Will flesh and blood Trump beat Biden, the Democrat Zombie?

Preparing Britons for a 3 year lockdown

The mainstream conservative press here is busy writing off Trump and preparing us for a Biden presidency. They argue a Biden presidency would be better, both for America and Britain. Trump is too dangerous, too unreliable, too divisive. Biden would work better on the international stage, repair alliances – especially with Europe. Trump’s response to Covid has been a disaster, revealing his insensitivity and grotesque ego, all of which is reflected in the polls, which put Biden well ahead. 

Freddie Gray writes in the Spectator that Americans now want an end to the madness, a return to normality, even if that spells an ‘Obama restoration project’. Kate Andrews, formerly of the free market Institute of Economic Affairs, writes that she will even be voting for Biden. It is Trump’s sheer ‘nastiness, unkindness, the racism and misogyny’ that has done it. The ‘social fabric of America is coming undone’, and it was Trump who proposed a ban on Muslims coming in (which, incidentally, half of Americans supported).

But aren’t global liberals who would restore the status quo – global free trade, open borders, mass immigration, cheap labour, multiculturalism etc. – forgetting a few things?

Trump was elected because he was an ‘anti-politician’ who talked the talk of ordinary Americans, the people Hilary Clinton famously termed ‘the deplorables’, an unashamed patriot, who would stop America being ripped off, and defend the American dream. When he pantomimed conventional presidential behaviour at a rally in Florida, walking stiffly up and down the podium and speaking in a monotone, the crowd went wild.

With the culture wars raging, America is under existential threat as never before, and Trump is the only one calling out the BLM critical race theorists, refusing to take the knee, and standing up for Martin Luther King’s dream that no-one should be judged by the colour of their skin – a view that now counts as ‘whitesplaining’, the denial of white privilege. 

Trump cited King in his Independence Day address at Mount Rushmore, in which he paid tribute to ‘the titans’ carved into the granite face of the rock – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. He argued, ‘We believe that our children should be taught to love their country, honour their history, and respect our great American flag. We stand tall, we stand proud, and we only kneel to Almighty God.’ And he hammered the ‘racial ideology’ of those whose aim is ‘not a better America’ but ‘to end America’.

No wonder the Guardian was in a state of shock. One suspects that with Biden and ‘the radical Left’ in power (no-one expects Biden to last past two years before power passes to Kamala Harris) it won’t be long before the Mount Rushmore sculptures, already condemned by BLM as depicting slaveowners and racists, are dynamited Taliban style. Yet the steadily growing support for Trump among minorities suggests that Trump’s claim to stand for all Americans regardless of race has universal appeal.

And who called out China? The plain fact is that there is only one country standing between China and world domination, and that is America – or to be precise, America under Trump.

True, the presidential debates were dismal, but then no-one expected anything else. True, Covid has not been Trump’s finest hour, but neither has it been Boris Johnson’s. And though making light of the virus may have lost him votes early on, Trump’s personal Regeneron-assisted bounce back from Covid and his anti-lockdown anti-mask quips may now be playing to his advantage.

It certainly helps his rallies, where many have commented that Trump has never looked better. Even his tan looks more natural.  While poor ‘sleepy’ Joe Biden is guided, bemasked, to the podium, closely accompanied by an aide, looking for all the world like a geriatric patient out for a walk with his nurse, Trump (no mask) strides out onto the podium like the conquering hero.

Do take a look at the hilarious ‘Trump rallies versus Biden rallies’ video on YouTube [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYzHo1dkVj8] in which Trump is surrounded by cheering supporters, all having the time of their life – while poor Biden delivers barely audible statements to handfuls of bystanders in half-deserted shopping malls and car parks. The social distancing has been so effective that no-one has bothered to turn up at all.

But the rallies are revealing. Trump is a master, a natural, a showman. He takes his time, applauds the crowd, points out the placards, responds individually to the hecklers with ready quips, and always remembers to compliment the local football or baseball team.

Most of all, he looks like he is happy to be there, and is among friends. He tells the crowds at Erie, Pennsylvania, that descending the steps from Airforce One, which has parked right next to the stand, is like walking off a three-storey building.

He plays with them: ‘No-one likes me. The drug companies don’t like me. The Chinese don’t like me. The Iranians, THEY don’t like me. Oh – you like me in Erie!’ The crowds love it. Walking off, he punches the air to the sound of ‘YMCA’. Trump would never pass muster at an Oxford Union debate (one opponent gets described as ‘a son of a bitch’), but then that is his appeal.  

Trump berates the ‘fake’ media for not showing the crowds at his rallies, which he claims are bigger than ever. Melania, he tells the crowds, says that the media footage only shows his face. Does he have a point? Are the polls wrong? Most pollsters got it badly wrong last time, but a notable exception was the Trafalgar Group, who tailored their polling techniques to getting Trump supporters shy of openly expressing their opinions to reveal them – for example, by asking ‘how would your neighbours vote?’ and then comparing the answers.

Robert Cahaly, Trafalgar’s chief pollster, argues that this time round, Trump supporters are shyer than ever of revealing their views. In an interview with Arutz Sheva of Israel National News, he remarks, ‘Four years ago, Trump supporters were called deplorable. That’s the nicest thing they might be called now.’ Older Americans especially feel threatened by the growing ‘cancel culture’. Cahaly’s prediction? – a Trump win.    

Come 3 November, the global liberal conservative establishment could be in for a shock.

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24 Comments on Will flesh and blood Trump beat Biden, the Democrat Zombie?

  1. Dear Harry.

    At the age of 77 and with my options limited, I am now considering taking up French residency. Yes, France is an authoritarian country but, ironically, the liberties and respect for privacy that set Britain apart from continental countries before 1939 was our collective sense of freedom and a police force that was a ‘civilian in uniform’ and sympathetic to the law-abiding even if you had ‘forgotten’ to renew your road fund licence, a minor parking offence, or had no rear light on your bicycle. Marxist multiculturalists and mass-immigration began to change all that from the 1960s to a political elite that prefers to rule by imposition rather than by consent, and a scowling police ‘service’ to enforce it. When I’m at my house in France as an etranger, during the last 30 years I can hold and enjoy my gun collection, which I shoot at a range, for the last 20 years that was taken from me by the Blair creature and his acolyte John Major in 1997. I can drive my car on roads which are not jammed by an ever increasing immigrant population and predominantly policed by robots, and with a leader of the country that takes a robust stance to an islamic threat. I love my country of birth and I gave up a promising life in Canada after 6 years to return to my beloved England in 1972 but England is no longer a country that loves me and is led by people who prefer newcomers of an alien culture.

    • Dear Derek, yes I share your nett positive assessment and appreciation of France.

      I read in a field that I’d describe as “non-marxist geopolitics” and am persuaded by views expressed by researchers in this field that, in the coming bust-up of the world order that will attend the USA’s drawing down of its defence and economic subsidies of both the Rest of the West and Asia, that France is more likely than Germany to do OK.

  2. You white?


    And you are not a member/supporter of a leftist-greenist political party, or a member of the mainstream media, or the entertainment-arts industry, or the education system, or some other precinct of the civil service?

    Yer outa here baby, or yer can stay on as a slave -that’s yer pick.

  3. Biden-Harris promise to unify the USA.

    Very good then.

    Just that white men of the self-sufficient, masculine and productive variety who do not yell Racism! and/or Sexism! as a matter rof course, will not be welcomed into the newly unifying USA -nor will their womenfolk.

    Of course, it is by the daily habits of the most active 50% of white males -their work ethic, their striving, their low-propensity to violence and other criminality, their work as soldiers, cops, plumbers and other first responders, and the transfer of wealth created by them to others who cannot be bothered to pay for their own cosy/idle life-style and progeny, by which Western Civ continues to totter along-

    -even as it is being taken over from within by parasites.

    So there’s that.

  4. The re-election of Trump will be a good thing for France and Europe. The american ideological left and Biden a real desaster for the entire world. I wish we had a president like Trump for France !

  5. Dear Tunda Musa.

    I feel that you are right! Here’s hoping that not just voting Americans but all who despise the woke world created by the liberal-left will realise who represents their best interests.

    • The low probability event is that the final result is determined by 4 Nov.

      Still, low probability events do happen.

      But for those confident in a Trump win, now is a good time to buy US oil stocks -whose prices fell markedly during this past week -reflecting perhaps the market’s view that it’ll be a Biden/Harris win, and the onset of the Greenist New Deal Very Silly Thing.

  6. Dear Harry. From previous comments we are obviously kindred spirits and your points ‘A’ & ‘B’ make sense to us both but the serial failures of the past and of the future by ‘bleeding-heart’ Marxist liberals will always be inverted to discredit conservatives for their ‘past sins’.

  7. Sounds as if the election is too close to call. Hope we’re not in for another lot of nonsense about hanging chads or whatever they were.

    • Hello David, it might be too close to call, but to me, it seems more that the situation is too complicated, too murky, to diagnose. The MSM’s covering for Biden’s declining mental state and the apparent mis-use of his office to scoop in massive money for his family is a murk-maker. Kamala Harris is zero substance, even more zero than Obama. Many Trump voters will not reveal they are Trump voters for fear of violent and/or silent attacks on their lives and livelihoods. One thing strikes me as interesting, and it is hard to know what it means in terms of the Dems internal/secret polling: Size and rate of donations to Biden and other Dem candidates are now very high -vastly more than donations to Trump/Republicans. Best, Harry.

      • Hi Harry. The other possibility is that a lot of Trump’s support from the last election will just stay at home. And there is also the old adage that governments lose elections – oppositions don’t really win them. So, no grounds for optimism. From the start of his campaign and onwards Obama was all wind and p*ss but the mob wanted something to hope for, and he looked like Mr Nice ‘n’ clean. Not a real leader – just an icon.

  8. The latest I saw is that Cahaly of Trafalgar Group has said the data are such that he would not predict who will win.

    Now obviously, it’ll be good for Western Civ if Trump wins.

    But more-broadly, the reality is that marxist-inspired, anti-Westernist, Big State forces are winning -all over the West.

    Poland and Hungary stand out for their home defence against the various assaulting hordes. And Macron has notable support within France for standing against Islamism.

    Still, consider the drive to elevate non-Whites, Muslims and various anti-Westernists to power in Western countries, esp in the Anglosphere.

    If Biden-Harris wins, quite a few people in the USA, of all colours and all creeds, will be puzzled by:

    a) that a Biden-Harris Admin appears unable and unwilling to fix the underlying causes of the high incidence of uneducability and violent criminality among certain non-Whites and Muslims.

    b) that the appointment to influential office of certain types of non-Whites, Muslims and various anti-Westernists fails to make everything nice for everyone, not even all Blacks, or all Muslims, or all anti-Westernists

  9. Dear James,
    What a cheering article, and a great antidote to the propaganda and doom that the MSM are broadcasting.
    I pray that the Trafalgar Group are right. The flame of liberty kept alive only by ‘Western Countries’ (if we include the Anglosphere, Israel and Japan as western), and the USA is the strongest of us, it is vital for the future of the world that good people of America vote in President Trump for a second term.
    The threat from the Chinese Communist Party is great, and a strong USA that stands up for the free nations of the world, is the main bulwark against that threat.

    • Dear Raven, Just to say that the main threat from China is that its agents are fast-infiltrating all institutions of the West -and the non-West too. China needs the West to maintain high and increasing levels of consumption -otherwise, China cannot earn the cash to feed its own 1.4Bn people and keep ’em occupied in the factories, on large but go-nowhere construction projects, and in the fields. In military terms, China cannot project force, not even across the Formosa/Taiwan Strait. Best, Harry.

  10. I have one friend with whom I meet regularly who, like me, supports Donald Trump. All my remaining friends appear to simply ‘go with the flow’ of liberal invective continually aimed at his presidency in the main-stream media or those who so hate him, the only criticisms they can muster is for his personality and appearance. I always ask “give me one example of a failed policy or major policy mistake?” to which more sneering hate is expressed on his ‘boorish’ manner. Donald Trump is criticised for securing recognition of Israel from some Arab states for which former Presidents have failed to do but have been celebrated for trying. He boosted employment and the economy – damaged by a virus that no administration could have prevented. He has proselytised Martin Luther King’s racial harmony but his crime is not to bend his knee to BLM and to challenge the left-liberal dominance and the ‘woke victim’ tyranny it now wields over all our lives.

    The nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is more important than a second term for Donald Trump as it secures a lasting powerful conservative bulwark against the dark forces to transform western society into a compliant Chinese-style society. A second term Trump presidency will be beneficial to conservatives everywhere and, I believe, for British commercial interests too.

  11. Some people used to say that the brash Trump was a bit flashy, a bit shallow and frankly a bit weird.

    But those people clearly hadn’t witnessed Biden on the campaign trail…

    Now that is weird.

    I love that opening line to one of his audiences (of about 4 suits)… Sorry I am a bit late, had to make sure that everyone had time to get seated.

  12. Thank you, James Monteith – for stopping your pictures of 6 dead human heads and switching to a picture of a washbasin.

    This article is very long. Nothing else to say tonight.

  13. Kamala Harris is descended from (black) Jamacian slave owners, on her father’s side.

    Kamala Harris is descended from supremacist, exclusivist (Indian) Brahmins on her mother’s side.

    Kamala Harris has issued no apology or expression of remorse for any of this.

    And of course, the marxist-inspired denizens of the mainstream media, the education systems and the public service systems, and the woke folk of big and/or tech business do not expect any such apology or remorse from Harris-

    -this giggly, nasty, marxist-inspired female whose intellect clearly has less purchase than either of her parents, but whose lust for personal power equals/exceeds that of that earlier president, that perpetually teen-aged rebel, that marxist-inspired chap, name of Barack Obama.

    That such people can control our lives, and sway the direction of nations, is a result of…Democracy and its blind pursuit of freedoms without the insistence on the responsibilities of engaged plain citizens to prevent such politicians wrecking the joint.

    That Democracy would come to this was foreseen at Athens some 2,500 years ago.

    Lest we maintain our ignorance and lassitude.

  14. Hi,
    I watched a short video a few days ago in which Biden sat next to his wife. In the video, Biden could not remember who the current president is! A little while later, I watched a short clip of Kamala being asked a serious question and her response was to laugh like a silly teenager and then get straight back to being a ‘black’ girl, playing the racism card.
    However, rude or brash Donald Trump is, surely he has to be better than that inadequate pair and the idea that Biden can last 2 years, is an absolute joke. He will be gone in 6 months and America and the world will be faced with the terrifying prospect of having the worst president in living memory, Kamala Harris!!