The next great financial crash – just outside sir!

It is said that instead of using government grants to help their businesses weather the Covid storm, company owners are throwing this fountain of fake money at companies like Tesla. So much has been thrown at the lithium battery manufacturer that the company is now worth a trillion and the stock price now so high the company cannot make a profit without selling carbon credits, the tulips of the 21st century 

It is not something the most fevered of punters should put their money in. Investors (one would better call them gamblers) are relying on other gamblers piling in behind them to drive the price even higher until …..?

Until everybody is invested and somebody tries to sell. Then down comes the whole scheme.

It doesn’t have to be Tesla. A spectacular crash of any large well known company should do the job of bringing the whole tottering Ponzi scheme of world finance down. Money will fly to money heaven, investment will dry up, the TV stations with their painted, gabbling women announcers with nothing to say will fall silent, airliners will rust at their stands, holiday homes will become the abode of foxes, potatoes will become the currency of our streets. 

And when the advertising stops youth will take its collective head out of its mobile phone, look up and see its inheritance

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8 Comments on The next great financial crash – just outside sir!

  1. “What goes up must come down.” And the further up it goes, the greater its momentum will be when it crashes down on our heads. This applies to every hybristic human endeavour from the Tower of Babel onwards, but we seem incapable of learning. Perhaps the ongoing descent of the USA into Marxist disaster (which has been paused for four years, not stopped) will teach us something, but I doubt it.

  2. Dear Harry.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your interpretation of the White House ‘invasion’ that has all the hall marks of a staged ‘coup attempt’ for the ultimate smear on the Trump 2016 election victory after all other spurious ‘legal’ attempts to overturn his Presidency had failed just as the ‘legal process”, Parliamentary collusion, and the full weight of the media was used in Britain in an effort to overturn Brexit. The ‘security’ surrounding the White House is overwhelming and lone ‘threats’ have been shot way before reaching the building. Therefore, breaching that lethal security to ‘occupy’ its offices must, surely, have been engineered and intended as the demonstrators were not unexpectedly dropped – fully armed SAS style – from helicopters. The subsequent ‘discovery’ of a ‘pipe-bomb’ or two and a ‘long gun’ is not exactly the choice of weaponry to seize control of the most powerful country in the world.

  3. Yes, a useful warning from The Editor.

    Meanwhile, we see the on-going destruction of the civil order, as enabled by the parasitic “news” media.

    In the US “news” media overnight and this morning, only FOX has run an item -just one- on the killing last evening of an unarmed white woman in the US Capitol Building.

    The white woman was not a drug-addled, violently acting-out black man resisting police arrest.

    Yes, she courted danger by being part of a crowd that had walked -unopposed by Security Forces- into the Capitol Building.

    The video of the shooting is on-online, indeed in the Daily Mail.

    The woman presented no immediate threat to any law enforcement or security officer.

    Silence form the leftist, BLM-enabling, parasitic “news” media.

    They are saying that Trump is to blame for the woman’s death, and is to blame for everything that it is not pleasing to BLM people or indeed anyone who who is evil enough not to yearn for a Big State supervised by the Big Statists at the UN-

    -a Big State in which only Big Statist Commissars and the Agents have access to and are permitted to use firearms.

    Ask how it could be that the US Secret Service and Capitol Security did not make preparations to ensure that protesting crowds could not enter the Capitol Building after there was plenty of clear advance notice that protestors would indeed converge on DC and the Capitol Building.

    This question does not occur to the parasitic press, possibly because the dead woman was white and not-drug addled, and not violently acting-out.

    • Mrs Ashli Babbitt (may she rest in peace) is now being treated by the “impartial” BBC as if she were a victim of Donald Trump, not of a policeman.

      Meanwhile, I have to admit that I agree with Uncle Joe Biden when he says that much would have been different if the protestors had supported BLM instead of Trump.

      1. The Capitol would have been systematically looted for anything that could be sold.

      2. The Capitol would then have been burned to the ground.

      3. Meanwhile, the police would have genuflected reverently in order to demonstrate their support for equality and diversity.

      • Yes PJR, all good points that you make.

        And I see reports/speculation that the security guard who shot the white Mrs Babbit was an affirmative-action appointment -a person of a certain colour.

        That an officer of perhaps untrainable constitution was not under close supervision is perhaps no surprise.

        I have witnessed the quality of people who occupy positions-on-the-floors in various DC public buildings, and have engaged with these people on matters for which they were nominally responsible.

        The apparent factor of “just keep them employed, effectiveness and efficiency do not matter, and lack of these qualities must not be noticed or mentioned” is similar to the policy that CCP imposes on Chinese enterprises.

        Anyway, the Left is obviously now working even harder than ever before to destroy Trump, fully and finally.

        They might succeed -but I will not be surprised to see Trump re-emerge as MAGA Mega-Maestro -on multi-media platforms and in live rallies.

        If he does not run for elective office, and instead exerts his full efforts as a rallying figure for pro-Western/pro-free enterprise voters, he will be a very significant figure in US and world affairs for at least another presidential election cycle, perhaps two, if his health holds up.

        But again, the Left is definitely out to reduce him to smithereens.

        • If the childish Pelosi gang succeed in belatedly removing Trump from office, perhaps he’ll become an even greater figurehead for resistance to the ongoing evil.

          (Speaking of Pelosi, I wonder if the papers taken by patriots from her office will appear online. They might make interesting reading.)

          Meanwhile, let’s remember Mrs Babbitt, protomartyr of the oncoming persecution. The policeman who shot her made a mistake, but future policemen who shoot future Mrs Babbitts won’t be making mistakes. They’ll be just obeying the Pelosi/Harris gang’s orders.

  4. I’m forever blowing bubbles,
    Pretty bubbles in the air,
    They fly so high, nearly reach the sky,
    Then like my dreams they fade and die.
    Fortune’s always hiding,
    I’ve looked everywhere,
    I’m forever blowing bubbles,