The Refugee Railway

Free housing, health, education and damages too

I, and another writer and a photographer, were down in Folkestone this Wednesday, to interview a witness who went out into the strait to see first hand the operation of the ‘refugee railway’, (assisted by the Border Force) that brings ever more illegal migrants, few of whom are real refugees, to our shores.

It cost a lot of money for our witness to make this trip. The crowded waters of the Dover Strait are dangerous and you need a high speed inflatable and backup to be safe. He attempted to raise money using crowdfunding, but after anonymous ‘legal advice’ warned two crowd funding companies off, the money he raised was returned to his donors. You will not be surprised to learn that the funding of charities assisting the border force to bring more illegals ashore is never interfered with.

He told us told us that close up and out in the Dover strait the ‘refugees ‘ are all young, fit, well fed males, (he saw no emaciated victims of war, war injured or those with the signs of other mistreatment) and come equipped with £1000 phones with which as they get close in to our shores they will phone waiting lawyers. He was astounded by the extent and continuity of the flow of migrants across the strait.

Immigration lawyers have indeed been busy lately, halting the deportation of 25 illegals back to Spain where they had already claimed asylum. Many of the asylum seekers on TV you see coming ashore have usually claimed asylum elsewhere in Europe but we don’t bother with that. All are welcome.

The Home Office has recently got very angry what they call ‘activist’ lawyers who have done more than any other group, at great profit to themselves, of ensuring that only a tiny proportion of migrants ever get deported. Of course The Bar Council got the word activist withdrawn, which is rather like having the world ‘mouser’ withdrawn from a description of my cat.

Meanwhile here in Britain, the border force is at hand waiting to take the migrants to £110 a night hotels. Serco, whose CEO Rupert Soames, is the grandson of Winston Churchill, was awarded its biggest ever contract. £1.9 bn, looking after refugees with support services, accomodation, hotels, hostels etc . Illegal immigration is a very big business.

Readers can put aside any idea that the government and civil service are struggling to limit immigration. While paying lip service to controlling it they are encouraging it. More immigrants mean more house building contracts, more new roads, more jobs in social services and the contracts that flow from them, more cheap labour for our agribusinesses and so on.

Yet just down the line an economic and social catastrophe awaits. Migrants are a source of cheap labour now, but they get old, the young men in those inflatables or arriving in their tens of thousands at our airports, will one day, and that day is not so far in the future as we may think, be in need of care, so we will need more migrants to look after them and so on in an endless and economically devastating progression.

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  1. A thought.
    If we must provide Legal Aid for these unwanted arrivals, how about it being paid on a provisional basis only, conditional upon the success of the Asylum Application and, should that application fail, be fully recoverable from the applicant’s legal team. That might blunt their enthusiasm to take on such cases.

  2. The French escort them across the channel to the laughably named British Border Force, who take them ashore.
    The coaches are ready and waiting to take the illegal immigrants to 4 star hotels across the country.
    Meanwhile, no doubt, plenty of illegals are still arriving in the backs of lorries or on Eurostar trains.
    So while Serco and others enrich themselves on fat government contract’s.
    The party that made promises on controlling immigration makes noises about doing something about the very thing they are facilitating with every action they take.
    Such hypocrisy is breathtaking.
    Nero has got nothing on this lot.

  3. Surely the Navy has few fast patrol boats that can haunt the French waters and SINK THEM AS THEY SET OFF. The crews are all equipped with new life-belts anyway. That would soon cool their ardour, and fix their mobiles.

  4. In this morning’s Mail on Sunday, the headline story is of a boat funded by Banksy to bring in over 200 illegal immigrants into the E.U. Last week, a lorry driver pleaded guilty to smuggling in a bunch of Vietnamese who died in his trailer and will stand trial for trafficking illegal immigrants among other charges in October. I don’t know where the darling of luvvydom – Banksey – hangs his hat but why is his collar not being felt by plod in aiding illegal immigrants to enter the E.U. ?

    • DS, the answer is plain:

      Luvvydom, and most of the political class, and most of the mainstream media people, and most of those in the education industry, indeed most people who occupy the civil services, all want this inflow.

      This is obvious.

      But the obvious must be pointed out, again and again.

      Which itself is obvious.

  5. Perhaps we might consider that this time, actually, Old England is done.

    Perhaps consider that ten or twenty million English people, females and males evenly, migrate to Australia and New Zealand.

    Such a move would eliminate the need for the great influx there of anti-Westernist non-Westerners -and so help save the white race.

    But be quick -the end of Proper England is a fast-moving project of the marxist people, the Muslims, blacks, and their naive-idealist white allies.

    (Note: The emigration of large numbers of productive English would so threaten the economic well-being of the large numbers of non-productive/nett consuming Scots, Welsh, Irish and English that they would be forced to awaken from their slumbers/fantasies, boozing and spectating, and ignorance.)

  6. “all young, fit, well fed males,”
    That’s a lot of sperm invading us with no women. That’s okay – they can use ours.
    Why can’t our women see the rape coming their way? Instead they wave banners, “Refugees Welcome”.
    I read the manifesto for the For Britain party. It’s called all bad names under the sun yet I couldn’t disagree with a word of it. No other party gives two hoots for the voters. If you tell people that this is all planned, a concerted effort to eradicate us, then they’ll laugh at you or worse, yet I can think of no other explanation.

  7. Yes, it’s all nett cost, this inflow.

    And the policing, courts and incarceration costs are also part of it -to be added on top of the immediate costs of accommodation, food, healthcare, spending money, social workers and lawyers.

    Criminality, in the way of break-in theft, street muggings, and generally violent action against others is part of this package.

  8. Ms Patel is all mouth. Gosh,what mighty actions she will take. Send in the navy! Return them to France! Control the border. Ha! They have no intention of doing anything. They are globalist, elitist liberals and to hear young Haig supporting Biden shows their nature and what passes for comment in the Telegraph theses days. They are no more conservative than Tony Blair or Teresa May.

  9. If you wish to find a good assessment of the net costs of immigration , there is a report done by the Danish Finance Ministry looking at the costs down to the third generation.


      “Overall cost of migration

      1. Between 1995 and 2011 the fiscal cost of migrants in the UK was at least £115 billion and possibly as much as £160 billion according to a report from the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration headed by Professor Christian Dustmann at University College, London. The report found that migrants in the UK were a fiscal cost in every year examined.[1]

      Contribution of ‘recent migrants’

      2. The report claims that migrants who had arrived in the UK since 2000 had made positive contributions throughout the period from 2001 to 2011. This does not appear to be correct, the figures in the paper show that the contribution from these recent migrants was negative in each year after 2008.

      Contribution of ‘recent A10 migrants’

      3. The authors also highlighted a finding that between 2001 and 2011 recent migrants from Eastern Europe had made a net contribution of £5bn. While this correctly reports their most optimistic finding, their calculations in four alternative scenarios were all lower. One of these alone was enough to reduce the contribution to as little as £0.066bn – a sum within the margin of error of such calculations.

      4. In addition, the very large fiscal cost of immigration overall is compounded by the cost of congestion and loss of amenity caused by our rapidly rising population.”

      • Yes, and the opportunity costs are enormous.

        Think of how the resources frittered on fake refugees might be spent on to save endangered white people -from babies to aging military veterans to plain old folk.

        And many fake refugees, in addition to many apparently genuine immigrants, are actually here for purposes of infiltration and insurrection on behalf of foreign powers and transnational political-religious forces -as is obvious all over the West.

  10. If Boris/Cummings/Gove were determined to repulse these economic migrants and save UK taxpayers huge sums, then there would have been effective action by now. Clearly this Conservative government does not value borders.

  11. Looks like a great piece of freelance reporting which deserves wide publication. Is it possible to name names – the crowdfunding sites, all the firms of lawyers who make money from immigration law?

  12. If Priti Patel is serious about checking the inflow of illegals and ending the legalistic difficulties in deporting them, the obvious government action is to repeal the European Human Rights Act of 2003 and its subsequent amendments. As Britain should be entirely rid of the Brussels legal strangle-hold on 1st January 2021, a truly conservative government would immediately repeal the foreign act along with the Soviet-style ‘European Arrest Warrant’ in Parliament and reconfirm our own sovereign excellent protection of Habeas Corpus and due process of national sovereign law which had served us so well before Edward Heath chose the path toward national subjugation from a foreign court.

    • The Equality Act is the worst single problem
      The “race, gender, class” critical-studies of the US New Left revolutionaries in the 1960s have morphed into the “equality, diversity, inclusion” totalitarianism of the UK pathocracy in 2020. The BLM fashion, cult, mania, violence & scam are a direct-action phase in the process. Like the endless inclusion of diverse ethnicities from the world over for the incremental destruction of England, “the attacks on our history are…fiercely pointed and carefully planned. They need co-ordinated resistance” – Charles Moore, “The Spectator,” 29 August 2020. I have been saying this too deaf ears for decades