Minneapolis’ guilty whites think BLM lawn signs will save them when the mob comes.

(Link to original web page) It’s a strange time to be staying in Downtown Minneapolis.

This apartment block on 5th and 7th is all but empty. There are long corridors of fresh paint and new-smelling carpets and a reception area with fancy furniture and free coffee all set to welcome people, except the people never came.

If I lacked purpose, I could go for days without seeing a soul, and even chance meetings near elevators or stairwells make people scurry away like frightened rats.

No one comes here anymore.

As I walked back from NoGo Minneapolis yesterday, a man rose from his little group of thieves to follow me as I passed, putting a scarf across his face as he approached to take whatever I had. He was different from other men in other cities who have done the same, and knew in a heartbeat my reactions mattered in this moment, if I was to walk away unharmed. This man had nothing to lose.

The streets are eerily empty too. It’s like the day after some kind of apocalypse where shocked survivors venture out to find water, only to quickly scurry away, hugging the outline of buildings in the shadows with their faces down to the curb.

George Floyd Church

Minneapolis is lost. Lost people want to believe in something, anything. They need to in order to endure another day.

Some think they can find it in the bottom of a bottle ; their sadness never quenched. Many here put their faith in drugs; the stained pants and vomit splashes on the t-shirt of the man who passes me when I go to find food makes me less sure I want any after all.

These lost souls explain George Floyd too. Not just his death from fentanyl and drug abuse, but the cult-like worship of his name after he died. The half-dead lifted him up to give themselves something to believe in. Abandoned by all others, they raised up George Floyd and prayed to him instead. At least he was somehow one of them, failing right alongside them in this festering sewer of a place.

I walked to 38th and Chicago to spend time at the streets his disciples have turned into the “State of George Floyd.” Barricaded for two blocks in either direction, filled with the stuff of protest and vigil, these streets have become a kind of church to these people — albeit in the open air and carpeted with asphalt and stickiness. The pews are made from old sofas, peppered with holes from a thousand cigarettes, marooned in a place where gas used to pump and incomes were made.

George Floyd’s face is painted large across the altar, strewn with flowers and notes from strangers telling him how sad they are that he is gone. They never knew him, probably would not have cared much for him if they did. But they pray to the idea of him and these days in this hellish place, an idea is enough.

George Floyd Church

It’s only 7a.m. but the volunteers of the George Floyd street church are already doing their duties at this place of worship for an addict. One lady waters a spider plant hanging from the shelter.

Another tall gentleman sweeps glass and shuffles signs about, waving to familiar faces in cars as they pass down side streets. A woman with a kindly face collects last night’s candles and replaces them with fresh ones. Its dystopian and my brain kicks me in the spine to wake up.

This can’t be real.

But it is. The guilty whites from their nice homes — are here to tend to the Church of George Floyd to compensate for their color. These whites bend more than a knee to the mob who will kill them when they choose. I see it in their yard signs too. “Black Lives Matter” hammered into the lawns with the determination of a man building a fence around his home.

They think these signs will save them. They are wrong. The mob will come for them soon.

Just a few blocks from this place, little Andre Conley was gunned down where he stood. He was a 17-year-old boy with a big heart and he saw the need for change in this place. Standing with his friends outside a supermarket, he was shot by a man in a car. And Andre began to die, right there where he stood.

His mother surely knows his life mattered. But it becomes increasingly hard to believe in this living hell, where life is lost on a street corner at the hands of a stranger. In the last few days alone I’ve watched a catalogue of horrors: a doctor shot in the head for the want of his car; that boy, spent on the sidewalk for supporting the wrong guy. Another officer spat at, told “F*ck you” to his face. The memorial to George Floyd is a contrivance and a lie.

I go to the polite places in pretty neighborhoods of Minnesota where wealthier whites in tennis pumps feel smug about their lawn signs for Biden. One is demanding a ban on unpaid library fees and my stomach tightens at just how out-of-touch these fools are from the reality not four blocks away. I want to jump from the car and shout at them. Do you not see? Can you not hear? Do you not know what is coming your way? I will not enjoy their fate.

The mob will come again. They are waiting for it, preparing for it now. They will come to the suburbs, they will burn these homes and, given the chance, white women will be raped. I know this restlessness well. I have lived it in South Africa and in migrant camps at Calais and I can feel it here too. It is like the devil rising; when the mob runs the adrenaline, lust, base instincts and greed take over. In the frenzy, women will be set on and violated right next to the Kamala sign they are so proud of today.

Katie Hopkins

And so they sip wine and sit. And talk of more acceptable things, like how their child is suffering under lockdown, or the suicide of their friend’s 17-year-old in front of a train. They are complicit in their own fate, with their yard signs about library fines or about black lives that matter.

My faith is unwavering still. I know Trump will win. I believe Minnesota will turn red. I hear the words of my Lyft driver telling me, “We just can’t take any more, I just can’t take any more. We need our city back.” And I know our side will prevail.

But in the aftermath, those sustained by the bullsh*t of the church of George Floyd will come, and they will raze this city to the ground. This time they are coming for the suburbs, and no one will be spared.

Published with the kind permission of Katie Hopkins

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21 Comments on Minneapolis’ guilty whites think BLM lawn signs will save them when the mob comes.

  1. This excellent article, written by somebody who is generally silenced for the crime of telling the truth, reminds me of words attributed to Martin Niemöller.

    First they came for Charlie Hebdo, and I did not speak out, because I was not in complete agreement with Charlie Hebdo’s editorial policy, and besides it happened in France, which is far away, and likely to be even further away thanks to Brexit.

    Then they came for some children attending a pop concert in Manchester, and I did not speak out, because I have no children and I don’t like pop music. I blame the parents for letting their kids stay out late. Besides… Manchester? What do you expect?

    Then they came for the police sergeants, and I did not speak out, because, after all, let’s face it, nobody forced Sgt Matiu Ratana to come and live here.

    But when they came for the public libraries, I did speak out, because even though I can afford to buy my own books, I vaguely approve of mass literacy.

    I think that’s approximately how the head-in-the-sanders think.

  2. News just now that the killer of the desk sergeant in the police station overnight was on a terror-threat list.

    Somehow the arresting cops did not find the gun on the terrorist when they took him in.

    Any cop can make a mistake that results in the death of a cop, I suppose.

    But really, appeasement of, actually surrender to Muslims and blacks is not a necessary destiny for whites.

    Or perhaps it is eh.

    • Harry Black:

      The victim has been named as Matiu Ratana, a New Zealander by birth, and by ancestry presumably either a Maori or a Pacific Islander. Either way, he could reasonably be described as “black”.

      So where’s the outrage from BLM? Oh wait: Black Police Sergeants’ Lives Don’t Matter, do they?

      • It’s the same with black Christians in Nigeria. Gatestone article:
        “Black Christian Lives Apparently Do Not Matter”
        We here know that BLM has nothing to do with Black Lives; that it’s just another instance of Marxists amplifying any grievance or victimhood. What worries me is the mass of people who are blithely unaware, thinking that things are what they say they are – totally ignorant of Socialism’s long history of lies and subterfuge.
        The Socialist maxim: the end justifies the means.

        • Noel, my view is:

          If the goal is to defeat the marxist-inspired people, all means must be considered and used as necessary.

          But it seems the mass of non-marxist people do not regard the defeat of marxist-inspired people as a worthwhile goal-

          -because the non-marxist people do not realise that the marxists already have close to full control of society and/or cannot be bothered to do anything about it.

          Then there are those who mistakenly believe that mortal enemies can be defeated nicely, perhaps by a saviour.

          All best, Harry.

  3. The high incidence -relative to North-east Asians, whites, Ashkenazy Jews – of violent criminality and non-educability within black groups all over the world has long been placed outside public discussion -by naive idealists of all hues, as manipulated by marxists of all hues.

    Ditto such incidence of violent criminality and non-educability within Muslim groups living in the West, whatever their provenance.

    The beneficiaries of pretending this ain’t so?

    The marxists.

    Coloureds and white naive idealists will remain puppets and pawns of the marxists.

    Sad, a tragedy, but true.

    And non-elite whites will continue to pay the price.

  4. There was a nasty and lying little program on BBC Radio 4 yesterday after ‘The World At One’. It was an attack on the American 2nd Amendment and on lawful gun owners in that country. The ghastly whining tart was claiming that armed right wing ‘militia groups’ were storming the city halls and intimidating authority – no mention of B.L.M.! – and that they were all potential Timothy McVeighs. She went further by saying his bombing of the Oklahoma federal building was the worst terrorist event on American soil! No mention of the twin towers on 9/11! I could not bear to listen to the lying propaganda and turned it off before listening to the program billing claiming that gun shows in the U.S. are forums for ‘right-wing’ terrorism. I went to a large and well attended gun show in Pennsylvania a few years back and the attendees were almost entirely middle-aged (many with children) and elderly (including myself) and all looking perfectly respectable. I witnessed a few gun sales with the prospective buyer having to fill out a form and submit to a Federal criminal background check by phone (any conviction on record disbars a sale) from the vendor before a sale could take place; I wanted to buy a ‘collectors’ small 19th century pocket revolver in an obsolete chambering which I could have bought and owned in England without any licence but was refused because I was not a resident of Pennsylvania – so much for no control on gun sales in the U.S.; the highest gun-related crimes occur in Chicago and Washington D.C. that have highly – European-style – restrictive state laws on owning and using a gun – they also, coincidentally, both have a large population of black-Americans. The BBC is rabidly hostile to lawful gun ownership and will spread any amount of lies to propagate their liberal-left bias. Up until recently, I have had the opinion that the BBC should continue to be publicly funded but no intention to reform is on the horizon after its expose on Brexit reporting and perhaps it is now time for it to be cast adrift to compete with commercial media outlets and, like the Guardian newspaper, be relegated to a niche minority subscription.

  5. Situation very, very bad.

    See current article by Ann Coulter in TakiMag for an example, just a single example, that tells a very big truth about the insidious, destructive, white-killing campaign by the white marxist/BLM/black alliance that is now succeeding on all fronts.

    • Oswald Spengler warned in 1933 about the future danger when race war would combine with class war to finish off the “white world”, even if the Soviet headquarters had disappeared – the revolutionary work would continue, and black dance “music” would provide the funeral march for western culture. Hip-hop hooray!

      • Thanks David -I had not seen this particular point made by Spengler.

        I will toss in here:

        -Imagine a white society handing power to anti-Westernists -oh, for example Sadiq Kahn, and in the there’s AOC, and various other black and other-hued Muslims in the US Congress who express anti-Western/anti-white views.

        -Watch for marxist-inspired attacks on Amy Coney Barrett -one I’ve seen already is that Judge Barrett is a “f…… nut” -because, yes because, she is a practising Catholic, and another damning of her because she and her husband adopted two Haitian kids “probably by stealing” them from their natural parents.

        -Try saying in public that someone is a “f…… nut” because she/he is a practising Muslim, Sikh or Jew.

        -Try asking in public why there is no black country that works very well, even if it had the great advantage of having its governance systems set up by British administrators.

        -Then there’s Egypt and India -I’ve known Egyptians and Indians of considerable education and rank who say that without their periods of tutelage under British administrators, their countries would be in bad shape -but certainly not as bad as the black countries.

        -I’ve worked with African blacks educated at Oxbridge and/or US Ivy League who refuse to return to Africa to “help a bit” -because “Man, you kidding right.” (This included a couple of certified/actual black tribal royalty).

        All best, Harry.

  6. Trump might win -but I think that that will result in even greater degrees of violence, including, yes, rape and murder of white women.

    But it is clear that a Trump Admin does not have the powers -or the will- to contain, let alone eliminate black violence -or to control/eliminate the other key destructive characteristics of black groups-

    -esp when these black groups are effectively organised, funded and protected by various kinds of white and other-hued groups which seek to replace current governance systems with marxist or Islamic forms of highly-centralised political, social and economic controls on the all the peoples of the West.

    All across the West, esp in the Anglosphere, the situation has gone well beyond the phase in which “debate” and “presentation of facts” might be decisive in re-establishing a peaceful, workable, safe and secure civil order.

    Whites must fight back and push, shove and support white politicians and white senior police who just might be the New Few.

    But This Few must indeed be pushed/shoved as well as supported and sustained by plain whites.

  7. Taki’s Mag has published the full story of the death of George Floyd which has been misrepresented and exploited by the political scam/cult fashion known as BLM. This is not to deny racist attacks on US blacks from Jim Crow times to the present, nor many media-suppressed black attacks on whites.

    As for the pseudo-religious angles, remember that the Archbishop of York, who is working on plans to close parish churches, has stated that “Jesus was a black man”. Now we can guess his real image – George Floyd.