British Army veteran violently arrested while filming at Dover.

We will all have to do this soon?

No sign of armchair anti immigration conservatives in this footage. Leave it to the working classes to go out and fight for our right to be free citizens in our own country.

Middle class Tories deserve Priti Patel and the consequences of their cowardly silence over mass immigration

Apology. Initial information about this man suggested that he was much older than he is. The Salisbury Review apologises for this error which was in good faith. We now know that his nickname is Nobby in his mid fifties who assists homeless veterans in the Dover area and has been videoing illegals brought to Dover by the Border Force and RNLI vessels. Website

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  1. Dear Noel.

    Because no one, including Parliament, is resisting it and who would with a fine of £10,000 hanging over your head! Resistance to tyranny in the past was by people who had nothing to lose but we are now all too comfortably off to risk losing it.

  2. Us:

    People who value Western Civ, its underpinnings and its boons and benefits.

    Our enemies:

    Power-hungry anti-Westernists, in many shapes and sizes.

    How to save ourselves:

    Destroy our enemy’s will and capacity to fight.

    Nothing else will do it.

    That is the key lesson of the history of war, and of history generally.

    And we at war with power-seeking anti-Westernists, whether we like it or not.

  3. Thank you, sainted editor, for drawing my attention to the “Little Veteran”. He’s not somebody I’d allow into my home, but I’m interested to learn that he’s the SR’s latest mighty hero, perhaps even more heroic than the soccer hooligan “Tommy Robinson”.

    You suggest that we “armchair anti immigration conservatives” and “middle class Tories” ought to “go out and fight”. But:

    1. At present, we’re not very numerous. If we “go out and fight”, we’ll be put in prison, where we might have to endure the company of “Little Veteran” and “Tommy Robinson”.

    2. Why not fight with words? (Endorsing the antics of thugs doesn’t count as fighting with words.)

    3. The Jacobites asked, “Wha wadna fight for Charlie”? But we have no Bonnie Prince to follow to death or glory, only assorted thugs. (Plus a lost leader, Farage.)

    • Tommy Robinson has had to leave the country to protect his family, after an attempted arson attack on his wife’s and children’s home.
      If you read his autobiography, you’ll read the section where he was arrested for “directing” a 100-man strong brawl at a football match. As he points out, there was not a single photo or piece of video footage presented in court, despite the number of mobile phones that would have been available, not to mention security footage, because none existed, because he’d not been involved.
      It didn’t exist any more than the Facebook post where he was alleged to have told his followers to behead Muslims. That would have been front page news across the world had it happened.
      Don’t believe the majority of what you’ve read in the media about him.
      He’s no angel and on knows how to take care of himself – he has to, because no one else will, including the police.

      • Well said.
        I’ve often said that if the Authorities not only refuse to take the concerns of the People seriously , but actively brand them as “Far Right” and “Racist”, then they will push them towards the real Far Right and will themselves create the situation where racist opinions become amplified.

        • In the mid 20th century, Jack London’s “Iron Heel” and Orwell’s “boot stamping on a human face forever” expressed their disgust at the methods employed by Nazi or communist states to suppress dissent. Visualise if you can an ugly humanoid, face distorted by rage and an enormous mouth screaming ‘I’m a victim’, atop a devil’s body with huge feet jumping on an uncomprehending human being. Call the picture BLM (UK), or XR, or whatever regiments of the woke brigades come to mind.

      • Lms2 – It’s a fact that “Tommy” lacks the protection from harassment that is automatically granted to his political opponents. It’s also a fact that his treatment by the bigoted police, the bigoted courts and the bigoted government is disgraceful.

        But he’s still quite a nasty piece of work, isn’t he? The worship of “Tommy” reminds me of the worship of Horst Wessel. I think we conservatives ought to take our inspiration from decent people like Enoch Powell, not from thuggish soccer hooligans.

  4. I use to think the ballot box is the only possible opportunity to have ones say when it comes to these alleged ‘bedwetters’ who lord it over us. Not now. I would like to say, as has happen in the past I think, grabbing ones MP in your district by the collar, ( figurably speaking that is) and telling him/her, if they do not follow the majorities ‘wishes’, THEY will be deselected! My father, in getting red in the face, use to growl; ‘To much talking, not enough Doing’. The Australian ‘way’ of stopping ’em at the so-called ‘source’, coming across the channel in our case, is now to next to impossible.
    Any MP definitely does not want to be thrown out. Rise up folk, and see what happens eh!

  5. Tomorrow is the 19th anniversary of 9/11.

    The USA, with considerable help from the UK and a bit from other Western nations, responded by killing many, many Islamists in Middle-East kill zones.

    This had to be done and has been an essential element in reducing Islamist attacks on the West -though obviously has not eliminated those attacks nor the costs of surveillance and security.

    But well, defence against a permanent enemy will incur permanent costs.

    Ditto will the inflow to the West of peoples prone to violence and other criminality and whose educability, trainability and productivity will always be low to non-existent.

    Yes, I say the obvious, but the obvious must be said, often, far and wide.

  6. As Kipling pointed out a century ago:

    For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an` Chuck him out, the brute! ”
    But it’s ” Saviour of ‘is country ” when the guns begin to shoot;

  7. You only have to see the paramilitary thugs in baseball-caps who masquerade as ‘bobbies’ to know that Britain has changed in every respect from it’s roots to a hideous Americanised continental-style authoritarian country where life now resembles an Oceania under ‘Big Brother’ sans the decay and poverty. The BBC is the most despicable cultural assassin because of its historic reputation for upholding British integrity and gullible people who hang onto that notion believe its poisonous propaganda. Just look at todays line-up of programs on BBC Radio 4 to see the relentless push to put black culture and ‘history’ into the forefront.

  8. Thank you Harry.
    I’m not sure if politicians do realise the extent of the feelings of the non-marxist law abiding historic population, they live in such a bubble.
    They are also incredibly arrogant that they don’t listen.
    Those that are aware, it would seem couldn’t give a damn… yet. I wonder if BLM may have been a bit of a wake up call for some, who knows.

    The police seem nothing more now than a political unit with a main aim of removing any dissenting opinion.
    As any ‘old school’ officers retire or just leave out of disgust we will be left with only those so brainwashed they will be unable to see anything other than there mission to uphold the status quo.

    I spoke to two officers on Saturday. They had covid masks on so I couldn’t really see their full facial expressions.
    One was very young looking from what I could tell, the other not so.
    I remarked that I was of an age to remember when the police were respected, and it is now a shame that so many see them as a tool for the politicians.
    The younger looked confused I could tell by how he furrowed his brow.
    The other one just looked down to the ground. A short exchange, but I got the impression he agreed.
    Naturally they are not allowed to pass comment or seem bias…… that is unless they are being ordered to ‘take the knee’ by a different set of people!

  9. Don’t want to fight for Western Civ?

    Fine, almost no one does.

    So, that’s alright then.

    Blacks will continue to riot, and destroy lives and property, and continue to consume their welfare hand-outs funded by productive whites.

    Muslims will continue to destroy lives and property, and consume their welfare hand-outs funded by productive whites.

    Chinese and Muslims will continue to infiltrate all Western institutions.

    White Europeans will continue to watch TV, eat and drink high-priced items, and take vacations in warm places, when not in cold places.

    Whites will withdraw into the background -too risky to walk on any street.

    And then blacks, Muslims and Chinese will fight for the big prize.

    Blacks will lose that fight.

    And the Muslim-Chinese contest will go on, and on.

    Whites will mostly die out.

    Because they could not be bothered to fight for Western Civ.

    • The problem has been in the making for decades, so that now it isn’t just one generation infected with this malaise, and almost evangelical belief that we have no right to proclaim anything as regards our survival.

      Education and the media have been two of the driving forces behind this. It goes without saying our main political parties are stuffed to the gills with those who are wedded to their multi-cultural/diversity dream.
      Thick or just short sighted for a few blips on their GDP graph and big business?
      Both I’d say. Where exactly most of these hideously white middle class people (especially in politics) think they will fit into this new world created here and across Europe I’ve no idea.
      Of course you could add arrogance to the list because they obviously are so confident of their superiority, they think they will always be Lord and Master.
      I think groups such as BLM will have other ideas if we do reach minority status.

      There are people trying to turn this around, it’s just unfortunate that they get branded with silly scary names and everyone then retreats preferring to sit and hope for the best, while virtue signalling their ‘British tolerance’.

  10. I was in Dover and I saw this first hand. I’ve seen Little Veteran before as with my husband also ex-forces we’ve given support to the other veterans events.
    He is as you would expect disciplined, but has a ‘squaddies’ rough tongue which I believe is the only thing they could charge him on or so I’ve read ( for abusive language to a policeman)

    Naturally he has been driven by the plight of many ex-servicemen on the streets in contrast to the 4**** star hotels being handed out to illegals.
    Throughout he reminded those with him that this was a peaceful demonstration, and in no way was anyone to take on the police. Naturally there were a few obviously out for a rumble, and some with the beer cans etc. and that is just manna from heaven for the media and politicians. He couldn’t police everyone’s behaviour so it’s no discredit to him or his efforts.

    The police presence was over the top. Maybe they had no idea of how many would turn up that’s true, but surely an ongoing situation report could tell them the numbers there could have allowed for a stand down of some officers.
    There were a few scuffles between police and some protesters as they tried to move them on, but nothing major and most of the group complied with the officers instructions.
    However, the tactic used to remove Little Veteran was outrageous given that he was protesting legally and had done a good job at keeping order considering he had a large group to handle many of who I doubt he’d ever seen before. He was not orchestrating a full scale riot, he was not orchestrating damage to property or inciting violence. They waited until he was isolated and then used ‘snatch squad’ tactics to remove him.
    I believe he was also kept in the back of a police van for 5 hours before being taken to North Kent.
    Luckily for the police, and credit to the protesters this did not then cause mayhem to erupt with people rampaging, which without Little Veterans guiding presence could so easily have happened.

    The contrast to the the police action not just over the BLM riots and subsequent evening take overs in certain areas by certain youth’s, but all previous riots by those who must not be offended was quite plain for all to see.
    In fact it was something mentioned over and over by many of the bystanders.

    If the politicians could hear the views of the ordinary people in the crowd I’m afraid they’d be in for a shock. They think people haven’t noticed what’s going on, but despite a one sided media there are more people out there who have come to distrust all they are being told.
    It’s easy for the media and politicians to label all those against mass immigration be it illegal or legal as thugs, a bit dim, racist, xenophobic and to create a picture of them blaming immigrants for all the ills.
    Most people don’t blame individual immigrants, who they blame is where the fault lies and that is with the political elite.

    • A very valid and useful set of comments here by Michelle.

      But I think we must assume that all politicians know the views of non-marxist, productive, law-abiding whites on this and related matters.

      And that politicians either want to dissolve non-marxist, productive, law-abiding white society or have concluded that nothing can be done to halt that dissolution, and so have surrendered.

      And we must assume that most coppers, at all levels, are tools of anti-Westernist and/or surrenderist politicians -whether they realise it or not.

  11. Violence by blacks is being encouraged and supported, even funded, by Marxists and naive idealists-

    -that is, by enemies of Western Civ within these groups: the wealthy, the political class, educators and civil servants generally including administrators of welfare distribution and the BBC people, commercial media people, and even among the plain folk.

    And within these anti-Westernist groups, there are also those, fueled by malice and/or ignorance, who encourage insurrection by Muslims and agents of the Chinese Communist party.

    This is true in the UK, and all over the West, esp in the Anglosphere.

  12. The Old Stoics recommended to the aspiring wise that they do occasional “utter disaster scenarios”.

    Such activity serves both to inure the person to extreme hardship and also to open up one’s creative impulses in pursuit of survival.

    Here’s what we’d do well to imagine, right now:

    The decline, subjugation and eventual disappearance of the white race.

    (But sure, the elite 1% or so, in all fields of human endeavour, will survive.)

  13. There is a vast literature on “How To Defeat A Mortal Enemy”.

    But reading just a book or two or finding the right authority on YouTube will set you right.

    Note: “Chatting among friends” is not decisive in a winning strategy.

  14. Note the obvious:

    The people with nominal responsibility for the security of the UK and its peoples are not acting in accord with their nominal duties.

    Politicians, the civil service admin, the front-line people such as coppers and the Border Force, the lawyers paid for by tax-payers, the teachers/educators, the BBC people, and 90% of the commercial media -all are doing something with their time, but their efforts are not on behalf of the white British plain person.

    This has been true for several decades, but few of the plain folk whose lives are now being destroyed could be bothered to notice.

    Now, this has happened all over the West, esp in the Anglosphere.

    The Trump Phenomenon -Trump and the people he speaks for- is the last line of defence against the marxist-inspired hordes.

    And if Team Trump loses the Nov election, we must expect The End Of Days.

    William – For months now I just keep asking myself (and my wife) the same question: “Why are we not rioting now?”
    Annie – Because, despite our best efforts, we remain decent, law-abiding citizens.The fact that we are cursed with a brain is just our bad luck.
    Cecil B – To their dying day the Jews of 1930’s Germany remained ‘decent law abiding citizens’

  16. If anyone thought my previous comment on us now living in a police state was hyperbole, then I suggest that you read Peter Hitchens’ column in this morning’s Mail on Sunday.

  17. The Police (or rather their superiors) have chosen their side.

    They have chosen the progressive orthodoxy of the establishment, with its ‘Red Guards’ of woke youth, against the ordinary, patriotic people.

    They have chosen lockdown over liberty for you and i. While giving licence to XR and BLM wreckers.

    Robert Peel RIP.

  18. Illegal immmigration is almost a red herring.

    The UK legally lets in hundreds of thousands a year from outside Europe to permanently settle – hastening the demise of the native Briton.

    • “we now live in a virtual police state”, yes, I can understand your saying that.
      Please explain how you’ve determined the majority supporting it.