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All too predictably, the Islamists have struck back in France in the only way they know how: by cutting the throats of infidels, this time in a church in Nice. Throughout the Islamic world, massed crowds will be cheering this act committed in the name of the Prophet, giving the lie to the liberal pretence that Islamism has nothing to do with Islam.

Meanwhile the Muslim world is up in arms at Macron, who has been declared ‘the demon of Paris’ (Iran), ‘Satan’ (Bangladesh), and mentally unhinged by the Turkish president for daring to insist that France will not give up the right, enshrined in the French Republic, to free expression, to satire and to caricature.  

Some have been surprised at Macron’s robust response to the Islamists. At a moving national memorial ceremony to Samuel Paty held in the courtyard of the Sorbonne in Paris, at which Paty was posthumously awarded the Légion d’Honneur, Macron paid tribute to the ‘quiet hero’ who was ‘the face of the Republic’.

Smugs itself, he proclaimed that the Islamists ‘will never have our future’ and vowed to continue ‘the fight for freedom’, to ‘defend the Republic’. And as if to prove the point, the offending cartoons were projected onto government buildings in solidarity with the butchered school teacher, who had dared to show his class the cartoons in a lesson on Republican values, and paid the ultimate price.

It is as if something about the Paty atrocity has personally touched Macron and dispelled the multicultural mists, the howls of Islamophobia. He values education and reveres his teachers. He even married one of them. What actions will follow remains to be seen, though laws to tackle ‘Islamist separatism’ are already planned. Macron’s critics, and there are justifiably many, fear that his actions will fall short, but at least the words have been right, and that is a start. In Britain, Johnson would have declared the act ‘unacceptable’, reasserted the multicultural dream, and reminded us of his Turkish ancestry.  

And yet the Telegraph, the voice of Britain’s conservative right, is uneasy. In Tuesday’s editorial, it suggested that Macron should not be directing his ire ‘at Islam itself’. Macron ‘risks misunderstanding what he is dealing with’ by vowing to build a variety of Islam ‘that can be compatible with the Enlightenment’. France’s tradition of secularism, or laïcité, ‘goes beyond the practices in other Western countries, like the UK, which do allow a public role for different religions.’ France, it concludes, ‘might yet need to find a halfway house’.

In other words, the French should take a leaf out of our book, censor all criticism of Islam, declare ‘Islamophobia’ a hate crime, and by progressively dismantling the dominant culture and its privileges, work toward the creation of a truly multicultural society. The Telegraph might have added that globalisation, open borders, and mass immigration are all to be welcomed, because cheap mobile labour boosts business profits, and the global elite are secure in their island tax havens.

What, one wonders, would the editorial staff of the Telegraph would make of recent editorials and opinion columns in their French counterpart, le Figaro. They might like to try some of these for size:

Like politics, religion abhors emptiness. The dechristianization of this country has paved the way for all Islamist sects. An abandoned widow, the eldest daughter of the Church was to join one of the harems. She chose the Muslim Brotherhood, a Trojan horse from Qatar and Turkey. (Mezri Haddad, writer and philosopher, 27 October)

France is not threatened by Islamist separatism but by a conquering Islamism, which thanks to mass immigration, now has a social base which it is working to radicalize. It is no longer just a question of defending the Republic, secularism, or universalism, but a historical people who have the right to preserve their customs and culture. (Mathieu Bock-Côté, professor and sociologist, 23 October)

It is now or never. Sleepwalking leaders must wake up to rampant Islam. Otherwise, the French will have to choose between submission or civil war: those who refuse to comply with the prohibitions of Islamo-fascism will have to rely on their own strength to resist. (Ivan Rioufol, journalist, 22 October)

The project of political Islam is simple: destroy the French nation, destroy its values, smear our national memory, and undermine our history. For years, political Islam has been engaged in continuous harassment of our nation … We will only win the fight against political Islam by reaffirming our national culture. (Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Finance, 22 October)

Let us be clear. Those who throw fatwas at a teacher, as against Samuel Paty, are Islamists. Those who refuse diversity in swimming pools are Islamists. Those who, in the name of their religion, refuse to shake a woman’s hand or sit where a woman once sat were Islamists. Those who refuse to let their wives be examined by a male doctor are Islamists.

Those who push for veiled women to be accompanied on school outings or for religious menus to be offered in canteens are Islamists. Those who prescribe the wearing of the burkini to women are Islamists. Those who refuse to allow Muhammad’s cartoons to be exposed, discussed and visible are Islamists. Those who condemn the attacks by systematically adding a ‘but’ to their discourse are Islamists. Those who believe that Sharia law is compatible with the laws of the Republic are Islamists. And those who march with these people as in November 2019 and constantly defend them are the ideological accomplices and collaborators of the Islamists. (David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes, 20 October)

One thing is for sure. None of these would make it into the Telegraph. Our own David Starkey used ‘the wrong word’ and he was banished by our conservative establishment into outer darkness. Haddad, Bock-Côté, Rioufol, Le Maire, Lisnard, and many more: far-right extremists – or true conservatives and patriots? And if the latter, what does that make mainstream British conservatives?  

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57 Comments on The Telegraph: Running scared of Islam.

  1. I can’t name an MSM outlet in the English-speaking world that still dares to criticise Islam or Islamism in public in any noticeable way whatsoever. Nor a British politician, civil servant, academic, teacher, lawyer, police officer or comedian, for that matter. Nor would these same people ever be likely to criticise a racist who wasn’t white, or say ‘Britain First!’. As for British Conservatives, bar a handful of exceptions, they all bowed to the left and absorbed leftist values such as anti-western hatred and cultural shame long ago. Tories still fear being slandered and shamed as ‘nasty’, uncaring humans by leftist politicians and public figures, so they adopt their values and policies in order to appease them. By contrast, Trumps fear appeasing supremacist leftists who will never ever be satisfied, so mock them instead while rejecting all their insane policies.

  2. Dear Harry.

    The Brexit Party/Reform Party has but it will never be in power to implement its program as we live in a consensual one-party state for the policies you and I abhor.

  3. Dear David.

    My claim not to be a ‘gullible conspiracy theorist’ doesn’t mean that I believe in unfocused progression by those who wish to see a settled society changed into their own revolutionary vision. The social Marxism that has crushed the conservatives on both sides of the political spectrum in Britain and America happened in plain sight as we see glaciers crash into the sea but fail to see the slow movement that causes it. The Conservative Party in the late 50s had lost confidence after Suez and, combined with the legacy from the ruinous 1939-’45 war, Macmillan and Heath pursued their ‘controlled decline’ policy and killed off true conservative policies. Politicians like Enoch Powell, Hailsham, MaCloud, Maudling, and R.A. Butler were frozen out and Macmillan’s chosen successors unwittingly paved the way for the Marxist long march.

    • Don’t forget the slow strangulation and death of all expressions of patriotism in popular culture. Imagine a pop or rock band singing of their pride in being British, or a schoolkid that doesn’t now squirm when God Save the Queen is heard. Think of a writer or academic saying Britain is great, without fearing persecution and the cancellation of his career. It will need a miracle or a war to cure such manufactured hate of self and nation.

  4. Anyone got a plan to halt immigration into the West of masses of anti-Westernists persons/groups, who by vast majority go on to vote for the West’s leftist political parties-

    -political parties that implement anti-Westernist re-distribution of power and money?

    • Harry Black:

      Yes, I have a plan. It’s probably not unlike your plan. But how can we get people to vote for it, lacking (as we do) free speech on TV, Radio and the Internet?

      • Hello PJR -an excellent question you ask.

        IMy view is that it will take hard and persistent work along these lines:

        Pro-Western/anti-leftist/anti-greenist concepts and information must be projected on the internet and by so-called media.

        Yes, the Big Tech social media controlled by the ultra-tech elites who favour Big State leftistm and greenism will censor most of the concepts and facts that are contrary to the Big Statist/global govt/only non-whites matter ideology.

        So, a key step requires the self-mobilisation of millions of fully committed, smart, tough anti-Big-State people who comprehend deeply that the work-ethic and daily habits of the the striving 50% of whites are what make the West just so nice for the self-righteous Big Tech/arts-entertainment-mass media-education industry peoples and their allies, notably the marxist-inspired politicians and all the non-productive people to whom is transferred vast quantities of wealth created by the striving, productive whites.

        Self-mobilise to do what?

        Secure funding to establish multi-media platforms -on all kinds of dimensions- that will indeed project the kinds of concepts and info -that are fully logical and empirically supported- that are anti-marxist/anti-greenist/pro-Western.

        These efforts will require funding by big donors and by the ordinary people -and will require a never-ceasing commitment by such people to combat the anti-Westernist/marxist -inspired forces and the naive idealist/self-righteous classes who are very easily persuaded that the the use of “govenment money” in massive quantities can fix the non-educability, the violent criminality, and the nett destructive daily living habits of the large proportion of non-Western peoples and idle whites-

        -to the extent that the anti-Westernist/marxist-inspired elites have the slightest concern or interest in helping idle whites.

        There is vastly more admiration to be earned around Western elite dinner tables and in the social media by proclaiming that the rectification of injustice and remedying the grievances of non-whites than in helping non-striving and dispirited whites to find their way in the project of self-sufficiency.

        All best, Harry.

    • Trump greatly increased his vote among blacks and immigrant communities. Assuming that immigrants don’t want to be part of the land of the free, and so can’t be rationally persuaded to vote for those who defend and want to make it great again, is a mistake.

  5. With only a very, very few Muslim higher-ups expressing regret or even distaste in response to the recent beheadings, I suppose there will be many more, as time goes by.

    Oh and mass mowings-down of pedestrians by careening camion.

  6. Who cares what the Daily Telegraph says.
    It ceased to be a vehicle for conservatism about 30 or 40 years ago.
    It’s just another boring liberal, politically correct, cowardly commentary on current affairs which is living on a reputation from the past.

      • The US legal system may now be the only thing to save Trump from fraud and attempted coup, and thus western democracy itself. It also protects news outlets far truer to free speech and conservative values than the Telegraph could ever be.

  7. Dear D..J.

    My worry is that Putin, Xi Jinping, and Islam will eventually come together with the great western ‘re-set’ and rule over us mere mortals with their unassailable world government and the spectre of Obrien’s promise to stamp on a human face forever which technology now facilitates.

    • Dump the ‘eventually’; if the election fraud succeeds, no major obstacle will stand in the way of the globalist destruction of surviving national democracies and people power. As of January 2021.

  8. I used to the think the Great Reset was a wild conspiracy theory, but those wise panjandrums at the WEF have put it up on their website.
    Fools that they are, they believe that the can produce One World Government run by their good selves.
    Do they seriously believe they can defeat Islam, Xi, Putin and others?

  9. Dear Harry.

    How true. Nigel Farage and Dr. David Starkey have been ‘silenced’ and, reading an article by Sunetra Gupta on how she was ‘silenced’ from referring to ‘The Great Barrington Declaration’ surely must ring very loud alarm bells for anyone who still believes in a free press/media. I’m not a gullible conspiracy theorist but a common thread of mind/opinion control from climate change propaganda, race/gender politics, and now this bloody virus is becoming so blatant that the ‘great re-set’ looks more plausible than not.

    • Conspiracy? What does this mean? What is the evidence for this or that, bearing in mind the misinformation and disinformation that floods cyberspace?
      Let’s focus first on a fully documented issue, and watch its trajectory in time, space, methods and impacts: the New Left/Critical Studies groups starting from the mid-1960s US campus to change western national, family and cultural structures by an eglitarian delusion on “race, gender,class”, plus no-tolerance for opposition, now morphed into the “equality, diversity, inclusion” state-ideology of the UK &c. As a personal observer of part of the initial developments of this ratche-style process in the “race-relations” area, especially in local governmen and education, I can report that the techniques its activists used were self-described as “agenda-networking”.
      No more to be said here and now, except to draw the attention of ignorant sceptics to three sufficiently informative books: Michael William, “The Genesis of Political Incorrectness” (2016); Sean Gabb, “Cultural Revolution, Cultural War” (2001) & Helen Pluckrose & James A. Lindsay, “Cynical Theories” (2020).

    • Those wanting the reset think they are the good guys pursuing the collective good, as tyrant minds invariably do. As Camus famously said, “The welfare of the people…has always been the alibi of tyrants… and gives the servants of tyranny a good conscience.” Gates ruling Boris exemplifies this description very nicely.

  10. Time and again in history, conditions for The Well-Being of the Many have been established, saved, re-established by The Few.

    Fight to win, or lose it all.

    That’s the situation right now.

    Fight -with which strategy, with which tactics, on which Fronts?

    Identify The Few who have the skills and the necessary toughness, and support them with all vigour all the way through.

    That is the necessary role of The Many at times of looming destruction of the ingredients of their Well-Being.

    And remember:

    Successful Fews treat enemies nicely only after those enemies have been defeated in detail -if they treat enemies nicely at all.

  11. Dear Bert.

    Yes, a disgraceful act by the New Zealand Parliament and an issue that defines the moral difference in Trump and his supporters from the Democrat social Marxists such as Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi. Northern Ireland was brow-beaten into accepting abortion on demand – all part of the great world re-set.

  12. I see none of the worthies here have commented on the New Zealand abortion scandal in the previous blog which is truly chilling. What does the mass killing of humans often in cruel circumstances to satisfy the economic needs of the state, while the great and the good pass by, remind you of ?

  13. Bravo, James Monteith.

    Anyone who hasn’t read Michel Houllebecq’s novel, ‘Submission’, should read it.

    (I’ve almost certainly spelt his name wrong there).

    • Patriots are the last to submit, so are also the first to be targetted by any smart invader. The Soviets’ brutal elimination of 20,000+ of Poland’s bravest patriots at Katyn comes to mind.

  14. Dear M.J. Arthur.

    I just called up the Visegrad Group on the internet – Thanks. I foolishly omitted the Czech Republic as a bulwark against a ‘new world order’ despite its membership of the E.U. The civilised Czech Republic is unique in Europe for having a simple U.S. style ‘shall issue’ law for its people to buy, own, and carry a licensed pistol for self-defense with no deleterious effects on its society

  15. Dear M.J. Arthur.

    Yes, I agree, the United States is the world’s last best hope but only if defended by Americans with Donald Trump’s determination to fight off the social Marxists ‘no-wheres’ of the liberal-left personified in Nancy Pelosi and – God forbid – Kamala Harris. The nomination of Amy Coney Barrett (I like to refer to her as ‘Barrett .50!) is a big gun in limiting the damage that a Harris/Pelosi partnership might have in mind should sleepy Joe be elected.

    • A moot point. The Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has received death threats for a tackle in the Merseyside derby which injured Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk. A tackle. In a football match. Would he be cavalier enough to put his name and address up on social media in the name of personal freedom?

    • The weasal-word ‘Islamist’ spoils this article for me. That said, I tend to keep my cowardly head down like everyone else.

  16. Am I the only one who finds it ironic that, just as their efforts to weaken Western Society so as to bring about it’s collapse and replacement with a Marxist dystopia are bearing fruit, Cultural Marxists alliance with Radical Islam looks likely to backfire on them?

    With Western Society, especially the UK, becoming a hollowed out shell in danger of imminent collapse, there is every likelihood of Islam being the main beneficiary of that collapse.

    • Most marxists and most Muslims see each other as useful allies.

      And both parties believe that they can overcome the other when the time comes.

      But meanwhile, huge numbers of CCP agents are infiltrating Western institutions.

      The CCP has a big job on its hands, feeding 1.4Bn Chinese with insufficient natural resources at home.

      China will never be able to project substantial military force to control its global supply lines -and so will simply go the route of infiltration and insurrection around the world.

      And while many Western marxists would welcome the CCP to the West, both they and the Muslims will be ultimately unhappy with a set-up controlled by the Chinese.

      Meanwhile, whites have thrown in the towel, whether they realise it or not.

      • ‘whites’? I think you mean the western professional classes, 99% educated in modern humanities departments and learning that Marxism as the only cure for sinful western capitalism and violence against the world. I advise abandoning the terminology and theory of the racist leftist mind.

  17. It’s the poor Telegraph editor who is misunderstanding.

    Secularism is a product of medieval Christianity, made a basis for the future of the West by Gregory the Great. It’s only a conceit that secularism sprang fully formed into existence from nothing. To describe something as secular is to bring it into the Christian orbit.

    France hasn’t been de-Christianised. The Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were iconoclasts in the tradition of the early Reformation. Their objective, carried out in a particular style of French anti-clericalism, was, according to the magazine’s editor, to render Islam as banal as Catholicism. That’s a religion ‘compatible with the Enlightenment’.

    The Enlightenment, heir of the Reformation, sought to bring people out of the darkness of superstition and idolatry. To be ‘laity’ – laïcité – was to be the people of the light. And as St Paul said to his converts, they were now light. Hitherto, they had not just been in the dark, but had been impregnated with it so as to identified with it.

    The Telegraph editor unconsciously thinks that all religions are the same. That is, they go through a trajectory of promulgation, reformation, decline, and finally to assimilation to the world at large, one which is entirely neutral. Only Christianity has subjected its scriptures to historical and literary criticism that has rendered large parts of it doubtful even to most believers. In the age of equality, a doctrine that is entirely a product of Christianity, what place in the public domain could there be for Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Zoroastrianism, Satanism, Druidism, Gaia, or Wicca? Indeed, the very thought that there are distinctive things called religions is a twin brother of secularism.

    • You didn’t mention the world’s fastest growing religion in your list. That produces the firm belief that believers are superior people to infidels, who should submit to the one true God. It also creates theocratic societies in which infidels must serve the true believers. For a good current example, look at Mauritania, where the ethnic Berber ruling class (Muslims) have enslaved the inferior black Africans as slaves or as second class citizens if they convert (converted slaves may certainly never become Imams). That is estimated to be about 600,000 people at present, and has continued for many, many centuries. For perspective, 80 years of US slavery involved about 650,000 black Africans.

  18. Strange that the majority of the world’s politicians do not seem to realise (or accept) that Islam is far more to do with politics than God?

    Change the perception and the implicit threat looms very large.

    • I think most politicians comprehend the situation.

      And some politicians welcome the infiltration and insurrection.

      Most of the rest have simply surrendered because they know that sufficient numbers of white Christian and post-Christian people cannot be marshaled or mobilised to fight back.

    • Similarly, leftist politicians fail to realise that leftism is based on faith and emotion rather than on reason and and logic. Unless of course they can substantiate famous neo-religious leftist dogmas like ‘multiculturalism is good’, ‘capitalism is slavery’, ‘socialism liberates’, and ‘leftists are morally superior’ with some convincing proof.

  19. James Montieth says above that it is now or never.

    Many people say it is now or never.

    Looks like it is never.

    Job’s too big.

    And Islamism -and its sources within Islam- are just one of the many assaults on Western Civ.

    Productive whites, insufficient of whom have engaged properly in elective politics since 1945 and/or failed to note the destructive impact of the kinds and degrees of infiltration and insurrection that have beset the West, are now forced by their elected political leaders -and by non-elected power-mongers in the mainstream media, in the education systems, in the civil/public services- to transfer considerable wealth, material and spiritual, to those who are attacking them.

    As a group, productive whites have surrendered to their enslavers.

    As a group, we just did not realise it, as time went by.

    As a group, we still might awaken and move in our many millions to The Front.

    Or perhaps not.

  20. The Telegraph, Britain’s conservative right? So 19th and 20th Century. In a desperate attempt to be all things to all men, it, like Tony Baloney who led the way in that direction, is nothing much to any of them.

  21. Nothing to see here. This was merely a protest which got out if hand, by a single man with mental health issues, against the draconian lockdown measures against an oppressed religious minority in a vile secular state.

  22. Is France, Poland, and Hungary to be the saviours of western culture? If they are the only defenders, then it is likely that they will be defeated by more powerful collaborationists which will be ironic and a betrayal of those who died in the years between 1939 – 1945.

    • Yes, the Visegrad Group is the only potential cultural saviour of Western culture. On the economic front the only potential saviour against the intended accompanying Great Reset / Year Zero of The Climate-Industrial Complex is Mr Trump.