Dover Patrol: Giving away your country for free.

Taxi service for illegal migrants ?

In Dover with a camera man to follow the illegal immigrants. The action started even before we arrived. We had taken a detour to Romney Marsh to pick up a local woman who runs a small local coastal defence group tracking all the beach landings, as well as an ex-Home Office official. 

Immediately, we saw coast guard trucks and police with wailing sirens screaming through little Kent beachside villages – past small children carrying buckets and spades on the narrow pavements, their parents looking on in bewilderment. Everywhere we went we saw resentment on the faces of the locals.

Twenty illegals had just arrived on a beach in Dungeness. This is normal. It happens every day. All male, this lot sat on the beach waiting for the authorities to collect them – but not all do. Some run into the dunes. No doubt many have friends in Leicester or Bradford and after a quick phone call on a £500 iPhone, there will be people already here to collect them. The runners are not included in the daily Home Office official numbers. 

We were told that this group had not crossed the channel in a dingy but in a high sided fishing vessel that had left a port on the French side at about 11pm the night before, its illegal tracking devices turned off. It hung around just off British coastal waters until about 6am when it lowered a dingy full of human cargo. (At least three separate civilian groups track such illegal boats, dinghies and kayaks night and day. Obviously you would assume that if civilian groups can obtain this information the British and French authorities are able to do likewise and could stop the crossings before they reach British waters). 

Arriving in Dover we walked to the port and filmed an interview with the ex-Home Office man. He has been working on the problem for twenty years and is now in despair because he feels all his efforts have come to nothing. The problem is exponentially worse than when he started. 

‘Everyone’, he said, ‘Who claims asylum; lies or embellishes their story in some way. Many have been in Europe for over a decade. Many have already claimed asylum in more than one other European country.’ 

Now nearly 500,000 failed asylum seekers rattle around between countries. Many try to get to Britain: they do not claim asylum in the first ‘safe country’ because they already have tried and failed 

He told this story. A young man arrives in Dover. Which country he came from is not relevant because versions of the same story are repeated time and again. He claimed that his father and mother had been murdered, his sister raped, tortured and killed. He, thankfully, escaped. 

His story remained consistent but in this case, the courts did not believe him and he was one of the very few who are eventually put on a plane to be deported. (We deported about 1500 people last year out of an illegal population of over two million, nobody knows the exact figure). The Home Office official accompanied him on the plane. 

Just after they landed after a long plane ride back, the personable young man asked the Home Office man: ‘Can I borrow your phone mate?’
‘Sure. Why?’
‘I just need to ask my father to come and collect me from the airport.’ 

After the interview, we saw a small group on the other side of one of the quays. We were trying to meet a man from Cleethorpes who has been staying in a hostel, filming landings day and night for the last three months. (Twitter @PatriotActive66) 

We walked over but instead of the man from Cleethorpes it was Nigel Farage with a group of main-stream media journalists and cameramen. None of the media asked who we were. None of them seemed remotely interested in interviewing any of the local people or a man who has given up months of his life to film this outrage. We said hello to Nigel, had a quick chat and then got hold of Active Patriot who took us to where the real action was happening. 

Opposite a pub called ‘The Cinque Port Arms’ completely devoid of customers is a large car park adjoining a quay with a long gangway. Just as we arrived, Patriot said,
‘There goes the first one.’
A beautiful, sparkling, 2020 registration luxury, air-conditioned coach leaves. It’s occupants, all young, light skinned, middle Eastern males stare down at us out of the windows. 

We swelter and the sun burns. We cross the car park to where another three buses sit waiting. Their bored drivers smoke cigarettes. Some talked to us, some did not. Some were hostile, 

‘We have had death threats because of people like you.’ 

Some were friendly and thought the whole thing was a joke but they were, as they said, 

‘Just doing our jobs and we need the money for the mortgage.’ 

All were local, white, middle-aged local Kent men. (Serco / Mears with its £2.9 billion pound contract to house asylum seekers had no doubt contracted the buses or perhaps bought them brand new. Serco is run by Sir Winston Churchill’s grandson, Rupert Soames who was paid £4.5m in 2018). 

We moved over to the water. All around us were dozens of officials – standing waiting like a reception committee: The Immigration Agency, the local police, Coast Guard, Customs and lifeboats. Tied up in the water were ten, crisp, brand new £4000 dinghies. A boat came by dragging another dozen dinghies, yesterday’s batch, behind it. Active Patriot tells us that thousands of similar boats are stored in a compound around the corner. We filmed a few other bits and suddenly everyone turned excitedly and said, 

‘Here’s another one coming.’
A coast guard trawler docked.
One after another, a group of tall, young,fit, African men walk up the gangplank – each helpfully escorted by their own immigration official. Soon they will be on their air conditioned bus to their hotel to join 45,000 others being accommodated in hotels like the 4 star Bromsgrove Hilton. 

This goes on day and night. The day before we came, twenty two boats came in. That did not include illegals of whom the only trace was some discarded lifejackets, a few plastic water bottles and a dinghy left on a sandy Kent beach. 

It felt just like arriving in Palma, Majorca airport on a Thompson holiday package tour. ‘Welcome to Britain. – Your luxury coach, your welcoming committee, your fully inclusive full board hotel awaits you. We hope you will be very comfortable during your tax-payer funded indefinite holiday.’ 

Another group were filmed this morning,  landing on a beach. They tried to run away but people who had been filming caught them. The police arrived and threatened to arrest the people who caught the illegal migrants. The car park that we filmed in yesterday where the coaches wait now has a sign on it saying ‘Closed.’

Dover Patrol

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20 Comments on Dover Patrol: Giving away your country for free.

  1. Started as an immigration officer in 1999.’Asylum seekers ‘ arrived daily, in numbers. Has continued, unabated, ever since, though the current invasion is vey worrying. Oddly though, I cannot fathom where the money is coming from. Traditionally, the method of entry was a clandestine entry via HGV or other vehicle( never small sea craft.) Why? None of the ‘asylum seekers’ had any money.( Ihave dealt with hundreds – all penniless.) Now? Inflatables costing thousands of pounds with expensive outboarsd, lifejackets etc.Some organisation is funding the boat people. There is an agenda. Gone are the days of chancers hoping to stow away in a UK bound lorry. Follow the money and it could be stopped.

  2. my brother and I both did national service in the 1950`s and were sent abroad to defend and protect our shores fully armed all the time, but today the enemies now arrived and this stupid country, protecting them
    can I have my money back?!!!

  3. The Right is losing this multi-fronted culture war because the Left is more aggressive, more energetic and more ingenious.
    Look at the way the Left has delayed Brexit – a legitimate, democratic decision by the British people – now going into a fifth year! Look at the way the Left has attacked President Trump – day in, day out – since his election. Look at the way the Left quickly forges every problem into a weapon against conservatism.
    Looking at the events of this summer, who would guess that the Conservative Party is in power with an 80-seat majority?

  4. For those just waking up.

    It’s like this:

    Turns out Western Civ requires too much effort to keep it going.

    Some keen observers foresaw this several centuries ago, but the losses of 1914-1945 made the message clear to many more.

    In the big wars, too many European families had lost too many of their people and, esp on the continent too much of their private wealth/property, to be bothered making any more of the necessary sacrifices to keep the Western big show going.

    And the marxists were quick and clever to organise the white naive idealists to demand of government all that was/is necessary to ensure the end of proper education, self-sufficiency, hard work, productivity and commitment to citizenship.

    Too few people, in all walks and all stations of life, can now be bothered to do what is required to secure white society.

    “I was only following orders” has a contemporary analogy, clear in the education systems, in the mass news/opinion media, in the civil services and everywhere really:

    “It’s only right to let people in from anywhere and everywhere, you know, to make amends for white misdeeds in history, you know, and to feel nice and virtuous eh”.

    • Harry Black: Who were the “keen observers”? Please name them, so I can add their writings to my reading list.

      I’m grateful to you for an admirable comment, and to Catherine Blaiklock for an admirable article.

    • Hello RJR:

      Thank you for your compliment and question.

      Here is an answer which I believe to be valid if not thorough and precise:

      There’s Spengler -pity he has was scant in mentioning who influenced his views.

      Others a bit earlier, who noted various threats to the West:

      Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer, Schiller, Goethe.

      Among the philosopher-empiricist-politicians of C18: Edmund Burke and James Madison.

      And it’s there too in several of the philosopher-observers of Ancient Greece, and in later Roman philosopher-politicians, eg Cicero.

      All these, and many others along the way, noted that the vast majority of people, who live in states of security, freedom and abundance, and who do not have to work very hard, let alone fight, to maintain their own safety or liberties or money will simply eat and drink a lot, spectate, express grievances, and expect a saviour to step in if things go very wrong.

  5. Dear Catherine,
    Thank you again, you demonstrate great moral courage in telling the truth, and telling a truth the wealthy establishment doesn’t want told.
    The globalists allow, enable, and profit from this illegal entry into our country, and demonstrate their hatred for the indigenous people of these islands in the process.
    There are no old men, young women with babes in arms, and children that would indicate genuine refugees.
    Just fit, young, men unwilling to defend, contribute to, or build their own countries.
    Large numbers of foreign, young men entering our country, can only be described as an invasion.
    We the Britons, have no other land.

    • And herein lies the rub: the cowardice is a two-way street. Rather than fight for their own cultures and societies – which are inevitably corrupt, failed states – they simply abandon them, as we have done ours. We all deserve each other.

  6. Catherine, I’m so glad that you can produce articles such as this when others hide their faces so as not to ruin their careers.
    Giving Away Our Country, yes, but the For Free is just padding and makes me squirm. Surely you didn’t pick that up at Oxford.
    I agree with your stance. i don’t hate foreigners but what are they doing in our country against the wishes of the majority and with the blessing of our dishonest and ineffectual government?

  7. Thanks a million for coming down Catherine . It was a pleasure to meet you .
    Thank you for being one of the very few to actually write the truth about what’s going on down here ❤️ . Ellie

  8. Wow, you’re absolutely bonkers aren’t you?

    As a matter of fact, until very recently, you could have legally gone to 27 other countries couldn’t you? But you and your bonkers friends put an end to that, didn’t you?

    • But you’re right! All the British could have left their country and the Third World masses could have moved in to replace them.

      What a lot of bother that would have saved. If only we’d realised.

    • You’re rather bonkers aren’t you?
      She was referring to another country as an asylum seeker. The UK is our home; why should we give it up to foreign vagrants?

    • Reply to P97/D5

      People who tell the truth are always referred to as bonkers .

      You know you are getting somewhere and hitting a nerve .

      Remember Gandhi?
      First they laugh at you .

    • Reply to P97/D5

      But why should I ?
      I don’t want to live in 27 countries that don’t speak my language and have a different cultures.

      This is my country .
      I want my own country – as do the Tibetians and the Kurds .

      I don’t want a country that is 200 different countries cultures fighting each other .

    • Hello Andrew!

      Brexit was a setback for the Cultural Marxist programme, wasn’t it? But don’t shed too many tears. I’m sure that no further setbacks will be permitted. We won a battle, but you’re still winning the war.

  9. On it goes. More young men from misogynist, sectarian, bigoted countries.

    Who is benefitting from this? It can’t be just idleness or PC stupidity can it? Who sends the coaches and how do they know how many and where and when? What investigations are in progress?

    • You couldn’t make it up. Rupert Soames facilitating and profiting from the stealth invasion of Britain, whose borders were famously defended (we will fight them on the beaches…) by his grandfather Sir Winston Churchill.

      In five years, Britain will be unrecognizable because of traitors like Welby, Lord Phillips of Wet My Trousers, and Soames.

      • Who is Rupert Soames? I thought Churchill’s grandson was Nicholas “Fatty” Soames. Perhaps I’m wrong but he certainly voted Remain because he was protecting his own wealth. Imagine a grandson of churchill being so traitorous.