Born to Fail

27th December 2020 8

It will take about 6 weeks to vaccinate all those over 80 and that is not fast enough. Doctors and nurses should be employed training (45) minutes lay people how to vaccinate and who not to. A procedure about as difficult as making a cup of coffee. Reinforcing lessons should be given hourly on TV and the net. Once the … [Read on]

You did not read this in our parasite press

25th December 2020 8

Port of Dover: 36 Polish medics supported British during night COVID19 testing of stranded truck drivers .Release from Polish Embassy 12.55 Christmas Day On Thursday night, more than 30 doctors, nurses, diagnosticians and paramedics were deployed from Poland to help British services to test track drivers stranded at the port of Dover. The aim was to test as many drivers as possible … [Read on]

Thought for Today. Brexit.

25th December 2020 9

Despite the Labour Party’s support for Boris’s Brexit Deal, the next election and all elections thereafter,until the EU falls apart, will be fought on rejoining this catastrophic entity. The key is ‘a level playing field’. Having played up every single hiccup at the border, every difficulty with a green card, every pet unable to travel to the South of France … [Read on]

Universities ? Why not EasyED like Easy Jet?

25th December 2020 4

The global pandemic of 2020 has exposed many things about our society. Amongst these is the issue of whether we still need universities. I am not suggesting we do not need higher education and training for the major professions, I am referring to the enormous infrastructures that take up increasing amounts of space in university towns and the bureaucracy and … [Read on]

Feeding the enemy that has destroyed us with its (military?) virus

19th December 2020 10

In a recent article in the Spectator, Douglas Murray argues that since the Chinese Communist Party, by accident or by design, has destroyed all the world’s economies except its own through its virus exports, the countries of the world ought to get together and demand reparations. Naturally, this is pie in the sky, but the more serious point, which Murray … [Read on]

The Law stood on its Head

18th December 2020 11

The Appeal Court has decided not to extend the sentences of the killers of P C Harper. Another court has refused to prevent an extra runway being built at Heathrow thus opening the way to doubling the traffic and pollution over London. Last year the Supreme Court tried to overturn the Brexit referendum. Meanwhile day after day immigrant appeal court … [Read on]

Editorial: Winter Edition Salisbury Review Magazine

17th December 2020 7

Twenty years ago you could pass freely in and out of the country with a paper passport. The police could be there to arrest you if you were wanted for a major crime, but as they had no means of knowing when you would leave, or by what means, it was possible to slip out under an assumed name, a … [Read on]

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