Birmingham Stabbings: The police continue their war on whiteness.

The Birmingham stabbings last night saw one man dead and eight others injured, two critically, including a woman who was repeatedly stabbed in the neck. But as we read the BBC report of the incident earlier today, our revulsion at the incident turns to incredulity and disgust at the police reaction.

Chief Superintendent Steve Graham reassured us that ‘we are doing everything we can do to trace the offender’, including ‘detailed searches’, and even ‘people going down drains’. Yet this all-out effort to catch the perpetrator did not extend to issuing a description, despite detailed witness descriptions having been provided to the police. Only CCTV footage would do – this finally being released this evening, 18 hours after the attacks, confirming the witness descriptions to the letter. Why the delay?

We turn to Sky News and hear bar owner Savvas Sfrantziz, who witnessed the stabbing of the woman from 20 yards away, describe the man, and all becomes clear. He was, ‘a black guy between 20 and 25, wearing a black hoodie with two white stripes on the front, black trousers and a black cap’. Not much room for mistaken identity here – nor, one suspects, in the descriptions provided by the two men who chased after the perpetrator, and even exchanged words with him later in the street.

We knew it all along. The police are guided by one overriding imperative: to avoid causing offence and reinforcing negative stereotypes of BAME victims of historic injustice and institutional white racism. And ‘Black man kills white man’ does not quite do the trick. But you can watch Savvas Sfrantziz describing the perpetrator in precise detail before your very eyes:

So, the perpetrator was at large for 18 hours, no doubt ready to continue his rampage if the random impulse took him, but no description was to be issued the public because the perpetrator was black. 

The Chief Superintendent continued: ‘It does appear to be a random attack because we haven’t found any links between the victims, either in their nature or in where they were socialising’. Their nature? That is a curious choice of word. Was it possible that the perpetrator was targeting introverts or extraverts, the placid or the excitable, the thoughtful or the impulsive? Or, more likely, was the officer hamstrung by fear of referring to race or ethnicity, and thereby committing a hate crime of his own?

Then we hear that there is no evidence that the stabbings were ‘a hate crime’. Now, what in God’s name does this mean? Are we seriously supposed to believe that there was no motive, that the stabbings were random acts (‘I’ll just stab that woman over there’)? Or, more likely, are we meant to be relieved that the stabbings do not fall into that heinous category of acts in which racism is judged the motive – for example, when the white perpetrator utters the wrong word and, consciously or unconsciously, causes offence to a BAME victim? Murder, rape, pillage to your heart’s content, but so long as it is not construed a ‘hate crime’, we can all rest easy.

No one can doubt the vigour and conspicuous virtue with which the ruling liberal establishment are going about realising their multicultural dream and expiating their colonial sins. But the message to the White English grows louder and clearer by the day: ‘We will destroy your culture, your settled communities, your way of life. We will not protect you, or your children, on the streets. You are on your own.’  

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25 Comments on Birmingham Stabbings: The police continue their war on whiteness.

  1. Ethnic British have been thrown to the wolves! We are constantly being let down and vilified by the MSM, unions, educators, politicians and most of all BAME who we have had forced upon us. I have this before and I will say it again, it’s time we ethnic British Establish a militia.

  2. You need to identify your opposition. The proponents of the steady murder of the National Native British People need to be identified clearly. At the moment they hide. If not, you are doomed. You have already had your ability to think clipped with hate speech laws. Wake up.

    • Best to conduct the counter-campaigns quietly and unseen, in ways and to degrees feasible.

      Plus remember the necessary elements of victory in war:

      Must destroy the enemy’s capacities and will to fight -in all aspects of the enemy’s states of nature, and that includes the enemy’s “civilian support systems”, to be almost blunt/obvious about it.

  3. The perpetrator was running around the centre of Birmingham stabbing innocent people without the police managing to catch him.
    He has now been arrested and speculation on a motive for the crime. We will have to await the police investigation.
    But I do not have any trust that the police would reveal the truth if it turns out to be anything that contradicts the myth of white oppression and BAME victimhood.

    • Yes.

      And the police take their guidance from the politicians -mostly from the politicians in the governing party, but others generally.

  4. There *is* a description. These days, if the police doesn’t tell you how a criminal looks, you can simply assume he is black (or Muslim), and the territory of the crime tells you which it is.

  5. The police subsequently explained that they did not circulate the suspect’s picture because it resembled thousands of others. They have a point.

    • Hmmm. Not sure that helps their wokery David.
      Reminds me of the first Chinese restaurant opening in my home town when I was a kid. Never having seen any kind of foreigner we marvelled that all the people working there looked the same.
      A couple of years later the restaurant was robbed and when the case came to court the proprietor was reported as having been unable to positively identify the thieves as to him, he said, all Englishmen looked the same.

    • >The police subsequently explained that they did not circulate the suspect’s picture because it resembled thousands of others. They have a point.

      That is true for every crime suspect, white or black. Would they ever refuse to release the description of a white suspect for the same reason? Of course not.

      The police had revealed, in the “looks like thousands of others” “explanation”, that they believe the (racist and evil) white public thinks all blacks look the same, so it would be “racist” for them to release a description since the evil whites might “victimize” innocents black peoples by reporting them as the suspect.

      That is the #1 concern. Avoid hurting the feeling of black people. More dead white people? Who cares? Serves them right for being racist, anyway. You can bet that if it were the other way around – if the victim were black – then all concerns about the victim looking similar to others would be overruled. Black people being stabbed, now that is a *serious* crime.

      There are some “explanations” worse than the original fault, and that is one of them. Like the old joke of a man who patted prince Philip on the bum mockingly, and when the prince angrily checked who did this to him, the man replied that he was mistaken – he thought it was the queen.

  6. And just imagine:

    If the British had not halted the African slave trade (by way of legislation and deployment of RN squadrons) then many blacks would have been enslaved by the Arabs and the Chinese right there at home in black Africa-

    -well, many more than is currently the case anyway.

    (Bonus points for correct answers to this question: Why do Gulf State Arabs “employ” (pretty much enslave actually) Indians and other Asians to do their domestic and indeed all manual labour -and not “employ” (enslave) black Africans for that purpose).

  7. The incidence of black criminality -murder, rape, other physical assault, theft, false pretences of various kinds- exceeds that of whites by factors of 5 to 10, by proportion.

    Black violence/criminality against whites far exceeds white violence on blacks, by proportion.

    This is the truth of the matter.

    These is so all over the West, and in Africa.

    The enormity of white predicament is so vast that of course, it will be denied and attention diverted elsewhere.

    I feel great sympathy for blacks who are not criminally or violently inclined -but the fact is that a hugely disproportionate number of blacks are violent and criminal.

    And there is no solution.

    Whites who do not have access to security provided by the elites for the elites had better have a good think, right now, about how to protect themselves, their families and their property.

    No saviour is coming.

    (And let us not forget, even though it is carefully covered up: Muslim groups from everywhere also present nett costs to whites.)

    • The best initial approach for the white population (once known as English) would be to quietly extend and strengthen its informal apartheid (white flight). Then prepare for the next stage of the struggle.

      • Yes Robert, I am coming to that view too.

        There are strong signs of similar thinking in the USA, and I see it emerging now in Australia.

        The marxists have made it necessary for nominally non-left politicians to veer Left.

        The Trump Phenomenon -more than Trump the person- is perhaps the final line of defence for a society that depends on the striving white middle-classes to strive.

        And without a white striving middle-class, no wealth can be created for the elite one percent.

      • I suggest something on these lines in the current edition of the magazine. One wonders whether future historians will look back on our age in the same way we look back at the Anglo-Saxons and Celts – the Celts fleeing westward to the hills, or just disappearing altogether. Except that the demise, or genocide, of the Celts was not self-inflicted. The modern-day English seem to have a death wish.

  8. It seems to me the police are scared. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Questionable if they are getting support from on high. So they have to make absolutely sure of the identity before they go public. No doubt they are very frustrated. Policing with one arm tied behind your back is no good at all.

    • Possibly LJ.

      But the point is that police, civil service people, and elected politicians, at all levels, must act on the simple truth that if blacks and Muslims are not appeased at every turn, there are greater costs to pay.

      Obvious -but the obvious must be pointed out, again and again.

        • Yes, you say the truth here David.

          We know this:

          If a person/people cannot be bothered to pay the price of their own survival as free persons, they will be enslaved and/or die.

          Of course, few whites today realise that the anti-Western infiltrators, the anti-Western insurrectionists, the anti-Western enslavers, the anti-Western brain-washers, already occupy most of the power-positions in the various institutions that comprise our form of Western society.

          And these enemy power-holders are well-equipped to guide the daily actions of the vast numbers of clueless, over-fed, over-entertained people who have nominal positions of employment in all tax-payer funded institutions -including all civil services, the education systems, the BBC, even the police, Border Force, and military.

          And such anti-Westernist power over the clueless extends into most of the realms of free enterprise -throughout business, including the commercial news/opinion/entertainment/arts industries.

  9. Yes, the final three sentences of James Monteith’s blog say it clear.

    We are in big trouble.

    But still, most of us slumber.

    And among those who do know the score, there are only a very, very few who can be bothered to mobilise in effective response.

  10. I believe this is more than the expression of fake/false virtue.

    That factor is certainly in the mix.

    But the main factor is the marxist-inspired anti-empirical beliefs/rules that are channeled by the mainstream media and the education systems and which now permeate the police “services” and the legal system, and the civil service admins, and even much of business and the military.

    • Targeting the police and army was always a Leninist priority.
      The “race, gender, class” critical studies of the US in the 1960s are now the official “equality, diversity, inclusion” ideology of the UK in 2020.

      • Just had my Diversity lecture at work.
        I must say that it echoes Hendrik Verwoerd rather than Martin Luther King.
        If I were to quote a sermon in Calcutta from Mother Teresa when I worked for her in which she spoke on Matthew 22 and the 2 commandments I suspect I would be shown the door.