Transgender “Ooh… you are awful!’

J K Rowling is in ever deeper trouble for offending the trans community and virtue signalling liberals by daring to suggest that biological women are different from trans men (women). Yet I suspect the real source of the anger among the trans community lies elsewhere, and has, not to my knowledge, been remarked on. It is pure and simple resentment. J K Rowling is a strikingly attractive woman. Her finely drawn Dresden shepherdess features, her feminine aura, her sex appeal, her elegant and revealing dresses, are about as far removed from transitioned womanhood as it is possible to imagine. The trans community are, quite simply, consumed with jealousy. They can never attain her beauty and femininity. They bear as much resemblance to J K Rowling as John Inman dressed up as the Widow Twankey.

I once fantasised about being a woman. It happened as a teenager, when I discovered (admittedly from a book) that whereas men are strictly limited in the number of orgasms they can enjoy, women have no limit. I thought that as a man I was being short-changed. But then I discovered that females pay a heavy price for receiving the male seed. They menstruate, get pregnant and have babies, whom they must spend the next 16 years looking after unless they are rich and can afford a nanny. Moreover, whereas women who take precautions and sleep around are generally regarded as ‘slags’, men who do the same are admired as ‘Romeos’, ‘old devils’, and ‘Jack the Lads’ spreading their ‘wild oats’. One way or another, women draw the short straw.  

So, to this day it remains a mystery to me why men would want to try and become biological women. I can understand that men might want to behave in a feminine way. That is why we have effeminate men. I can understand that men might want to cross dress. That is why we have transvestites and pantomime dames. And I can understand why men might prefer to sleep with other men. That is why we have homosexual men. One might combine all three and have a whale of a time, and yet remain a man. Some of my best friends are effeminate transvestite homosexuals. But why undergo the drug and surgery induced misery of physically ‘transitioning’ when the result is a biological sham that convinces nobody?

The transitioned man might fantasise that he has magically become a woman. He might demand to be treated like a woman and threaten those who do not play his game with hate crime proceedings. But however hard he tries, whatever protruding bits he has chopped off or grafted on, he still looks, walks, and talks like a man trying to be a woman. He can barely pass muster even as a butch lesbian. Most glaringly, he cannot have babies – the biological function of women. Whatever people say to his (her) face, however much they play along and pander to him (her), he visibly and biologically remains to the rest of the world a man pretending to be a woman.  

It will not be long before J K Rowling’s books are being removed from libraries and thrown on bonfires, along with effigies of Rowling herself. When dear old John Inman came on stage as the pantomime dame, and Dick Emery dressed up as Mandy said, ‘Ooh … you are awful!’, we all laughed. But now, the dames are in deadly earnest.

When will the madness end?

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10 Comments on Transgender “Ooh… you are awful!’

  1. There are more people on the sex offenders register in the UK than have undergone full gender reassignment. It is an achingly niche area of human sexuality which has no bearing on wider society, although we should be concerned that up to 50 children a week are being referred to the Tavistock Clinic. This is simply faddism, a favourite pastime of the Left. However, the corruption of young minds is also a part of their DNA, so we’d do well to be wary. When does a trickle become a flood….

  2. How did Western Civ fall?

    Well, there were many causes, of course, but what broke the camel’s back was that people, female and male, who might otherwise have fought in the trenches, so to speak, spent precious time discussing the pros and cons of the facial features of the second richest woman in the UK -a woman who had made all that money by diligently writing children’s fantasy books, having early spent time on the dole as a single mother raising a child.

    It was somehow emblematic of the Fall that it was the nature of this woman writer’s facial features that was the topic of discussion, and not the fact that she had made mountains of money providing entertainment to hundreds of millions of children not only in the West but also in the non-West and the anti-West.

    And later, some observers wondered if Western Civ might, after all, have been saved if armies of persons -male, female, mixed or indeterminate gender, on the dole, or in well paid professional jobs, or running their own businesses, or living on their inheritances, had put in the hours working on the retrieval of said Western Civ from the Abyss.

    -beyond posting complaints in letters to the Editor.

  3. Play with nature at your peril. It’s like trying to sweep back the tide, or turn men into women, or vice-versa. Animals and insects will survive natural changes, but once we try to defy nature we are doomed. I think we probably are anyway what with cloning – maybe even GM produce.p

    • Sweep back the tide?

      Like King Canute, or perhaps as the Lord Obama had promised?

      Or like the lads on the Western Front, 1917-18, following the hard years of wearing down the in-sweepers 1914-16?

  4. “Strikingly attractive” is not how I would describe Ms. Rowling, nor would she, I suspect, describe herself that way. She is hardly ugly, and in any case what I think of her depends on her books and her significant public courage, which is more important.

    I think the Harry Potter books, derivative as they are, are no worse and often better than “classics” like Tolkein’s incredibly boring books. Voltaire pointed out that envy has some justice in it. We are envious of her success and fame, but we are *less* envious than we would be if she were talentless or the books bad.


    I do not know who she sold her soul to, but he’s keeping sure up his end of the deal.

  5. All these complaints about the nature of the post-modern world.

    Look, things in the West started to fall apart some centuries ago.

    Consider these developments, in combination:

    Material abundance without personal effort, fake “education” for the non-educable, the elevation of grievance over self-sufficiency, the means (social media, rioting destruction of public and private property) to express grievance, the pretence that violence and other forms criminality need not be condemned let alone need not be punished, the pretence that non-productive and/or anti-Western cultures can happily and productively co-exist with the productive and disciplined Western host culture, the elevation of Identity over Competence in assignment to position and allocation of scarce resources/opportunities, the condemnation of Western Civ by Western intellectual and artistic elites, the ever-growing transfer of hard-earned wealth from the striving Western middle-classes to all others from everywhere and anywhere, the loss of comprehension that democratic freedoms and free enterprise -and their benefits- are under never-ending threat and must be fought for by us productive folk -and more too, actually.

    Quite a bundle eh.

    Looks bad for the Good Guys -wonder if the Good Guys can pull it out, this time.

  6. A rather strange piece .

    I very much doubt the premise that transgender are angry because they are jealous of her . Only a man would think of Rowling as attractive – Indeed it never even crossed my mind . I just looked at her thoughts. I also doubt transgender think like that .

    They are angry because one of their own has dared to defy the only view in the matter that is allowed.

    I also felt the author even in his imagination knows little about what it is like being a woman . Children for a start are not a heavy burden – they are a joy to behold for both men and women .

    • Yes, Catherine, I totally agree with you. I started laughing when I read that she is attractive. I am a man and the thought didn’t enter my head. She is just a woman, nothing special.
      Then more fantasy – women draw the short straw. Rubbish. Women have different advantages to men.
      I have never read Rowling’s books. I can’t understand why anyone would be interested in her views on anything except children’s books.

  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I find Rowling to be repellent in mind and viewpoint.
    A coincidental sharing of views on the woke, cosseted and pampered treatment of the transsexually insane does not either endear her to me or elevate her to the status of ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend.”