The Daily Telegraph on the great unwashed and their inexplicable love of country.

In a column entitled ‘Is ‘wokism’ creating an army of alt-Right teens?’ and headed by a photo of Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant Alice Cutter next to a swastika, the Telegraph’s Celia Walden expresses alarm that young whites are turning to extreme white supremacist ideologies.

She concedes that this reaction comes as no surprise in the current climate of PC dogma and censorship and general denigration of our civilization. Indeed, Celia herself has argued tirelessly against ‘woke’ culture in her columns in the Telegraph. But the ‘poisonous weeds’ of ‘Right-wing’ hate, of ‘casual racisms’ and ‘casual sexisms’, are quite another matter.

This is fair enough – except that when it comes to the underlying ideology of which ‘wokeness’ is merely a manifestation, the ideology of ‘multi-culture’ and its accompanying mantras of diversity and inclusion, impeccably well-mannered Celia predictably toes the Telegraph line and falls silent. Indeed, the very term ‘woke’ has a suspiciously genteel feel about it in contrast to, say, ‘liberal fascist’, or just ‘fascist’, for what we are witnessing is essentially the campaign to deconstruct and destroy Western civilization.

‘Woke’ is also a handy euphemism for avoiding discussion of issues like mass immigration, population replacement, grooming gangs, honour killings, and genital mutilation, which might give one indigestion after dinner; and for avoiding having to associate with the flag-waving tattoo-sporting army issue boot attired white working class, whose manners are so coarse and vulgar.  

Free speech, so long as it is limited to the after-dinner conversation of the educated class, fits nicely with the open borders, unlimited cheap labour and holiday villas for the rich, agenda of global liberalism. But any questioning of the dominant ideology of multi-culture would only threaten this honey pot for the privileged.

How else would City hedge fund managers, corporate lawyers and accountants make their money? How would one recruit one’s servants, nannies, au pairs, and Waitrose delivery truck drivers? What would happen to the value of one’s property without immigration-fuelled asset inflation?

Besides, higher-end cosmopolitan multi-culture holds a certain appeal for those whose wealth and privilege enables them to maintain bolt holes in quaint English towns and villages far from the madding crowds and invading hordes of the cities. It enables them to eat out at exotic restaurants, buy luxury villas and apartments in exotic places, and occasionally grace their soirees with refined public school educated polo playing BAME specimens.

Telegraph readers, by contrast, know the score only too well, as their acid and witty comments on the website testify. But then they are a coarser breed than the columnists, and Camilla’s editors have wisely not allowed any comments to besmirch her piece.  

Heaven forbid that the great unwashed should spoil the party.

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12 Comments on The Daily Telegraph on the great unwashed and their inexplicable love of country.

  1. Those sentences for membership of a political group are out of proportion to the state’s response to actions carried out by blm et al.

  2. Excellent article. So refreshing from the usual mealy mouthed and verbal gymnastics that try so desperately to avoid the truth.
    Ditto that for the comments.

    I’ve no idea who Alice Cutter is and as for a Miss Hitler beauty pageant, well that’s just idiotic and will achieve nothing. I often wonder if such people are put in place to panic the masses when they start stepping out of line. A lot more people have had an alarm call after the summer of BLM and the daily incursions along the south coast.

    Believing mass immigration, multi-culturalism and diversity has not been a success, and being concerned that we are being replaced, written out of our own history/story among other things does not make someone a ‘nazi’ with all the associations that go along with that.
    Believing that different cultures and attainments have come about because of the differences in people’s ethnic make-up doesn’t equate to seeing one set as inferior and one set as superior. It is just different and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact diversity on a global scale is a good thing. I support all people’s right to keep and celebrate their own culture/systems in their own historical setting.
    The problem is when you try to push the whole world and its differences upon one set of people, without their agreement and then ignoring the glaringly obvious failure and unfairness of it all. All you can do is create ever more laws to keep the host population in place, and dole out special treatment to the various other groups who are not rooted here and feel that they are slighted by that fact.
    That is it seems to me what is happening to us. What can possibly go wrong?

    • Fascism is an essential component of Marxism. No significantly socialist ideology can be implemented unless those implementing it are also fascist i.e. Statist Totalitariansor, as Mussolini said “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State”.

  3. Populations replacement? Well, yes; but is it me, or is this site reacting to the latest paradigm shift to the left by taking on more of the critique from ethnic nationalists?

    • White Ethno-nationalism is a reaction to a multicultural and multiracialist project that gives every impression of seeking to devalue and denigrate White peoples past and present and to deny them a secure future in their homelands.

      • Excellent Point. The project, intended or not, since the inception of the 1948 Commonwealth Nationalities Act, has been to slowly, but surely, turn an homogenous anglo-saxon/celt culture and society, into a multicultural one. Not one electorate was or has ever been asked if this is something they wanted to do…akin to asking turkey’s about Christmas I suspect! Such a project has been allowed to go on, assisted by legislation that effectively cancels or imprisons anyone that objects to such a change to our identity, country and society. Combine that with the post-Modernist capture of education, media and politics and its attack on our history, traditions, culture and heritage and you pretty much have a very successful recipe for destruction of one society within its own borders, without a shot being fired!

  4. The great unwashed are the mob and the mob are the ethnic British. As we all know, as many on the left will never admit to, we the majority are feeling very angry at being left out in the cold!

  5. Readers’ comments on Walden’s article have not been allowed. Censorship on these matters is applied universally by the entire MSM. No wonder people are angry.

  6. When one considers Africa, much of Asia and Latam, Russia, Islam, one is directed to the question:

    Which came first:

    Tyrants, or masses who must be tyrannised?

    When one considers the West, one might ask:

    Which came first:

    Productive elites who gave up on the masses, or masses who could not respond constructively/responsibly to their freedoms, rights and material abundance?

  7. Not working out very well at all, is it?

    Life-on-Earth I mean.

    There are all these differences among people and all these health problems that cannot be remedied by spending vast amounts of “government money”, or by legislating that all persons from everywhere are equal and that everything must be fair for everyone.

    Pity that God died eh.