Migrants: Priti Patel talks the talk, but Tory big business won’t let her stop them.

London 2035 ?

Every year In Britain, 400 people drown. Today, like every other day a family will mourn somebody they dearly loved but it is more than likely you may never hear their name: They are the unknown drowned.

Could it be that the entire nation will only hear about a drowning if they are an illegal migrant ? ‘Child migrant from Sudan ‘desperate’ to get to the UK drowns’. Those were the headlines today splashed across every newspaper, every news channel, every radio station.

It was inevitable. It was predictable and it was entirely unnecessary. The more people who try to come to the supposed ‘Promised Land’, the higher the chance of drowned people.

This migrant came from Sudan, population 42 million. Next to Sudan is Egypt – population 100 million – a country considered safe enough that hundreds of thousands go on holiday there each year. Just across a small strip of water is Saudi Arabia – population 35 million – a wealthy country which, despite holding public executions, is on the UN Human Rights Council.

In all directions there are other countries generally considered safe – so why did he not claim asylum in any of these? That is before we even consider all the safe European countries.

The reason is simple: Britain and Britain alone has become a land of milk and honey – a land of real and mythical financial benefits. Get to Britain and you will get a house, a car, passports for all your family, lots of money and free health care. That’s what people believe.

What actually happens? Migrants get stuck in the pouring rain in a small hotel room for months on end. They are bored out of their minds, their appeals go on and on for ever and they hate the food. Instead of fresh hummus, Mediterranean vegetables, homemade curries and rice, they are now fed Value Cornflakes and cheap pasta.

In the meantime, a homeless British veteran sits on the pavement outside the hotel with a begging bowl whilst the migrants smoke in groups, phone their friends on £1000 iphones or wander down the street with their prepaid government charge cards to the cashpoint.

Priti Patel issues more platitudes – the navy will patrol, we will send them back , we will talk to the French – but no one believes a word she says anymore. In the meantime another two hundred a day arrive.

Local people are angry, voters who voted for the Conservatives to ‘do’ something about migration, legal and illegal are angry, veterans are angry whilst the migrants themselves are disappointed, frustrated and very bored. (And when young men get bored and have to live without women for long stretches of time, nasty things tend to happen)

Tempers are fraying Ms Patel – the situation is unsustainable – the time to ‘do’ something is simply running out.

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34 Comments on Migrants: Priti Patel talks the talk, but Tory big business won’t let her stop them.

  1. It is plain that ‘Human’ or ‘Werdner’ or whatever pseudonym he comes up with is the authentic voice of the committed Bolshevik or Nazi who imposes his ‘truth’ by consigning his irrelevant and unworthy opponents to die in the gulag.

  2. You completely deny the existence of the greatest threat to humanity we have ever faced, climate change, but get worked up to a tizzy over something as insignificant as a few people coming into the country. If we had to take back all of our expats it would be more of a problem.

    Fuck off you stupid, ignorant piece of slime.

    • Oh well, put aside the bad manners/foul language used here by “Human”.


      “Human” is mistaken to think that climate change is a threat to human existence, let alone a threat to the planet -on current outlook.

      And there is no reason to believe that human activity is causing climate change.

      And “Human” either knows or does not know that a society has an upper limit -before it collapses- on the proportion of people it can support who are nett consumers of wealth, who are prone to violence and other criminality and who are uneducable.

      (And the numbers arriving by boat across the channel are tiny compared to those arriving by plane -in times of non-virus.)

      So that’s the question really.

      Does “Human” and the millions like “Human” know or not know that their anti-empirical beliefs, and actions based on them, are propelling us rapidly into the Abyss.

  3. You and your poisonous ideas are less relevant, thank goodness. You don’t even know the meaning of the words skewing from your keyboard.

  4. I’d wager at least 80% of those who deposit themselves on our Southern shores end up inside the M25. The ‘Promised Land’ indeed. I doubt very much if your average migrant could point to Worcester on a map, or Peterborough or York, let alone tell you roughly in which direction they are. London is the golden goose, a welcoming bosom of Primark stores, free WiFi and junk Americana.
    The problem is our capital is dominated by Labour-run councils, with an incompetent and racially biased Labour mayor overseeing the entire fiasco. These councils – stuffed full of overpaid, virtue-signalling twerps who couldn’t run a bath – sign off on any and all large-scale housing developments which cross their paths, regardless of how they diminish communities and infrastructure. Ex-council buildings such as libraries and offices are sold to developers at a tidy profit, safe in the knowledge there is a steady stream of bodies arriving from across the channel to fill the endless rabbit hutches shoehorned into the space.
    London is now nothing more than a stinking, overpriced zoo. No rhythm, no identity, no harmony or equinimity; a teeming, directionless metropolis savaged by the boorish extremes of identity politics and fiscal greed. I rather think that a nice Afghani couple with 2.4 children might be something of a welcome oddity in the darkest regions of Cumbria, rather like the Pakistani family who moved into my 99.9% white Hampshire village when I was a boy. They were quite literally the talk of the town for weeks, until enough people had met them to wear off the novelty, at which point they were embraced as another family unit who simply added a little bit of variety to the cultural mix. I wonder if some very-aged people on the fringes of London life who survived the Blitz, may remember what that was once like in our capital?

  5. In 1957, in /The Midwich Cuckoos/, Chapter 14, John Wyndham makes Gordon Zellaby, the wisest and most heroic of his characters, say: “If you were wishful to challenge the supremacy of a society that was fairly stable, and quite well weaponed, what would you do? Would you meet it on its own terms by launching a probably costly, and certainly destructive, assault? Or, if time were of no great importance, would you prefer to employ a version of a more subtle tactic? Would you, in fact, try somehow to introduce a fifth column, to attack it from within?”

    Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

    • Re PJR on the enemy within, for one quick intro to what, how and why it happened, read Michael William’s “Genesis of Political Correctness” (2016).

  6. Should we be concerned that a new Farage party would take Tory votes and let Starmer win the next election? Not really since he and Boris are of the same liberal mode. And at least Labour makes no bones about its pro-immigrant sympathies whereas Patel talks tough about sending back illegals…..then puts them up in 4-star hotels.

  7. I used to believe that Priti Patel was the only Conservative in the present Cabinet.; sadly it appears not. The PM needs to get some experienced hands in now, the loyalist experiment has failed as they are simply too inexperienced and frankly not up to it. Meanwhile the country flounders and ‘ordinary voters’ have had enough.

  8. Dear Iain.

    Yes, the Conservative Party abandoned conservatives in England under the leadership of the defeatist Harold Macmillan. Hitler is claimed to have said: “if the German people cannot win the war, they don’t deserve to survive”. I am tending to feel similar sentiments for the English – if they can’t resist the socialist take-over, they deserve the consequences. Unless the Conservative Party can be regained by true conservatives, the English will become less and less relevant in their own country and a shunned minority.

    • Iain Hunter: But the alternative to the “Conservative” Party is the “Labour” Party, or a monstrous Lib / Lab / SNP / Green coalition.

      We always “keep tight hold of nurse / for fear of finding something worse” (Belloc), because we’re never offered something better.

      UKIP is dead, and the Brexit Party is a leftist party. The so-called “far right” parties (which are really offshoots of the far left) have no hope of winning a parish council seat, let alone a parliamentary seat.

      So what can we do, except “cultivate our gardens”?

      • What can you do? How about fuck off to some eastern European populist, racist paradise. I’m sure you’d love that, and the more civilised of us can have our country back.

  9. We must put our country first, we have our own people living on the street , sorry but these migrants come here because they think we will give them a house and money ,but most don’t want to work for it , they want it handed on a plate , we are a dumping ground of the world , I’m disgusted with the way this country is being run ,we are letting criminals in every day no checking it’s not safe in this country anymore,and there’ will be plenty of destruction ahead I’m afraid .

  10. Dear William.

    Yes, and it’s ironic that Germany is the only European country to have fully recovered to a prosperous economy from its complete collapse following the the defeat of its infamous Nazi tyranny and the utter devastation it had wrought. Having side-lined the notorious and vengeful ‘Morganthau plan’ to reduce Germany to an agrarian only economy, Truman put the Marshal plan to work which enabled a crushed and penniless but resourceful German people with nowhere to go but ‘up’ to become Europe’s economic power-house in just two decades whereas Britain, being a co-victor but broke, continued its self-delusion as a world power until 1956 when the U.S. pulled the plug on Suez. By then, socialism had spawned the ‘entitlement culture’ with disastrous results until the Margaret Thatcher government reined in the most destructive elements of union power. Sadly, the baby went out with the bath-water for conservatism as the improved economy provided the Marxist social warriors who had infiltrated the most important institutions an easy ride to complete power in 1997.

  11. The brexit party has no members only supporters… If you believe differently then when does Farage,
    Tice and co get voted on by you to remain in charge?

  12. Dr. David Starkey and Douglas Murray, among other realists, often ruefully speak of European decline which, roughly speaking, began for France at Verdun in 1916, for Russia at St. Petersburg in 1917 and for Britain in the mud of the Somme in 1916 when it was necessary for Britain to go cap-in-hand to Jewish banks in America to continue the war and its inevitable consequences that finalised complete bankruptcy in 1945. The chronology is meticulously covered in Adam Tooze’s book ‘The Deluge: the great war and the remaking of global order’. Efforts to prevent tyranny reoccurring in Europe after 1945 propagated a legal framework which has been expanded by socialists/Marxists way beyond the original intentions to enable their creeping revolution to overthrow the established conservative/Christian culture which has brought us to the multicultural hell that is Britain today and likely to finalise the complete eclipse to a thousand years of English development and success before its anniversary in 2066.

    • You are so right, Derek. But no matter the uproar, no matter that anyone can see the decline of our country month by month, the Conservative government we voted in by a landslide has done nothing to reverse it. What is to be done? Alas, I have no vote, being a Channel Islander – no-one to write to now. When I lived in Worthing a couple of years ago Peter Bottomley, as decent a man as you could wish to meet, seemed completely oblivious to the threat of Islam – and consequently this uncontrolled migration.

      The Democrats in the USA are oblivious to the threat from China, and want to return to the touchy-freely Obama years with their continuing paranoia of Russian interference. Small beer.

      Our politicians listen but do not hear; they see but do not understand the peril we are in.

    • Britain has always been multicultural you thick twat. Do you think every white person in the country has exactly the same life. Your ignorance and racism is fucking shocking.

  13. Oh I know.

    Let’s set up British/English precincts in the lands whence come all these incomers.

    Yes, establish in Africa, Asia the Middle East, the Caribbean, all the institutions that make the UK, esp England, so attractive and interesting to blacks, to Muslims from everywhere, oh and to all non-whites.

    That’d be a properly generous and cosmically fair and equitable situation, would it not.

    • When isis was pushed out of syria the fighters mingled with refugees and dispersed to the west to conquer it from within! That’s why so called refugees coming in by the dover coastline are mostly young men, british people are mugs and just sit complaining about it whilst the country is being invaded every single day!

      • You’re not being helpful with your offensive remarks. The British people voted in a Conservative majority of eighty having been promised they would deal with our concerns. What we got was more of the same socialism and liberal wishy washy policies. As a nation we have no option but to wait until the next general election. If that makes us ‘mugs’ it also makes us civilised too.

        • Dear Evelyn. wait until the next election to end ‘socialism and liberal wishy-washy polices’ ??? And what party will you be voting for? We live in a two-party system with both parties committed to ‘liberal wishy-washy policies’.

      • No need to shout&roar here.
        People who write in these comments pretty well all think alike and want their govt to fulfil its manifesto.
        No1 item to halt mass immigration..and yes we know we are being let down..no need for you to scream at fellow patriots.

  14. With such “strategy of tension” matters, the action is in the reaction and the evidence points to a deliberate stoking of all-round grievance as the author describes. That this is allowed to occur under a supposed Tory administration can only serve to illustrate that there is a basic democratic deficit in the UK. A fresh party is needed but unlike the brexit party one that has members with equal say not supporters expected to equally pay then shut up.

    • As a “paid up” member of the Brexit Party, my opinions are canvassed nearly every week.

      But I expect that the more conventional parties are far more democracy oriented than that!