Double Espresso – or is it the New World Order ?

While attending the anti-lockdown protest at Trafalgar Square last Saturday, I crossed the road to the Caffe Nero.  In a queue I chatted to a pleasant couple in their 60s behind me. When it was my turn, I ordered a double espresso and produced a fiver. The young European guy serving told me that I must pay by card.

Now, if I’m ever going to challenge the impositions of the New World Order it’s when I’m at a rally against Covid tyranny. So I said ‘this is British money, in a British cafe’. The couple behind were angered on my behalf and demanded to speak to the manager.

A ‘Karen’ came out and told me that no cash is allowed due to coronavirus. Looking at me as if I’m stupid. Then a bearded older bloke further back in the queue got involved, asserting that my fiver is legal tender.  I asked the young man ‘why can’t you just open the till?’ ‘No, it’s locked’. 

Then two white middle-class women in their late twenties, in the adjacent toilet queue, intervened. ‘Stop getting at them, they’re on the minimum wage’. This provoked the beard, who suggested: ‘you’re exactly the kind of people who would have us walking into the gas chambers’.

With the row escalating (I said nothing to these women), I turned back to the guy behind the perspex screen. Feeling that my point had been made, I got my card out. .His response was to suddenly raise his arms in the air and let out a howl. He stepped back and then shuffled into the back area, where he found a nice soft landing of cardboard boxes to land on, repeating his arm-waving and howl in his backwards fall. It was clearly histrionic. 

Having seen enough amateur dramatics, I left without my coffee.

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13 Comments on Double Espresso – or is it the New World Order ?

  1. In need of Internet access a couple of weeks back, I made the mistake of going into one of the chain coffee shops and ordered a tea to drink whilst I made use of their wifi.
    When they spurned my offer of cash I walked out leaving the cup of tea on the counter.

    I got what I needed down the road in another establishment where they were quite happy to use cash.

      • Yes, I understand your thinking on this Niall.

        But actually, my view is:

        If tinkering at the front-line of coffee consumption ever was going to provide an effective remedy to mass stupidity as guided by extreme marxist malice, that time is long behind us.

        In the details, the assault upon us is very different from 1914-18 and 1939-45, but the scale of destructive challenge presented by the current attack is actually far greater.

        And let us learn from what it took in the Great Wars to save ourselves -and take the lessons and apply them.

  2. In almost the words of Kipling, I’m a better man than you are, Niall McCrae, because I’ve never visited Caffe Nero, neither have I ever purchased an Espresso, single or double.

    Traditional British coffee comes in four varieties: white with sugar, white without sugar, black with, and black without. There is also a distinction between “real” and “instant” coffee: one drinks “instant” in caffs and en famille; one drinks “real” in restaurants and at dinner parties.

    No purchaser of such foreign muck as “espresso” is a true conservative or a true patriot. Coffee is either white or black, either with sugar or without, and either real or instant. To suggest that there are other categories of coffee is to be a minion of Satan!

    N.B.1. Traditional conservatives acknowledge hundreds of different kinds of tea, and ought to be able to tell them apart. Unlike coffee, tea is genuinely subtle.

    N.B.2. Jane Kelly’s Vera is right in calling “fair trade” a scam. The extra income from our extra expenditure will be spent on guns, not on food.

  3. Do these people not understand that cashless means no cash handling… cash handing means a machine can do their job instead of them……

    But someone has to make the coffee……..

    Ever seen a coffee machine?

    Cashless means monitoring of the consumer and replacement of staff with machines.


  4. I think many are just tapping now. It’s easy and for those still in panhysteria – salves their conscience. I haven’t used cash for months.

    • It’s easier and very tempting. But by doing this we’re contributing to the gradual dehumanisation of everyday interaction, and ensuring that our masters have a record of everything we purchase. I make an effort to take cash out, and always use a human till. Protect jobs, control the Covid regime, save humanity!

  5. Surely a white person drinking coffee is a case of misappropriation of the natural endowments of non-whites?

    This must be so even if the white person pays for the coffee in whatever tender.

    Because, according to neo-marxism as mixed with naive idealism, whites can never pay for all the destruction they have put upon non-whites and Muslims from everywhere.

    But even so, massive reparations must be paid by whites to non-whites and Muslims from everywhere, in perpetuity-

    -again this is according to the marxist-inspired people who are winning the war for control over all resources and who will soon have destroyed all freedoms once taken for granted in the Anglosphere by productive, if plain, whites.

  6. Rip off Britain plunges to ever greater depths with ‘nueveau Jaques Cousteaus’ everywhere.
    Even when they permit you to buy it Costa coffee is truly awful.
    What a shame that you weren’t able to negotiate a @4% discount for cash-and then pay in pence.

  7. Really Niall this is unworthy of a person of your intellect. You mean you don’t use the Nero app? Dear oh dear. And think of the occasional free cup of coffee you’re missing.