BAME is racist. I’m just British.

Artist Lindsey Dearnley

Growing up, I was always labelled ‘half-caste’. These days that’s seen as offensive, with supposed connotations of impurity along the lines of a muggle-blood from Harry Potter. After that, ‘mixed-race’ became the in-term, this too suggests that one doesn’t belong to a race but is a mixture of multiple.

‘Coloured’ was the all-encompassing word for non-whites, which once it became somehow offensive, was rebranded as ‘person of colour’. The implication here is that white folks are literally as white as a sheet of paper and hold no colour, which of course is nonsense. But these labels aren’t intended to be accurate; they’re designed to classify people. Now, ‘Black and Minority Ethnic’ (BAME) seems to be the accepted term for labelling non-white persons.

My Caribbean relatives have additional terms; they would refer to me as ‘yellow-skin’, or occasionally ‘light-skin’ – which is usually reserved for a black person who is lighter than average, rather than for a person of more than one ethnicity.

Personally, I’ve always preferred half-caste, perhaps because it’s what I am most familiar with, but also I think it’s the most accurate. Ethnically, I’m half White English and half Black Caribbean. Mixed-race never sat right with me; it implies not belonging to any and being of more than two. I’m also not really ‘coloured’ or a ‘person of colour’, at least no more than anyone else is. But these things are out of my control, other people – most often white liberals – decide what’s appropriate and what’s inappropriate to call me, usually by getting offended on my behalf.

The problem with modern terms such as BAME is that they lump so many ethnicities into one homogenous group. What do Chinese, Indian/Pakistani, African and Caribbean people have in common, other than being non-white? And that’s the crux of the matter. These identifications are a way of highlighting who is and who isn’t white. There’s inherent racism involved.

Sometimes people are unsure and call me ‘black’, seeing it as a safe option. However, this is the laziest and possibly most insulting of them all, because it completely disregards half of my family, half of my heritage, half of my culture. And again, it comes from a classification of being non-white.

My thinking is in-line with that of the great Dr Martin Luther King Jr that we’ll hopefully get to a point where we no longer see colour; where it’s no longer a dividing factor. I appreciate there are times when it’s necessary to know; for example, there are health implications, certain genetic illnesses are more prevalent among particular ethnicities. But on the whole, it’s not a useful categorisation in our everyday lives. The more the mainstream media and hard-left activists group choose to focus on it, the more of an issue it becomes.

If we genuinely want Britain to be a multicultural society – and I’m not arguing for or against that in this article – we need to focus less on the labels we give people and start seeing everyone as British. We need to share our history and our heritage. We should be encouraging everyone in these lands to speak our language and to celebrate our culture. Boxing people up into meaningless sub-labels doesn’t help with that. The only one that matters is ‘British’.

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22 Comments on BAME is racist. I’m just British.

  1. The immigrants have everything to gain and the British have everything to lose. It is never, ever, EVER going to work.

    It is infinitely more likely that the country will become a wasteland, riven by sectarian strife and tribal hatred, than a post-racial utopia. Either the British prevail in these islands or there will be no islands to speak of.

    You cannot strip away a people’s identity, culture, heritage and the bonds they share together. To attempt to do so is a crime against humanity.

  2. Calvin Robinson:

    1. How do you feel about the word “mulatto”? It’s a historically disparaging word, but it’s dropped out of use, and I bet it’s never been shouted at you by a moronic thug. Perhaps it’s redeemable?

    2. Britain has always been multicultural. We Scots have preserved our own culture alongside the cultures of the Welsh, the Irish and even the benighted English, while sharing allegiance to the same Crown and defending each other against our shared enemies. The cult of fake “multiculturalism” is a danger to our genuine multiple cultures. Do you agree?

    3. There are black people living in the UK whose ancestors have lived here longer than the ancestors of many white people. There are black people in Liverpool, Glasgow and Cardiff who have a better ancestral claim to be called British than Boris Johnson. But the massive immigration of the past 75 years has been mostly hostile and destructive, and I see no way of turning black and white Britons into friends of each other unless the number of black people in the UK is greatly reduced by repatriation. Do you agree?

    4. Is it possible to be British without first being Scottish, Irish, Welsh or (as a last resort) English?

    • You are wrong. This land was never “multicultural” (meaning multiracial), and Africans and Asians have never been ethnic minorities of it. They are not ethnic minorities today. An ethnic minority is not a foreign population imported by politicians and immediately declared as such. All across the world ethnic minorities are peoples with a deep history on the soil. The only ethnic minorities in this land are the Irish. Jews may qualify. Gypsies too, though their transience argues against that.

      The Africans and Asians and all the rest are colonisers, not legitimate minorities. In colonisations miscegenation produces people who are part-native, but they belong to the colonisation.

      The natives peoples have to drive the colonisers away or they will die. It is a zero sum game, here as everywhere else in human history where colonisers have settled another people’s home.

      • Guessedworker:

        1. As I previously explained, black and brown (and yellow and possibly even purple) people have been living in the UK (in small numbers) for centuries without anybody being much bothered about it. The problem isn’t their long-standing presence, but the recent massive increase in their numbers.

        2. The Irish are not a minority in Northern Ireland, which was part of the UK last time I checked. I’m of Irish decent myself on my mother’s side, so I’m pleased to learn that you don’t want to gas me.

        3. It’s not a zero-sum game. Our little collection of islands can’t sustain its current population without relying on imported food. At present, it’s a negative-sum game for us poor bastards whose ancestors have lived here since time immemorial. (And Boris’s solution is to build even more houses for even more people. Madness!)

        4. I sympathise with your loyalty to people who resemble you in colour and culture, but it is no longer practical to “drive the colonisers away”. We can perhaps drive the worst of them away by allying ourselves with the best of them – Hindus from Uganda, Christians from Nigeria, etc etc.

        5. If we’re to have any hope of rescuing our civilisation, we need people like Calvin Robinson on our side, which is why I hoped to engage him in discussion.

  3. While I sympathise with a mixed-race person in Britain, the discussion of multiculturalism effectively means that give up ever thinking of Britain as being Anglo-Saxon/Celtic, which is surprising given it has been for around 1500 years and only in the last 70 or so, has liberal orthodoxy sought to change that, dramatically. Now to object means you are castigated as racist, but to not object means you are giving away your culture, heritage and identity. Which is the bigger moral crime?

  4. A crystal-clear exposition, Calvin.

    >My thinking is in-line with that of the great Dr Martin Luther King Jr that we’ll hopefully get to a point where we no longer see colour; where it’s no longer a dividing factor.

    Dr King’s appeal made sense to most people (including me, also “mixed race” – although I’ve never used this for leverage – I like meritocracies), but now I here that recalling his words of wisdom is deemed racyst because it denies non-whites the ability to grieve about their color, for which their ancestors suffered .


    • My ancestors were Irish and suffered most grievously. But I guess for those people who are now claiming Martin Luther King Jr’s words are deemed racist because “it denies non-whites the ability to grieve their colour for which their ancestors suffered” my ancestors suffering is of no account as they were white. Am I to call it “white privileged” then?

      • People of all racial, national, and ethnic origins have ancestors who suffered greatly, in one way or another.

        Best to focus on dealing constructively with the sources of suffering in one’s own life, and if one has any energy left over to help others, in one’s immediate circle, to deal with the sources of suffering in their lives.

        That is the common view in all the world’s wisdom traditions.

        Of course, not all denizens of nominal traditions can comprehend this point, or act on such wisdom even if they have heard of it.

        • Harry Black:

          To be human is to suffer, and to learn from our suffering. The Greeks had two words for it: “pathos mathos”. And we Christians believe that God has also become human in order to suffer and learn like us, only more so. Infinitely more so.

          If my neighbour (next door or on the other side of the Earth) suffers, it’s my Christian duty to do what ever i can to diminish his suffering, as if I were diminishing the suffering of my God.

          But it is NOT my Christian duty to genuflect in memory of the odious criminal George Floyd, or in support of the rioters and looters who pretend that George Floyd was a saint.

          It is NOT my Christian duty to endorse the Cultural-Marxist evil of “Black Lives Matter”.

          It is NOT my Christian duty to deprive my neighbour of the chance of learning by suffering that pathos = mathos.

      • Precisely. The only forward, surely, is to reinstate Dr King’s appeal and set aside skin color or ethnic background. Focusing on trivial, superficial differences such as skin color leads to absurd results.

  5. The term British has become divisive. It actually means nothing today as Scots, Irish, Welsh and English proclaim their identity. The mixed race issue has now muddied the waters. as they cannot identify with the four races, and must therefore use the term British to describe themselves, or turn to the new BAME classification. I am English as my forefathers have been for centuries, and I identify with my west country roots. I do not want my culture to be changed to Islamic, African or Indian, and I say to those who make this country their home – decide with which race you wish to identify and accept their parameters and values. We will be happy to embrace you.

  6. With respect, I’m not British, I’m English. I appreciate the history of the ‘Briton’ predates the more recent reference, but the country of my birth is England, and a bloody good show it is too. No Lefty loon is going to change my mind, no airbrushing of history or lumping the immigrant population wholesale into this Blairite terminology. The word ‘British’ now resembles just another predictable attack on whiteness and the white culture which has dominated this island for what seems like eternity. I care not that my pagan Neolithic ancestors were derived from the farthest points of Europe bordering the near East; I am an Englishman: fish, chips, cup o’tea, Mary Poppins, Queen and country etc. Bugger the Liberals. Bugger Common Purpose and bugger the Labour Party.

  7. Then, within the White group, and within all non-White groups, there is the wide variance in educability, productivity, proneness to extreme violence and criminality of all varieties, and constructive contribution to the community/society.

    History shows that it is a big task, perhaps intractable, to manage with satisfactory effect the consequences of such great variance within a single racial/religious/cultural group.

    And, when many such groups exist within a single jurisdiction, the natural and inevitable consequence is conflict, incipient and fully expressed-

    -as we see.

    And the complexities and conflicts are simply too big to manage within institutional admin systems that are rapidly breaking down-

    -again, as we see.

  8. Good article Calvin, but you failed to mention the main purpose of this “colour chart”, which is to enable the most dangerous disease on the planet to spread like the plague…


    As you say, you come from a background where one of your parents loved someone from a different background, and there is nothing but love in that scenario. Two people ignoring the tenets of their own societies for love, and why not.

    However, since you are not the right kind of “socialist” half caste person, you are told by those with very loud voices, that you don’t qualify, there is too much “whitey” in you.

    Of course one of the main vectors for this sort of campaign is the BBC, which is even more reason for you to “hang your head in shame”…. I mean, fancy suggesting that these media types actually work for a living? They expect money to fall in their lap, like mana from heaven.

    Defund the BBC.

    • Better to take half of the BBC’s annual budgets and half of its assets and use them to set up an anti-marxist multi-media platform-

      – that is constituted, designed and managed to educate everyone-kids, adults of all ages- about what is required to make Western Civ work properly -in all its aspects.

  9. Well said, Calvin.
    BLM is a Marxist movement and the BBC and universities were fooled.
    Britons black and white unite against these subversive wreckers.

  10. What Calvin says chimes with what my African and Arab overseas students thought when they were appreciating the non-issue of all this in Britain.

    The present fomenting of hatred by BLM and their blackshirt friends reminds me of a lefty fad back in the 70s – getting Caribbean kids to use patois in schools. When the parents found out, there was uproar. They didn’t let their kids use ‘street talk’ at home and certainly didn’t want it in school. My guess is that teens who tell their mums they’ve been ‘racially profiled’ will get a smack round the ear and grounded for a week.

  11. A good and sensible article until the last paragraph.
    No, we don’t a multicultural Britain. We want British culture. The colour of one’s skin wouldn’t matter then. Multiculture means ghettos where the national language is not spoken, food and clothing unchanged from parents’ country of origin, where no mingling is allowed and parents stop you from listening to mainstream music or going to football matches.

    • Primitive muslims I think you’re talking about with their ridiculous superstitions and beliefs that makes it impossible for them to be assimilated into western society. Yet they are being welcomed in their thousands every year, whether illegal or not.