They may well be unnecessary but if you think Boris’s new Covid restrictions in the UK are burdensome try Victoria Australia.

Members of the white middle class, they live in a terrace house in the city centre. Both are both retired. He is 77 and has severe chest disease, she is 78 and recently has had heart trouble. Hard workers, they were expecting an enjoyable retirement among friends and relatives. Instead their government has sentenced them to indefinite house arrest which, even if lifted, can be reimposed at a moment’s notice. Nobody has visited them for two months.

They are allowed two hours a day exercise out of the house (recently only an hour) but all other contacts, other than shop assistants, the chemist or a doctor are forbidden. If they happen to meet a friend when out they must not socialise.

Escape is impossible. You need a permit to travel more than 5 km, and the city and state borders are heavily policed and huge fines await law breakers. Travel overseas is also banned. Except for high officials and bureaucrats nobody can leave the country or enter it unless they do so with permission. Up to 20 people were caught trying to flee the city and between 10 and twenty of them had been hit with £2500 fines for the office of failing to comply with the requirement to to remain in a restricted area.

Who are these people ? Iranian Christians, Uighur Muslims, Russian dissidents ? 

They are Australians living in Melbourne.

Victoria has the biggest number of Covid 19 deaths in the country standing at 784, the rest of Australia 872.

No other state has anything like this total –  see graphs etc in link. 

This strange anomaly must be of medical interest and hints at some local cause which would be of benefit to the rest of the world if it could be discovered.

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11 Comments on They may well be unnecessary but if you think Boris’s new Covid restrictions in the UK are burdensome try Victoria Australia.

  1. And after publishing just a few more brief items on the matter, Myles saved the Earth and all its Peoples, fulfilling a long-cherished desire.

  2. I would be interested to know what has informed Harry’s view of the State of Victoria’s marxist governance. In the meantime I will check with my cousin in Sydney for his views.

    • Hello William,

      I follow such matters across the Anglosphere -and elsewhere.

      The Premier of the state of Victoria, Dan Andrews, is a member/creature of the Victorian extreme Left/marxist union alliance -had been since his school and university days -this is widely known in Victoria and elsewhere in Australia.

      The leftist propensities of all members of the Victorian Labor Govt ministry are on display most days of most weeks.

      The marxist nature of the public (civil) services in Victoria and elsewhere in Australia is an obvious fact of life -see for example the culture and itsconsequences in the state-run education systems and the criminal justice systems, and its hands-off approach to policing the black African, Muslim, Pacific Island and Chinese and other Asian sub-groups.

      And this marxist Labor govt of Victoria is closing down the use of fossil fuels for the generation of electricity and refuses to build more dams/water resource infrastructure -all part of the marxist-greenist campaign to strangle free enterprise.

      And consider this about the Victorian Labor govt:

      It has been doing deals with Chinese Communist Party organisations -against the advice of the national security services that warn that these deals are threats to national security.

      It is a mark of the weaknesses in the Australian Federation and Constitution that States, Territories and even local Councils could do such deals -in the face of threats to national security.

      The current Federal Govt (nominally non-leftist) has recently introduced new legislation to stop such activities -but it is still unclear if these essentially treacherous activities can be halted by the Federal Govt.

      Anycase, various big-wigs in the Australian Labor Party at Fed and State levels, and their allies in the universities and think-tanks, are often saying that China is the preferred senior partner for Australian -not the USA.

      The Australian Labour Party is indeed a threat to Australia’s continued membership of the Western Alliance.

      Do these points answer your question William?

      All best, Harry.

      • Reading Harry Black ‘s outpourings remind me of the New Guineans belief that if there were no witchdoctors there would be no death, illness or war. Substitute Marxists for witch doctors and you have Harry Black.  

        His explanation of the outbreak in Victoria is common right wing street talk in Melbourne, so he is not telling us anything new. The hostel story is so old it practically needs a walking frame to get about.

        There are between 50,000 and 100,000 illegal immigrants (visa overstayers breaking the law) working in Australia, and few of them would be likely to surrender themselves to the authorities for quarantine especially as it is impossible to leave the country even if you are legal. Many, at the first sniff of trouble, will have simply vanished. Infectious diseases are much more prevalent among transient and poor populations, which increases general infectivity.

        The Victorians voted in a left wing government so they would not expect the latter to set up Covid 19 internment camps guarded by white troops for black and brown people – or have they changed their minds now the wind has changed? Anyhow as soon as the first post of an electric fence was driven into the ground for the camp fence the illegals would hide even more.

        Wouldn’t you Harry ?

        • Ya got me chuckling there Myles.

          I suppose you do not mind terribly if the Dept of Health in Victoria, torn between politically-imposed anti-empirical/marxist-inspired ideas of how to handle wide-spread infections and what good sense would suggest, has caused non-trivial additional workloads for the front-line doctors and nurses?

          The illegals gone-to-ground is a big problem -but seems you seek to divert attention from obvious and manageable causes of infection.

          You’d know of the appeasement last week of the Melbourne Afghan community?

          Ran in UK media generally did it?

          Reported in SR was it?

          Who’s handling the “news” and what is new?

          Now, please set out what you have said/published in the past several years that is new/news.

          Still I know:

          How about you run another several hundred articles/short items saying as how things are not working especially well in England.

          No need, at all, for your writers to say how to fix any problems -well, beyond recommending the appointment of non-marxists to chair big public sector organisations.

          And please say what you think the Australian Fed Govt (nominally non-leftist, currently) can do to halt States and local Councils doing deals with China against the national interest.

          Oh, that’s if you think such deals are bad, even if the security services say they are.

          Anyway enough of that.

          It’d be more useful if you set out your ideas for how to save Western Civ.


          It will take more than putting non-marxists in to chair the BBC and similar.

          Or even if Lawrence Fox starts yet another political party.

          Hoist away Myles.

          (And Myles? I do understand that a person in your position must imply that someone who makes comments such as mine is a white right-wing nutter of no consequence. Chuckle.)

          • Having a special insight into the REAL cause of some hitherto inexplicable and often random problem, gives one a comforting sense of being in control.

            Unfortunately as Macmillan said of politics, ‘Events dear boy,

          • Myles, perhaps you are saying that it is all too complicated for anyone to get it right.

            And that therefore, one should not bother noticing that politicians and public sector administrators who seek to exert ultimate power over the details of the daily lives of the plain folk are in our midst and are actually taking control -even as they muck things up and thereby cause unnecessary suffering, increase hazardous workloads for front-line staff, and increase the tax-payers’ health bill.

  3. Simple story.

    The government of Victoria is marxist/greenist/anti-Westernist, through and through – it’s the Australian Labor Party.

    The Victorian State Dept of Health is staffed by marxist people, some of whom (of European provenance) have said publicly that the British should never have arrived.


    During the Covid thing, this marxist-inspired Dept of Health, charged to protect the health of Victorians, has sub-contracted security of various facilities to companies owned/staffed by Aborigines and Indians -companies and individuals who have zero competence in security matters, health-wise or otherwise.

    The Australian Federal Govt offered military personnel to this marxist Dept of Health and to its marxist/Labor political masters to do the security.

    But no -the contracts were granted to incompetent companies owned/staffed by incompetent people in the interests of “Diversity of Identity” -which has supplanted “Merit and Competence” throughout much of the public (civil) services in Victoria and Australia generally.

    Ditto of course, throughout the Anglosphere, as can be seen, if one cares to look.

      • Pleased to be helpful Catherine.

        Now also during this COVID time in Victoria, under its marxist government, there are many cases of Muslim and various non-white groups which are granted waivers from the social restrictions that are enforced on whites.

        These waivers have resulted in infection outbreaks.

        The marxist govt and its operatives in the public (civil) services even admit that these waivers are to accommodate special cultural (that is, psychological) conditions that pertain within Muslim and the various non-white groups.

        This, while police in very heavy-duty riot gear appear in various places wherever whites gather in numbers, and who impose heavy fines on whites caught breaking the restrictions placed on movement.

        And there is a particular case, with photos, of cops physically detaining a pregnant white woman because she said in public that she thought that that the distancing restrictions were unnecessarily excessive.

        Well, as others have noted:

        When marxist-inspired politicians in govt enforce multiculturalism on the Land and its Peoples and seek to destroy private enterprise and confiscate the wealth of the striving middle-classes, then the inevitable concomitants will be education dumb-downs and anti-empiricism in all media “reporting” and public discussion and severe reductions in freedom of expression and freedom of movement of whites.

        And, as marxists have pointed out to me, many times over the decades, they will win because the great majority of people, including whites, just want a quiet life enjoying their entertainment and vast quantities of food, booze and/or other recreational drugs, and cannot be bothered to engage in the arduous activities that are necessary to ensure the survival of proper democracy and its boons and benefits.

        All of which is now obvious, if one cares to look, and if one has not been entirely dumbed-down.

        Meanwhile Catherine, my respect to you for your hard work aimed at countering the marxist/greenist/anti-Westernist takeover.