a public car park and arrested.

Twenty seven hours later Active Patriot was released. His overnight accommodation was not a Hilton Hotel but a police cell. It is now a crime to film in a public place events that certain officials would rather people did not know about.

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88 Comments on Acting knowingly and deliberately against the wishes of the English People

  1. Great article and a huge amount of positive comments, apart from a few from leftist nutters.
    So many of us are in agreement but we are up against a useless wet Government, that we voted for back last year.
    There is an organisation called Britain First, who of course get a load of bad press from MSM BBC etc. Maybe if hundreds, say thousands of us joined them we would give them the means and power to really worry the establishment.
    If this goes on much longer there will be a bloody civil war , sadly this may be the last resort.
    Why did our grandparents fight for this country?
    It makes me weep.

    • Yes Tiger003.

      To save ourselves, it will take millions -tens of millions- to volunteer for the front.

      A point we forgot:

      Democracy, to be maintained with all its freedoms, boons and benefits and civil order and safety on the streets and in our homes, requires the on-going engagement of the plain folk.

      That is, we have duties and responsibilities to fight for the Good -otherwise, it’s no good.

      As we see.

  2. Does someone in this country know what the term ‘border’ means? It looks like not. If someone tries to cross the border of my country (I’m Russian) illegally – he or she gets several years of prison depending on circumstances or the bullet directly on the spot where the border was crossed. Until you don’t arrive to the similar understanding of the term you will just keep moaning. Excuse me that I interfere into your business

  3. For victims of war zones they look remarkably well fed, are almost all very fit young males, no war injuries and most have £1000 mobile phones with which they call their lawyers as soon as they land. They also seem to be able to put their hands on £5000 fairly easily for the trip. Odd for victims of war don’t you think? Real refugees; slaves in Mali, domestic women servants beheaded in Saudi Arabia by the state, the victims of Saudi’s horrible war in the Yemen, never get here, nor do Hong Kong patriots locked up by the repellent Chinese state.

  4. This article is disgusting and unbelievably wrong. There is no law that states asylum seekers must claim asylum in the first EU country they arrive in. They are human beings fleeing warzones and we should show them compassion and empathy, especially considering our involvement.

    Where is the outrage over 54 million for a bridge that was never built? Where is the outrage over 150 million for un-usable PPE? Where is the outrage over the 3 BILLION wasted by Chris Grayling during his career? Where is the outrage over the 66 BILLION lost since the referendum farce?

    The article and comments suggest money has nothing to do with it, simply that these poor people have the wrong colour skin to be worthy of our help. ALL Tory voters should be ashamed of the decline this country has experienced due to their selfish, racist voting record and their inhumanity.

    With another 4 years of this hopeless, corrupt, incompetent cabinet of scumbags, we need every economically active migrant we can get to replace the 60,000+ Cummings has killed with his psychopathic ‘super-forecasting’, while fat, lazy, Russian compromised Johnson pretends to lead.

    Conservative ‘thought’ indeed! Its nothing but brainwashing from billionaires that you are all too stupid and racist to see past. You should all take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask yourselves whose side you are really on.

    • Nye Bevan?

      it is useful to distinguish between “racism” and “race realism”.

      And in doing so, to examine one’s beliefs about what racism is, and what one imagines one is observing when one yells: Racism!

      And while one is at, one can usefully look into what imagines constitutes “compassion” and who is to pay, in which currency, for the exercise of compassion as one imagines and demands it to be.

    • One can share outrage against more than one things.
      This argument for the settlement in England of anyone and everyone who can get here, or wants to get here, is simple: They need us, and we need them.
      What complicates the issue, however, is that there are millions in this position.
      Nye Bevan may have said the Tories were lower than vermin, but didn’t have to make decisions on the sinking Titanic.

    • >They are human beings fleeing warzones and we should show them compassion and empathy,

      So long, of course, as they’re settled – with great compassion and empathy – in someone else’s neighborhood, not your own.

  5. Our government as well as previous governments do not listen to the people who put them there, the majority of tax payers are sick to the back teeth of these immigrants, it needs to be STOPPED

  6. I’m sick and tired of seeing this every day why is it happening are they not surposed
    to stay at the first country they get to

  7. Why are we all allowing this to go on? I feel we are just about at the bottom of the pile when it comes to rights. It’s my right to live in this country free from illegal immigrants using our system against us to gain priority over our veterans & our old people who fought to keep us safe & all this government is doing is rolling over & giving in to it! There is going to be trouble if this doesn’t change & quick.

    • Yes.


      And garner resources.

      And mobilise.

      And learn from set-backs.

      Expect extreme resistance and counter-attacks.

      And fight.

      It’ll take several decades of sacrifice of our time and our money.

  8. We all know what the problem is. To take a leaf from our adversaries’ book, and paraphrase as well, don’t grumble–organize! Telling each other how angry we are is futile. Do something even if it’s just writing to your MP or the paper. Maybe check out For Britain’s website too. Maybe join it. Stand for the council, as an independent if you are wary of parties. Don’t let’s just do a running commentary on the destruction of all we hold dear. I recommend joining with others, as it is good for morale.

    • Yes -Kathryn Moss is right.

      Seems that most people are content to grumble.

      Or are just awakening to the threat.

      But it is time to join with others -and to fight.

    • Identify and publicize the enablers of this stealth invasion: Welby, Williams, Rupert Soames and Nick Phillips of Wet My Trousers.

  9. it is now time to stop all these free loaders for the sake of our families .our children will have no future if we keep accepting them at the rate they are coming in at they will overtake our own population numbers take over the country and install Sharia law is that what we really want.These ars illegal immigrants majority of the young men of a fighting age they havent run away from war they have heard what a soft touch Britain is and they get free housing benefits free food vouchers get this stoked and now

  10. The government should let it be known that illegal immigrants will immediately be deported back to their country of origin regardless of where and what is going on there, like wars etc! No excuses, no appeals and our laws to be rewritten to reflect this so scumbag lawyers cannot profit by representing illegals! British Airways have plenty of planes doing fuck all so use them to rid our country of these parasites!

  11. I agree with these comments by Paul Fergus and the rest, these refugees are NOT fleeing from war torn countries but are coming here because of all the benefits they can get from us, anyone who thinks otherwise is a mental case, when are our country going to retaliate and take back our borders, I agree with taking military action it should have been done earlier JUST DEPORT THE LOT OF THEM I have no sympathy for foreign scroungers

  12. These are all able-bodied, working-age men. If they have left a war-torn area where are their wives and children? These men are being shipped in for a reason aided and abetted by several government agencies, so, the question to ask is what is the reason? Every political party is working against the British people, none more so that the current set-up. We are living in precarious times made worse because the docile sleepwalkers are dragging us all into a utopian nightmare of technocratic dictatorship. Parliament has declared itself ‘sovereign’ and our monarch appears to have been relieved of duty. When the realisation of this finally hits the sleeping masses these ‘refugees’ are more likely to turn out as armed mercenaries shipped in to protect the establishment against civil uprising.

  13. Take the name, address, NI number, mother’s maiden name. ie, all the questioins you are asked when contacting a government departmen t. Then tell them ‘We’ll be in touch’.

  14. These people are back door criminals, we don’t want them here, they are a drain on our economy when the country is in a very precarious position anyway. I’ve been shielding for months, they could have COVID, TB, AIDS, in fact, aids in East and South Africa, where a lot of the benefit seekers come from is rife. So, a drain on our already struggling NHS

  15. Horrible article promoting hate towards refugees. We are all human these people deserve compassion and help and have been through more than most of us will ever experience not uninformed judgement.

      • Hahahaha. He’s a liberal. He wants want in YOUR spare room, no his. The “champions of the workers” and “supporters of refugees” never live within a million miles from either…

    • Most of them have been through at least one safe country to get to our land of milk and honey and benefits! Claim asylum in FIRST safe country not the most gullible country!

    • Mike Pearce, you need to wake up! These are NOT REFUGEES! They are illegal gimegrants who have no right to be here at all! France is a safe country! People like you are part of the problem and NO part of any solution!

    • Mike Pearce its Liberal do gooders like you that have contributed to the decline of standards within our country. why don’t we just let every tom dick and Harry freeloader into our country and lower it to the third world standards these people claim to be escaping #Wake up

    • I agree with these comments by Paul Fergus and the rest, these refugees are NOT fleeing from war torn countries but are coming here because of all the benefits they can get from us, anyone who thinks otherwise is a mental case, when are our country going to retaliate and take back our borders, I agree with taking military action it should have been done earlier JUST DEPORT THE LOT OF THEM I have no sympathy for foreign scroungers

    • Who do you think you are Pearce? You don’t represent anyone with your silly opinion. If you feel so sorry for these opportunist parasites why not let a few stay at your place. It would save the workers of this country a few thousand pounds keeping them in the Bromsgrove Hilton. How dare you volunteer other peoples’ money to be squandered on those criminals invading our land?

      • Yes Richard Arnold.

        But Mike Pearce actually speaks for hundreds of millions of Marxists and Naive Idealists and other anti-Westernists all over the West.

        These Marxists, Naive Idealists and other anti-Westernists occupy positions in all the institutions-

        -in the political parties, in the education systems, in the mainstream media, in the immigration and refugee systems, in the legal systems, in local government/admin -indeed all through the civil/public services, and in business and even in the police and military.

        This is obviously true -and is the reason why nothing is being done to push it back.

        Situation is most dire.

        Anyone want to fight back?

  16. When a government cannot protect its people. By the law of the land the people have the right to bear arms and protect themselves.

    • Yes, but there is a vast difference between rights and responsibilities.

      And even if people have rights, those rights will not be fulfilled if those people do not act to secure those rights.

      Note: No saviour is coming to save us.

      Unless a critical number of people, in all walks and stations of life, act to save Western Civ as a place for white people to live productively and peacefully, Western Civ will disappear.

      Oh wait.

      Western Civ has pretty much already disappeared.

      And the cause of this is not only the great invasion of non-whites.

      It’s because too few whites have been willing to act to secure Western Civ.

      They expect non-marxist politicians to do that job -which, as all the evidence shows, the nominally non-marxist politicians cannot do.

      Pity really, that the survival of Western Civ actually requires efforts by white citizens to save it.

  17. Catherine is absolutely right in this article.
    The words Border Force suggest an organisation formed to maintain the integrity of Britain’s borders.
    But what we have is a pick up illegal immigrants and deliver them to Britain service.
    This name would be more accurate, if a little bit lengthy.
    The only ‘force’ they will use. Will be against any native Britons with the temerity to turn up and question this invasion.
    Two world wars and millions of lives sacrificed so that a future generation of traitorous leaders can consign to posterity a great island’s heritage.

  18. You go to some countries and they don’t mess about if they deport you they deport so we should be doing the same thing now. If illegals can afford to pay smugglers to come here then they can afford to pay for digs in France the first country they come to. Boris time is numbered if he wants to stay in power come back nigel

  19. Britain first leader Paul Golding was the man who flagged gimmegrants in boats crossing the channel Britain first had activist looking and reporting so how come turncoat Tory nigel gets the glory

  20. People should not use these hotels ever again, they know 90% of British people do not want them here they are not vetted they could be terrorists murderers and thieves and they are thinking of there pockets not the outcome

  21. A veteran of 25 years, I feel my Country is being given away to Muslims and African nationals, by useless limp wristed politicians. The boss of the Met that gave the order to kneel needs sacking.

  22. This is totally disgusting this should not be happening the whole government in power and not are very treacherous people and soon I hope we the English will revolt and show WE DONT WANT THEM EVER IN OUR COUNTRY ENGLAND WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF PROMISES THAT ARE NEVER KEPT PLEASE PLEASE STOP THIS NOW I am so worried for my family who are just starting their lives here why did our past ancestors and relatives fight and died to keep us free Horrified

  23. The people and various agencies that are rescuing and encouraging these illegals into our country should be more than willing to foot the bill themselves. I have worked and paid taxes now for over 55years. I am currently waiting for a back operation to relieve pressure on my spine as I can only walk a couple of hundred yards before I have to take a rest. My consultant has told me I will have a long long wait. How can it be right for people like myself to wait like this when all this money is being spent on illegal migrants who have put nothing into our country. 4 billion alone set aside for serco over the next 10 years. I am angry and ashamed that our once great country has become such a soft touch.

  24. Unless the British Government applies the same methods used by Australia to deter Asian boats refugees by placing them in concentration camps on an isolated island, they will keep arriving knowing that they will be treated better than paid Tourists or British citizens!!!

    • Australia stopped the boats, but flung open the airport doors.

      And note the numbers:

      Among Australian voters who do not speak English at home, 70% vote for the marxist Labor Party which promises to permit free entry to all dependent relatives of immigrants and refugees with immediate provision of free housing, welfare payments and free healthcare.

  25. Unbelievable for one they are threatening to take us over70’s to court if we don’t pay our licence fee and these illegals come here and can watch it for free in their 4/5 star hotels. We have to pay for our holidays yet they arrive and treated to a water taxi to the port where a luxury coach is waiting to take them to an all inclusive hotel given pocket money and free medical. Where in the world could you arrive in a country no papers no money and be treated like this. The jungle in France will quickly empty when the receive photos from the illegals smart phones of their luxury accommodation all for nothing.
    They are not asylum seekers so shouldn’t be allowed to claim it here when the law quite clearly states they have to claim it in first country they arrive at not travel through lots of Safe countries and then cross a channel. Angry isn’t the word for this.

  26. I am 68, have worked and paid into the English system for 52 years. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend couple of weeks in 4 star hotel. Because I was self employed for the last 6 years I will have to pay my tax bill at the end of this year. Think I’m going to tell them to fuck off

  27. Your piece is 100 per cent right. This country now seems like the asylum run by the inmates.
    Who have we got that will stop this nonsense? I despair for our country.

  28. We are an over crowded ISLAND and now in a recession with 1000s out of work due to covid. Yet they insist on allowing illegal migrants to stay. Where is the money coming from. The housing shortage is because of illegal immigration. They come here for jobs….. What jobs? We have 1000s now without a job and they need them more than they do. This country will go to war against the welcomed army that have made their way here to do just that. Politicians are as thick as they look.

  29. I refer you to the last act of the excellent film Children of Men, in which Bexhill-on-Sea is now a chaotic refugee camp masquerading as a warzone. It’s only a matter of time.

    • Matter of time?

      Who with family and friends who live/work in London have not heard personal accounts of assaults on whites by blacks and of sneering and promises of takeover -when not physical attacks- by Muslims.

      Similar in all large cities of the West.

      • Harry Black
        Worse now is that they have enough self-confidence bolstered, by numbers, to deem us to be an irrelevance. Everything that seemed far-fetched in the past is now with us and proudly announcing itself.

  30. Every British person who cares about this and what is happening to this country
    Should sign this , Then the total sent to 650 MP’s . And 850 members of the
    H O Lords . Demanding that a full stop of this is implemented immediately.
    This is out of control. Our records false , we don’t know exactly how many have entered Britain. Our census is just a front doesn’t mean a thing only to the tax payers. The ones who are blindly footing the bill for our demise.
    Soon these immigrants will be ruling the country , many Brits will leave.
    Dead or alive.

    • I have written to my MP.
      If we all – in our millions – did so the MPs would have to listen. Pick up your mighty pen and do it now.

    • Yes, it is important and useful to write to MPs and to the Lords.

      And even to local councilors.

      But letters will not be decisive.

      To act properly, politicians must be subject to greater pressure than letters -that is clear.

      And only some Conservatives will respond to local push from constituents on this matter.

      Some Conservative politicians and operatives are actually anti-Westernist.

      And all Labour and other leftist politicians are anti-Westernist, if they realise it or not.

      Must diagnose the situation/problem and act accordingly.

      That is, if we are serious about saving ourselves.

  31. It’s an undeclared war by the Government against the people. Eventually a lot of people are going to be killed and when the lid comes off, Comrade Johnson will not be able to put it back.

  32. I thought that flooding a country with illegal immigration, without the consent of the people, was treason in International Law…is this not so?

    • Might be right Ziva.

      But, as we see, the law is invoked, or not invoked, in special circumstances for special sub-groups -by other sub-groups who seek power and/or low-cost ( fake and false) feelings of self-righteousness and/or guilt-reduction.

      • But not the indigenous it seems.
        Many people are now classing this as an invasion and our govt should respond to that.
        Why they can’t come in the correct way way i do not know.

        • Ziva, you ask an excellent question and the answer is:

          For persons of low/no skills, and little prospect of ever being a self-sufficient resident (responsible, contributing citizenship is not expected of non-whites or anyone with a grievance against Western Civ, esp against the English form) there are lower costs and more benefits in arriving illegally.

          • That poor family who drowned had or paid £21,6000, surely that gets you through the front door legally.
            I remember when my sister left for the US, all they had was £8000 but they did it all legally.
            Maybe these people don’t realise they can do it that way.

  33. Arrested for filming in a public car park!!
    That seems very much like the Chinese authorities type of tactic. The sort of thing our politicians huff and puff about, and say ‘we must do something’ about.

    The scales are falling from many people’s eyes over this issue alone, and I think once the realisation that immigration be it the ‘legal’ version or illegal version is not going to stop then who knows where this will all lead.

    I’ve noted a huge change in people’s views, and they are crying out for a new political party to try to reverse some of the damage done.
    I’ve even seen those previously wedded to the Green Party wake up to the startling realisation that the countryside let alone natural resources cannot survive this huge population explosion that will keep on multiplying.
    As more of those who have been lucky enough to escape to the country or smaller towns because of the effects of all this, see the developers move in for the ‘build,build,build’ wave then more will have a rude awakening.
    Often these types are of the immigration is not a problem camp, as they can distance themselves in many ways from it. That luxury can’t go on.

    Johnson was never going to seriously tackle immigration and I doubt you’d find many in the mainstream who want to either. It’s why a new party is needed if this is to be tackled at the ballot box. One of its first priorities must be to remove ourselves from the UN Migration Compact.

  34. Dear Catherine,
    Thank you for yet again having the moral courage to tell the truth.
    The wealthy globalists are contemptuous of the indigenous people of these islands. A contempt that they don’t even bother trying to hide. Since we metaphorically thumped them by voting for Brexit, their covert war against us, has become overt.
    It isn’t clear whether they wish to replace us with a more compliant, global ‘human resource’, or just want to keep up a continual low level fracturing of our country.
    The threat to build over, yet more, good agricultural land, the warping of our history, the attack upon Christianity from with out and within The Church, the ‘enforced cultural enrichment’ of towns, and villages that are, at present still recognisably British, the rising population of the UK (a rise that is driven by both ‘legal’ and illegal immigration) the cultural war against the white British all these weapons are being used by the globalists against us.
    The ordinary Britons didn’t ask for this mass invasion of immigrants, but it has been imposed upon them by wealthy globalists who see Britons (and for that matter, Danes, Germans, Americans, Australians, Dutchmen, and Irishmen) as an impediment to their grand plan to corrupt democracy, and install a managed corporate communism upon the formerly free people of the west.

    • Excellent comment.

      The contempt is visible now as you say.
      I like to think it is being matched, as the people’s contempt grows upon realising they are being lied to yet again.

  35. What’s a few thousand cross-channel immigrants when we are allowing 600,0000 Legal ones annually anyway?

    How our so-called representatives despise us.

  36. What’s a few thousand cross-channel immigrants when we are allowing 600,0000 Legal Ines annually anyway?

    How our so-called representatives despise us.

  37. I’ve tried to tweet this multiple times, but get a message saying tweet has failed try again later.

    There’s something odd going on here.

  38. Another patriotic stalwart who is videoing in the Dover area is The Little Veteran. He is an army veteran. When not videoing he is helping homeless veterans in the Dover area. It is astonishing that the Government houses illegals in four star hotels, when there may be as many as 16,000 homeless veterans on the streets.
    You can usefully send him a donation. His Youtube channel is:
    The link to his Paypal account is below the videos, click on “SHOW MORE”.

  39. I wish we could deport you. You already showed your absolute ignorance asserting co2 levels today are “dangerously low” and other explicitly racist stuff in the past.

  40. This is an outrage and an insult to tax payers of England. Why do we sit down and take such crap from everyone who thinks it’s their right to come here and live a, better life than hard working brits??

    • Civil war would require a critical mass of plain folk committed to freedom and other aspects of Western Civ to bother taking up the fight.

      Hard to see that happening.

      • ……may well be so right now Harry.

        But what when the huge numbers who are losing their jobs join the millions that are outraged about their loss of freedoms, come together.

        • Yes Jeff.

          Would require a critical mass of people in all walks and stations of life to volunteer their own time and their own money over many decades to set things to rights.

          Would require such volunteers in business, in the education systems, in the legal system, in the civil services including at local council levels, in the military, in the mainstream media, in elective politics, and in the Lords -all working smart and tough, often quietly.


          The problems reside not only in those sections of the non-Western populace that are uneducable, are non-productive, are prone to violence, criminality and sexual slavery and who hate Western Civ and white people of Christian and post-Christian varieties.

          Then there are the white people who are also prone to the destructive behaviours in the above sentence -and those white people who are simply power-mad and money-mad and who use marxist-inspired methods to attain power and money.

          All institutions are now in states most dismal, ineffective and inefficient.

          But what is more important to the survival of our quite good form Western Civ that our forbears bequeathed to us -they having paid in blood for?


          Critical numbers of people to sacrifice our own time and own money to save Western Civ.

  41. Well, this inflow will not be stopped.

    And the costs will continue to increase and will exist in perpetuity.

    And it’s not only direct costs.

    It’s the crime and violence and the necessary destruction of the mass education system -so that blacks and Muslims from everywhere will not have to deal with things that they cannot understand.

    Similar for the criminal justice system.

    All over the West, this is the way it is.

    Whole thing is too difficult to do anything about.

    End of days

  42. Active Patriot has found it is now a crime to film from public land.

    Amy Dalla Mura has found it is illegal to heckle Anna Soubry with the word “traitor”

    And I have found that holding up a placard stating “Freedom Over Fear” at Speakers Corner was enough to be cuffed and imprisoned for 6 hours and summoned to appear before Westminster Magistrates Court on October 23rd.

    Welcome to tyrannical Orwellian 2020 UK folks.

    • With the required research undertaken in various articles of English law, all of these nonsensical charges should be fairly simple to overturn, even without a brief.

      The question is, always, how far can one be bothered to go?

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