A Diet of Worms 2020 ?

Book Burning 2020

Luther was condemned at the Diet of Worms in 1521 for his attack on the corruption of the church. But if you thought indulgences, excommunication, burning at the stake, witches and witchfinders, blasphemy, papal bulls, book burning, and the church’s seizure of the common people’s wealth, ended with Luther, think again and watch this amusing video.

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5 Comments on A Diet of Worms 2020 ?

  1. Luther was a man who could not control his lust. He attempted to turn the world to his will. The lust of Luther trumped the corruption of the Clerics.

    Same with Henry the 8. Although he never bothered with theological arguments, the wanna-be British aristocracy and he simply raided the Church and stole everything they could find and had his way with his many wives. The foundation of Anglicanism and the British Aristocracy was a great theft.

    Modernity is in trouble yes. It is founded on Nihilism. The old dead horse of Medievalism should not be flogged again though. We are missing morality. Simple god fearing morality. It has been replaced by the impetus and fickle will of the wealthy.

    • Then there’s the fickle will and wilful ignorance of the non-productive, nett consuming, nett criminal, nett violent, nett non-educable, anti-empirical groups of peoples.

  2. Yes well, among other things that have not worked out very well, mass education has failed to produce a critical mass of Westerners who can deal with Reality.

    This tells us something about the masses as well as about the marxists who control and staff the West’s education industries.

    • The failure of mass education is perhaps the greatest of all modern failures. The plan was for the children of the masses to learn something about Homer and Shakespeare and Bach, but instead they’re taught about Toni Morrison and Caryl Churchill and Stormzy.