Thought for Today. Brexit.

We will all have to do this soon?

Despite the Labour Party’s support for Boris’s Brexit Deal, the next election and all elections thereafter,until the EU falls apart, will be fought on rejoining this catastrophic entity. The key is ‘a level playing field’. Having played up every single hiccup at the border, every difficulty with a green card, every pet unable to travel to the South of France for lack of a vet’s certificate, every careless pensioner unable to get his pension on the continent, Labour will offer the public a new, easier, trouble free deal with the EU involving smoother ‘alignment’, in effect accepting the hegemony of Brussels without representation.

The only comfort is the prospect of Scotland joining the EU before. In Churchill’s words on another occasion, ‘the only example of rats joining a sinking ship.’

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  1. On Scotland and its imminent departure from the UK:

    The main immediate issues on its leave-taking will be where to re-locate the nuclear submarines and some other big defence equipment.

    And what to do with large numbers of Scots seeking English citizenship -including the high-proportion of the non-productive ones who want the kinds of free goodies not available within a small, narrowly-based economy such as Scotland’s.

    Then, within a very short time, there’d be what to do when the New Scotland demands/requests/pleads for reunion with England.

    • Harry – too much mulled wine by the sound of it. Please don’t insult or underestimate the good people of Scotland – even those sufficiently agitated to vote for the SNP. Of course many of them enjoy annoying the English so don’t rise to the bait. As far as military hardware goes they’re more likely to start charging rent for Faslane or Rosyth or Scapa Floe.

      • Thanks Auld Jock, but I’m sober these days, mostly anyway.

        Please note that I know full well the greatness of the many good people of Scotland.

        Indeed, in my many decades working on three or so continents, with many people of many national/cultural origins, in various walks and stations of life, I have had to develop my capacities to see the wide range of qualities, in kind and degree, that are on offer within a single national/cultural group.

        And, at times, I will direct facts at whom I chose -even if these chosen ones take facts as insults -an approach to Reality well-known to good Scots, of whom I have some in my lineage.

        And very obviously there are many English who do not pull their own weight -cannot or will not.

        But an important point is actually expressed in your example of charging rent for military bases.

        Too many “independent” Scots (and English) cannot and will not see the point of maintaining and contributing to proper military force.

        To pretend that Scotland will be independent as part of the EU set-up is a bad, very bad, extremely bad thing, as anti-Reality always is, for all concerned.

        And I have long since stopped rising to bait -I Iearned that lesson many times over. Instead, I offer the truth of matters to those who must face Reality, and indeed must man-up.

        (Chuckle -ain’t I a fine fellow.)

        One final fact for now Auld Jock:

        Too many Scots, good and otherwise, vote for the SNP.

        And all the very best of everything to you Auld Jock -Harry.

  2. The “catastrophic” collapse of the EU bureaucracy and woke-ideology is a dying issue.
    The catastrophic collapse of Europe from Edinburgh to Leipzig from polyethnic mass-immigration and reproduction is a more important emergent issue, life and death for an entire civilization.

    • Yes David Ashton -you specify the problem, superbly.

      And now, our response to this challenge to our survival must be:

      Fight. Fight. Fight.

      Cleverly, ruthlessly and without cease, and quietly and unseen when it suits -but Fight.

  3. There’s a lot of interesting uncertainties in the mix. Scotland’s terms of separation from the UK for instance; will Boris survive much longer; will the SNP end up Nico-less; is England too divided in itself to avoid endless Italian-style political stalemate?

    • There is no contradicton between feeling English and an ethnic attachment to an England that “The Guardian” says “never existed, support for a United Kingdom that recognises the ethnic variation of its nevertheless racially related peoples rather than a “civic nationalism” based on territorial political ambitions and support for Afro-Asian colonists, belief in a shared European civilization and support for western unity in face of woke “agenda-networking”, “socialism with Chinese characteristics, non-white overpopulation and mass-emigration, Islamist terrorism. It is quite compatible with respect for good people in other homelands and friendly relations. No more intra-European wars, please.

      • I’m afraid I don’t quite catch your drift – too many ideas in a short space. Please can you help me out with a bit of clarification. I understand and agree with ‘no more European wars’, and I too see Islamic imperialism, Chinese muscle-flexing and global over population as very serious threats which won’t be easy to contain militarily. And don’t forget the Russian ambition to control the Arctic.

        The text I’m struggling with is your first four and a half lines. If you’ve time, could you unpack the ideas a bit?