Microsoft joins the dash to universal censorship

I read this morning on my impeccably liberal MSN/Yahoo news feed – first rule of warfare: know your enemy – in a story entitled ‘Priti Patel criticised for planning to deport homeless people’, by Yahoo staff journalist George Martin (I would say he’s about fourteen judging from his photo), that home secretary Priti Patel is planning new measures to stem the flow of migrants across the Channel.  

Following on the revelation that plans are underway ‘to use nets as a method of disabling dinghies carrying migrants across the Channel’, whose occupants could then be returned to France, and rumours of wave machines being deployed, and of Ascension Island being used as our own offshore migrant processing centre, the home secretary has ‘reportedly asked Home Office officials to discuss new immigration rules which would make it easier to deport rough sleepers who engage in persistent anti-social or dangerous behaviour’.

Personally, I would just round up all rough sleepers, and beggars, but this is good news, surely? Well, according to our George, human rights lawyer Shoaib Khan has tweeted that Priti Patel might at least ‘pace herself with her vile, xenophobic policies’, adding, ‘You have years to prove all your evilness, Priti’.

Feminist academic Dr Charlotte Riley has tweeted that all the Home Office wants is to reduce the numbers reaching British shores and does not care ‘whether those people are being turned back or drowned’. And author Alan Travis (formerly of The Guardian) has written – well, at least he did not tweet it – that Priti Patel ‘is not giving up and somebody is going to end up getting hurt. This is what happens when you order a military response to a humanitarian crisis.’ And there ends the case for the prosecution.

Until recently, I had no problems with news reports of this kind. Indeed, left-biased mainstream media newsfeeds on our web browsers could be judged to serve a valuable purpose. The news story presented the bare facts combined with righteous liberal analysis and comment.

Then one turned to the readers’ comments section to see the flagrant bias of the analysis ripped wittily to threads. Taken together, one got a balanced overall view, and a lot of laughs into the bargain. The Telegraph comments section served – and when not disabled, still does serve – the same purpose in relation to the global liberal bias of Telegraph columnists.

So, for example, we can infer from the news story above that Priti Patel is doing a grand job, and that George Jones is an absurdly biased and credulous liberal, who should not be let anywhere near a newsroom.  

But for the past few weeks the readers’ comments section has been disabled and the cryptic message ‘Commenting is not currently available, but don’t worry! We’ll have a new commenting experience online soon.’ has appeared. Whatever could they have in mind with this ‘new commenting experience’?

For any level-headed, semi-educated, old school adult, ‘no comment’ presents no problem. One misses the witty comments, but the left-liberal bias can easily be discounted. However, one fears for the younger generation, who have been indoctrinated at school, indoctrinated at college, positively brainwashed if they ever get to university (other than to study the natural sciences, engineering or mathematics), and who rely precisely on these web browser and social media news feeds for their political view.

We shudder when we hear of the Russians and Chinese erecting internet firewalls to prevent their populations from accessing foreign information and news sources. But could we not erect a reverse firewall that prevents comments sections from being disabled on newsfeeds? For, just as there is no smoke without fire, there is no news without comment. 

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26 Comments on Microsoft joins the dash to universal censorship

  1. I have just come across this on Yahoo News:
    ‘Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.’
    Can it get any worse?

  2. Yes, and overnight, Thursday/Friday, in the USA, Twitter and Facebook halted all transmission of info that implicates and potentially convicts the Biden family of extreme corruption.

    And notice that there is little to no report of this in the mainstream media -in the USA, in the UK, anywhere.

    But there is very credible evidence of Biden corruption.


    What next?

    What will it be?

    Perhaps it’s: Who cares?

    Beyond that, how about this:

    It is not possible to rouse sufficient numbers of Westerners to save the West.

    Final question here.

    What came first :

    Insufficient rousers of Westerners to save the West


    Insufficient Westerners who could be aroused by the most capable of arousers.


    If parents will not put in the effort to get their kids off Twitter and Facebook, “the government” will not do it either.

  3. The relationship between the Chinese Communist Party, and The Californian Technocrats, should not be ignored, whether they are linked symbiotically or parasitically, time will tell, but tied to each other they are.
    They rely upon each other, and combine to provide the motivation, behind the push for a global solution.
    A solution which, will do no good for the ordinary Briton, nor yet for Western Civilisation as a whole.

    • Dear Raven,

      Thank you for this link -very useful info and perspectives.

      Below government levels, as exemplified by the CCP, there are, all over the West, migrants from the non-West who act as agents/factotums for powerful/wealthy individuals and consortia in their places of origin.

      These agents are busy parking funds here and/or buying assets including real estate in the West for their principals-

      – and/or securing lines of influence for their principals with Western politicians, and people in the media, the education industries and business.

      Then there are those who extract funds from kind and generous Western social services and send those funds back to contacts in the places of origin. Some of these funds are used to buy capital assets back home, and some of it is used to build anti-Western capabilities -in the way of propaganda and, in some obvious cases, active anti-Western terrorist forces.

      And even large funds that are honestly created by these migrants in the West are sent home -and so are not used for re-investment in the West. The scale of these fund transfers far exceed the simple remittance trade.

      Among obvious examples are people whose origins are in India, Africa, Asia, Latam and all of Islam.

      Somebody said the West is killing itself -in part by appeasing its enemies inside and out, and by giving these enemies all the money and freedoms they demand by which to hurt and harm the West and its peoples -and then some extra, just to be nice, and to avoid being labeled xenophobic and nasty.

      All best, Harry.

  4. See Spiked Online for comments on Law Commission schemes to cripple free speech even further.
    The (Thought) Police WILL investigate David Starkey after saying that slavery was not genocide (obsv surely). Anglo slavers of course – the Arabs castrated their black males for some reason. However, Black Africans are expected to make up a third of the huge global population by 2001, so that’s something our own grandchildren (if there are any) can look forward too. Reportedly there are 15 million people in some form of slavery at this moment in the “Commonwealth” alone – don’t tell HMTQ.

  5. Bah! Wave machines were my idea and I hope you first read about it here! They would hopefully deter the boat people from their nautical endeavours and also provide an entertainment for disaffected, lockdown-maddened youth.

  6. Breitbart has stopped its comments section. At east for me, A great pity. I trust The Salisbury Review won’t. That really would be a disaster!

  7. I wonder which battle many persons of the non-Left think we are embarked upon.

    It is important to grasp that the Left already controls the news/opinion media, the education systems, the political system and the entire civil service.

    And the investor class and senior managerial classes have given up on the striving classes -they know the strivers will continue to buy the stuff that their money and/or talent is invested in.

    Shouting that “The horse might bolt and perhaps we should ask the Keeper-of-the-Barn -Door to check the latch” will not save us, not at this point.

  8. When the striving classes cannot be bothered to fight to secure their power in the polity and ensure that all others comprehend the essential importance of highly-productive strivers in the economic system, their enslavement ensues.


  9. Dateline: Athens, 2,500 BC.

    There are reports here that several persons have warned that the evitable fate of a Democracy is that it will be taken over by power-mongering insurrectionists who gain power by promising “free everything” to parasitic groups from everywhere, and by promising an unearned, vicarious sense of self-righteousness to non-productive naive idealists.

    At press time, calls to the persons who made these warnings had not been returned, amid other warnings from other quarters not to pursue this matter.