You did not read this in our parasite press

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Port of Dover: 36 Polish medics supported British during night COVID19 testing of stranded truck drivers .Release from Polish Embassy 12.55 Christmas Day

On Thursday night, more than 30 doctors, nurses, diagnosticians and paramedics were deployed from Poland to help British services to test track drivers stranded at the port of Dover.

The aim was to test as many drivers as possible in the shortest possible time and unblock entrances to the port. Among the drivers stuck on the British-French border for Christmas, Poles constitute a large group.

The backlogs of lorries are the result of the French government’s decision made last Sunday to close the border for arrivals from the UK for 48 hours in response to the spread of the new variant of the coronavirus in south-east England. The border was opened on Wednesday, but only for those with a negative coronavirus test result.

The medics used rapid antigen tests, 15,000 of which were flown to Britain on the same plane with the Polish medical service. From Thursday night into Friday morning, in just a few hours, they tested a total number of 1,260 drivers. Thanks to the hard, all-night work of the British and Polish medics, the traffic in the port of Dover has resumed and is going more smoothly as of Friday morning. 

The Polish Ambassador to the UK, Arkady Rzegocki, wrote on Twitter earlier today: “I would like to especially thank all Polish, British and French medical staff for their overnight hard work and effort of testing thousands of lorry drivers stranded in the Port of Dover to get them home to their loved ones.”

Today, military personnel from the Polish Territorial Defense Forces will arrive in the UK not only to support testing, but also to assist with food distribution. Polish soldiers are on their way to Britain and are expected to land at the Gatwick Airport at around 3PM. Additionally, Polish consuls coordinate the support for the drivers organised by the Polish community in the UK. 

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8 Comments on You did not read this in our parasite press

  1. This was a very, very small sample of what can be done for one’s true brother in his hour of need, which would not be done for the stranger. Philosophically, it is an act of ethnic nationalism and Schmittian discrimination, sociobiologically of Polish ethnocentrism, and politically of British pragmatism. The pan-racial dystopia which has been constructed in our home since 22nd June 1948 could not act in this beautiful and natural way. But its government can lie and lie again to the native British at election time, and then mouth all the pieties of racial revolution.

  2. To me, it is good, very good, and valid, to describe the parasite press as parasitic.

    And, I am all for the opening of the flood-gates -and to let flow with the description of “parasitic” to all persons, all groups, all entities, that are indeed parasitic.

    The ideology of the West has been overtaken by the parasitic view that parasitism is the core, essential and true element of the human project.

    Now the task for those who comprehend the evil purpose of this anti-empirical, anti-human, power-crazed idea is to fight back-

    -fight back, using all means, not all of which will be assessed as “fair and equitable” by the people who promulgate this anti-human idea-

    -whether such people be evil power-mongering Big Statists, or simply stunted and debased by their fake and false self-righteousness and pathetic seeking of fake and false virtue, or perhaps simply following what they are told in the education systems or by the parasitic press.

  3. Thank you for drawing attention to this.
    This country has a debt to the Poles from the events of 1940 and 1948.
    They are on the whole a welcome large immigrant group in Britain, yes white-skinned people of European heritage. When we organised the unreported mass-rally of refugees in the Albert Hall in 1967 to commemmorate the victims of the Bolshevik revolution, the Polish delegation made the most outstanding contribution of all nationalities and creeds.

    My only concern is the lack of effort in sustaining an entente cordiale with neighbours across the Channel.

    According to the Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at the Asbiro University in Lodz, Poland, in the next quarter of the century people privileged with “white” pigmentation in Britain, as in the USA, will become ethnic minority – our grandchildren. The problem of African diasporic demography is at least as serious a challenge to our shared western civilization, from New York to New Zealand, as Islamic terrorism and Chinese imperialism. “EU” or not we have the moral right and duty to protect European culture and the people who created it, from Dublin to Lublin.

  4. It really is time that Britain started treating Poland as a ‘most favoured nation’, building a bi-lateral relationship to help them as best we can outside the EU bureaucratic system.

    • Agreed -Poland is far more likely than Germany to emerge as a strong force for the Good, as the EU melts away.

      Well, France is more likely than Germany to emerge from the melting/melted EU as a successful going-concern.