Bog trotting to Bombay

John Taylor, Baron Kilclooney, former deputy leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, has caused shockwaves in the political world by describing vice president-elect Kamala Harris as ‘the Indian.’ Angela Smith, Labour leader in the Lords, described Kilclooney’s remarks as ‘despicable and beneath contempt’, and is to make an official complaint.

Well, Kilclooney’s reference to ‘Biden’ and then to ‘the Indian’ is unquestionably derogatory. He should, of course, have said either ‘Biden and Harris’ or ‘the Irishman and the Indian’ and thereby put them on a par.

Biden and Harris are proud of their respective Irish and Indian ancestry, and since both subscribe to the BLM identity-cum historic victimhood politics, reference to their ancestral inheritance could hardly be objected to.

If Kilclooney then wanted to be offensive, he could at least have referred to the pair as, say, ‘the bog trotting mick and the overdressed fakir’, again maintaining parity between them, and avoiding the slur that his prejudices were partisan or motivated by colour.

Although such depictions deploy well-worn stereotypes, and might be judged racially motivated, they are nevertheless informative in drawing the contrast between Biden’s humble origins and Harris’s high-caste Brahmin maternal ancestry, which belies her historic victim status.

However, more imaginatively selected epithets would surely have drawn attention to Harris’s paternal descent from Hamilton Brown, an Irish slave-owner, and thereby revealed the BLM victimhood agenda for the hogwash it really is.

I have not researched Biden’s genealogy, but I suspect that his Irish antecedents were most likely labourers seeking a better future, perhaps even victims of the Irish famine, and therefore victims of British imperialism. But of course, whites are forbidden from claiming the status of historic victim because they are white. The correct contrast to draw would then be Biden as historic victim and Harris as historic oppressor brandishing a whip. Since there is no reference here to colour, and no partisan reference to either the Irish or the Indians, nobody could possibly take offence from some play on, say, ‘Sleepy Joe and Miss Whippy’.

Unfortunately, the pig-headed redneck Ulsterman Kilclooney was unable to summon the imagination the occasion demanded.

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27 Comments on Bog trotting to Bombay

  1. Ulsterman John Taylor isn’t a red neck. He has a rough neck and a rough jaw – from IRA bullets – five of them – fired at him when he was going about his duties as Minister of State for Home Affairs in the Northern Ireland government during the Troubles. Pamela Harris is of Indian parentage. It’s perfectly accurate to describe her as Indian. David Lloyd George was spoken of as Welsh when he was British prime minister. – What on earth is all the fuss about? Absurd!

  2. Are you white?

    And productive and non-violent, and actually law-abiding -because you simply would not even think of not abiding by the laws?

    Well, your time is up.

    The marxist-inspired people who now dominate elective politics, the civil services, the mainstream media, the education systems, and the legal system, see you as a Handy Old Horse who will work yourself to death to help others, and so are a useful zombie, in other eyes.

    Remember Animal Farm.

    Let us awaken.

    Read up on how the Britons in the Black Hole of Calcutta worked to save themselves and worked to save one another.

    Read up on what it took to stop the Germans 1914-1945.

    And so on.

    And then decide:

    Will I take the path of leisure, or Golly, realise that leisure, while it has its applications and usefulness, will not save white Western Civ -and therefore will not ensure all the boons and benefits it supplies not only to non-Westerners but also to anti-Westernsists.

    Remember Animal Farm.

    • Harry Black: the ancient Athenian democracy restricted political rights to those who could prove that both their parents were Athenians. By that standard, not only Kamala Harris but also many millions of USA voters aren’t real Americans.

      Did you also notice how much fuss there was about foreign influence in the 2016 election? But the BBC’s four years of blatant anti-Trump campaigning seems to be tolerated.

      • Yes PJR -it’s all become rather anti-reality, has it not.

        For example:

        It is obvious that Harris is not simply non-American-

        -she is anti-American -by criteria that are obvious

        Just one of those things that happens, when founding constructive principles are replaced by destructive idiocies, such as multi-culturalism.

  3. There’s no more marked example of “victimhood politics” than the racist English white man who complains that his “culture” (beer, football, east end gangster, Glasgow razor gang?) is under threat or even gone already.

    • England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality. In left-wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution, from horse racing to suet puddings. It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true that almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of standing to attention during God save the King than of stealing from a poor box.
      George Orwell.

    • Yes, because that is obviously all there is to English “culture”, as you write culture. You have a point: Shakespeare very probably drank beer. But while David Hume was Scottish, he was not from Glasgow and I doubt he was part of a razor gang.

      But as you know, they just renamed the David Hume building because he was (wait for it) raaaaaaacist. As the party said, he who controls the present, controls the past, and he who controls the past, controls the future.

      • Control the past to control the future?

        Sometimes to create a better future, leaders must arrange for the burning of the village, or the boats, as the case might be, and proclaim that the folk must strike out to a new land -or a new ideology, as the case might be.

        This is often because most of the folk are too ignorant, too deluded, too idle, too incurious, too uneducable, to realise what’s best for ’emselves.

  4. Oh dear. The English/Irish national and religious mix in my forebears makes me a bog-trotting, red-necked colonialist. No solace there then…

  5. Probably safer to just refer to the pair as “oxymoronic democrats”.

    At least it would be factual. The democratic party was founded on the practise of denying democracy… Which is a bit like the CONservative Party pretending to be conservative.

  6. All over the world, I have talked with persons of Irish and Indian forebears who freely say that without the English occupations of their respective ancestral lands, and the associated inward transfer of boons and benefits, those lands would be far the poorer in all matters that attend to modern life.

    And that the reason they or their antecedents left Ireland or India was that those countries were, and still are, very limited in what they offer and very oppressive in what they demand of their denizens.

    And that things are far better in lands that are off-shoots of England.

    Oh and I know Welsh and Scots who comprehend that without England, the nett prospects for their countrymen, down the centuries, would always have been scant.

    Ditto Egyptians, other Arabs, and Africans.

    That freedom and safety for whites, and good sense generally, are fast disappearing in England -and across the Anglosphere- spells bad times for all, I’d say.

      • Maryon Davies: Our children will be denied the benefit of Harry Black’s lecture tour until “comprehensive schools” (which are not real schools) are abolished and their “teachers” (who are not real teachers) are sacked.

        • I totally agree, but ’twas not ever thus. I attended the local grammar, but began my teaching career in a newly-formed ‘comprehensive’. I would, however, along with many colleagues of that era, describe myself as a ‘real’ teacher, hence my initial shock at the unimaginative and largely irrelevant syllabus and ‘trendy’ methods of delivering same. The ‘pens down eyes front and pay attention’ stance was dubbed ‘lion-taming’ and quickly abolished. It’s fair to say that my years in this system were akin to a hitherto unexplored circle of hell.
          Nowadays, as an occasional tutor, I am appalled but resigned to the general ignorance, laziness and arrogance of students, some of whom of course go on to become ‘teachers’.

          • Maryon and PJR,

            Perhaps this:

            Saturday and Sunday schools?

            Let parents organise weekend sessions in which their children are provided ideas for living productive, self-sufficient lives -in settings free of marixist-inspired “teachers”.

            I’d keep such sessions racially and religiously distinct -as principles that support proper peaceful, productive white culture will be sabotaged and demonised as “white bad” by almost all Muslims, blacks, browns and PIs and their ignorant, malicious, white, ingrate enablers.

            The enemy is upon us, and pretending that ain’t so will not save us.

          • Nothing wrong in modern education that can’t be solved, said Mencken, by burning all the schools and hanging all the teachers.

    • >All over the world, I have talked with persons of Irish and Indian forebears who freely say that without the English occupations of their respective ancestral lands, and the associated inward transfer of boons and benefits, those lands would be far the poorer in all matters that attend to modern life.

      I will not give three cheers for colonialism, it had its well known moral outrages. But I will give *two* cheers for *British* colonialism. When they said they want to improve the natives, morally and economically, they meant it and did just that.

      My favorite example is that cultural imperialist, General Charles Napier, banning Sati in Sind when he was asked by a bunch of local worthies to be allowed to follow their ancient custom and burn a widow alive. Napier replied:

      >Be it so. This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs!

      It takes little to imagine a modern sensitive and multicultural functionaire of the British government would be immediately sacced if he said that. No, no. He will dare not ban Sati because it is *wrong*. That’s cultural imperialism. He would just weight who is more of a victim – will the woman be burned, of the disappointed people of color if she is *not* burned? Being a good utilitarian, if enough people want the widow burned – just like enough people today want FGM – then so be it.