Corona Virus Legislation: The Gagging of Parliament.

Corona Virus legislation. A snitch's charter

What do the new abortion laws in Northern Ireland, the new mental health sectioning laws, the new local authority disability benefit rules and the £10,000 fine given to Piers Corbyn have in common? Not a lot one would think, but of course they do – they were all passed under new Corona virus legislation without Parliament ever voting on any of them.

The Corona Virus Act is the most far reaching and draconian legislation ever introduced in this country. Steve Baker MP, a leading Brexiteer, is reported to have cried as he read each page but he still went on to ‘ reluctantly support the bill but said that it was ushering in a “dystopian society” and urged the government not to allow the measures to continue “one moment longer” than necessary.’ (Wiki).

Without a vote, with almost no one noticing, practically no debate and without any protest, the majority of MP’s in the House of Commons and all the Lords lost their ability to scrutinise, debate and vote on much new legislation. Government ministers can now bring in legislation under the Corona Virus Act, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with the virus – can in theory, stay in force forever even though it was never voted on. A glaring example is the restriction, without any debate in Parliament, on more than gatherings of six people.

Before the Corona Virus act, two doctors one of whom had to be a qualified psychiatrist and a social worker were required to section anyone. Now just a single doctor (how about a Harley Street cosmetic surgeon ?) can send you to a mental hospital for ever. Perhaps when the police have finished pursuing Piers Corbyn around the country to rough him up and arrest him every time he appears in public, or violently arresting the veteran who had the nerve to protest against illegal immigration in Dover, they can find a ‘friendly’ doctor to say that they are both mad. How convenient for the government.

This tome of a document, some 370 pages of dense text, changes how we are ruled. We have not only lost our liberty but also a great part of our democracy. Whilst it remains in force, we cannot vote – and those we previously voted to be our representatives, however bad, themselves cannot vote. General elections, by-elections and local elections are all cancelled. Even during the height of world wars one and two, local elections were still held and we had general elections whilst we were still fighting Japan and during the height of the Spanish flu epidemic when 228,000 people died, the equivalent of over 400,000 people today.

What is worse is that it is almost certain that this draconian document had been planned well in advance. It is impossible that such a large legal text could have been written and agreed upon between 13th March when Boris went into a panic and the 24th March when it was rolled out. In that sense, if in no others, Piers Corbyn is right in that the Corona virus is an excuse for a major undemocratic power grab by governments across the world.

One prominent lawyer compared it to legislation produced in the Weimar: ‘Most of what Hitler did was legal – the only area he had more powers was over the death penalty but Germany already had a legalised the death penalty’

We assume that we have an adversarial system with Labour and Conservatives fighting each other, but we would be wrong to think this. What we now have – with the agreement of both parties with almost no murmur of dissent –  is government against the people.

Sadly we see this coming through everyday in violent, rough and political policing – anyone who is seen to be the organiser or a leader of a protest or just a member of the awkward squad gets dragged to the ground, roughed up and bundled into a police car.

Where are those politicians who believe in freedom and democracy? Are you going to support your brother, Jeremy Corbyn? What about Steve Baker, Andrea Jenkins, John Redwood, Mark Francois and many others who said freedom was important.  Where are all 650 MPs and every member of the House of Lords?
Eight hundred and five years after Magna Carta are we going to let democracy just fade away?

Where did you hear about the Salisbury Review ?

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23 Comments on Corona Virus Legislation: The Gagging of Parliament.

  1. As some observers are saying:

    Governments of all Western countries should be in deep consideration of how to deter attacks by enemies using biological weapons-

    -and how to deal with the consequences of a successful attack using biological weapons.

    That is, if such governments still regard themselves as responsible for the safety and security of their (white) citizens, and are capable of directing the country’s civil and military services to do the necessary work.

  2. Parliament is filled with people whose loyalty is to the political party that facilitated them getting a job as an MP.
    They have no independence. If they speak against the political stitch up, with any candour. It will be after they leave the ‘gravy train’ or retire and want to sell their memoirs.
    ‘Zookeeper’ is right. The government can get away with virtually any blatant falsehood and the people are happy with a takeaway and their access to the exciting world of social media.
    A strange kind of country that imprisons people for speaking the truth and protects those that seek to destroy it.
    Russia and China are not as accomplished in the art of destroying freedom.

  3. If there was no uprising over Rotherham and numerous other towns, and not much of a murmur after the Manchester suicide-bombing of the pop concert, I doubt many will even notice such a small trifle as the loss of freedom and evaporation of democracy.
    It´s as if the soul has been surgically removed from the people.

    • Dear Zookeeper.

      You have it in a nutshell. J. Enoch Powell, on news of the outbreak of war in 1939, left his professorship of Greek at Sydney University and returned to England to enlist as a private soldier. That passion to defend Britain and all it stood for is now as dead as the age of the dinosaurs as there is no longer a BritIn worth defending thanks to the combined socialist/Marxist/E.U. hegemony that has crushed it. Note: I have been listening to ‘Talk Radio’ in the mornings with Julia Hartley-Brewer and invited commentators who put Britain first unlike the BBC ‘Today’ program which is obsessed with Covid 19 and takes the side of the E.U. – no surprise there! Regular Monday mornings (11.00 am) has Mike Graham interviewing Peter Hitchens for a half-hour.

    • The Manchester bombing was not a bombing.. it was a staged event. Please refer to the courageous RD Hall’s work on this subject.

  4. I question if images of Hitler and the NAZIs cut through to sufficient people today -if the goal is to wake them up to the ravages of tyranny and the large-scale destruction of lives.

    Time to utilise/devise some up-to-date symbols that will awaken the plain folk from their pre-occupations with gluttony and entertainment.

    Are there any clever/proper artists or advertising people who are not marxist-inspired, and might help?

    Promise them anonymity of course.

  5. Catherine Blaiklock asks:

    “…are going to let democracy just fade away?”

    Well, to answer a slightly different question, we have allowed ourselves to be tyrannised by quite a few kinds of tyrants, including:

    -elected politicians, civil servants (in which groups, I include police, educators, the BBC people), people in the commercial media, Muslims and blacks, and Luvvies.

    “Voting in elections” is not the sole or even most important factor that determines if a “democracy” exists.

    Politicians, if they are to serve their proper purposes in a democracy, must be supported and encouraged and pushed and shoved every day of every week, without cease.

    This is something noted and observed at least 2,500 years ago when early forms of “democracy” were being formulated and tried out in Athens.

  6. It feels as though we are being softened up for a relatively orderly transition to an Islamic state.
    Have a look at this documentary that chronicles the rise of totalitarianism in 1930s Germany.
    – instilling fear tick
    – suppression of free speech tick
    – making protest illegal tick
    – halting elections tick
    – pitching neighbours against each other tick
    – kicking people out of jobs because of wrong think tick
    The hour is late! Can we reverse it?
    How Hitler Gained Absolute Power In Germany | Impossible Peace | Timeline

  7. … Meanwhile the Finnish conductor guesting on the last night of the Proms… You know, the one that didn’t want to feature some traditional English patriotic songs in the programme (even though it is an expectation), but was seen gustily leading the orchestra in a piece by Finnish patriotic composer, Jean Sibelius.

    I thought irony was a British thing?

    • Stephen J – It gets worse.

      The version of “jerusalem” we’ll be hearing in future won’t be Sir Hubert Parry’s, but Errollyn Wallen’s. Sir Hubert was my music teacher’s teacher’s teacher, and I’m grateful to be part of that great tradition. (if my life depended on it, I could probably compose a four-part fugue.) But anybody studying music now will be deprived of that great tradition. Instead of Parry, they’ll get Ms Wallen. Instead of music they’ll be offered shit.

  8. We cannot gather in a group of more than six without being arrested. 20 migrants can paddle across the channel and get housed free in a hotel – at taxpayer’s exprnse of course. It is a mad, mad world.

  9. The burning question here is “what the hell are we going to do to combat this tyranny from Boris and his henchmen”? We need to say no, we will not COMPLY. WE need to get out onto the streets as around 20,000 of us did on 29 August in Trafalgar Square and others did in Germany and around the world and most importantly, keep up the momentum in spite of aggression from the Government. We won two world wars and voted to leave another oppressor, the EU – we cannot allow this country to be enslaved by our own treacherous politicians!

  10. I’d like to be told more about “the new mental health sectioning laws”.

    (We conservatives aren’t evil, of course. We merely need professional help to solve the problems that exist inside our silly little heads.)

  11. Calling Jeremy Corbyn. Isn’t it about time you surfaced out of your bunker and support your older brother Piers . You may even, in the process, change your legacy from “mouse to “man”.

  12. Once Nigel Farage bent his knee abd stood down the Brexit Party candidates to a handful in order the gift Al Boris a sizeable parliamentary majority for 5 years then this is the dismal result.

    With hindsight a smart move by the author to quit and time now to reinvigorate genuine adversarial politics ie have another go Catherine!

  13. I can envisage the frustration and fear in 1933 when the Nazis were facilitated by a weak polity in ‘lawfully’ grabbing untrammelled powers over Germans and to witness it happening in 21st century Britain is not just depressing but terrifying. So much for restoring Parliamentary power from Brussels when Parliament has meekly sat on its hands and allowed marshal law by a so-called ‘Conservative’ government to make a mockery of a free society. The crazy logic of limiting numbers of gatherings to 6 people in your own home is the same ‘junk science’ as limiting 1 person per car to reduce road deaths/serious injuries which are in the order of over 26,000/year. That will no doubt be on this government’s agenda soon to have us all, including grandma and grandad, on bloody push-bikes or perhaps roller-skates with ‘executives’ wizzing by on electric scooters whilst in a Zoom conference on their mobile phone. The 1940s/’50s holds memories for me of unheated homes, chilblains, rationing, the ‘utility mark’ on furniture and clothing, and tiny spending power but we did enjoy an uncrowded free life with an accessible bureaucracy that served rather than ruled, and, above all, a respect for privacy, a respect for the judiciary and the police, and no surveillance in public spaces and buildings because we lived in a confident nation state monoculture that we felt privileged to have been born into. Fifty years after that misjudged but truthful speech in Wolverhampton, John Enoch Powell’s prediction has been largely vindicated.

  14. Like the parson’s egg this piece was good in parts.

    ’tis true, we are currently living under a fascist dictatorship.

    What is not true is that Nigel Farage has been silent. On the contrary, given the fact that he is given zero time on the media, apart from the odd slot as cannon fodder on the TV show presented by a Mr. Morgan.

    He railed against the legislation on his former radio show on the day that it passed, swore that he would do everything he could to ensure that it is repealed at the earliest possible moment….

    … and his (until he was kicked out by LBC) radio show was daily niggling at one aspect of the Covid Confection or other.

    One thing that he has no time for is conspiracy theory, and it seems to me that if he missed one thing, it would be the co-relation between the “Event 201” conference on how to respond to a pandemic that led to an actual pandemic that arrived about a month later. The information that came out of that is fascinating. There are videos of the conference, but one in particular was a bit of a giveaway… namely that an overwhelming quantity of misinformation, rumour and scaremongering would be at the front of government’s plans for damage control…

    … Never let the public act as one.