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4 Comments on Remembering who we were.

  1. And then, remembering who they were, they displaced all “human rights” lawyers, educators, journalists/columnists/media talking-heads and politicians and replaced them with human-responsibility lawyers, educators, journalists/columnists media talking-heads and politicians.

  2. Who “we” are? Include me out! The Gramsci-Marcus trajectory of “agenda-working” has imposed an incremental “equality & diversity” tyranny on our institutions, from parliament and TV to police stations and primary schools; and some “conservatives” have woken up at last to what has been going on for several decades. We the people of England have not spoken yet, as John Humphrys (a welcome dissident) has just pointed out. But we have not all given in or given up.

    For useful background info online about the BLM scam, search e.g. John Perazzo @ Horowitz Freedom Center; Jared Taylor @ American Renaissance; Jim Goad (George Floyd – The Big Lie) & @ Taki’s Magazine.

    “Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

  3. In remembering who we were, or at least remember the white Western Civ of which were a member, remember this:

    Without white-created sports and entertainment, and without TV, movies and the internet also created by whites to project sports and entertainment, there’d be few/no blacks making major money and attaining global stardom.

    Then remember that without white-created science, medicine, engineering, public hygiene/health infrastructure, there be far fewer blacks (and Muslims) who’d have lives that matter or not.

    And in the USA, white cops do not kill blacks out of proportion to base rate numbers.

    And blacks kill blacks and blacks kill whites at 5 to 10 times the rates that would be expected by population numbers.

    BLM and all anti-white/anti-Western utterances, riots, lootings and trashings of property are based on ignorance, envy or malice -or a combination of these.

    And are funded by people who want to usurp all power over all of us.

    Where are the black influencers who point out these truths?

    We either fight back, in serious terms, or we die out.