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9 Comments on Voter Fraud coming to an election booth near you ?

  1. Biden-Harris have become US presidents-elect by way of vote manufacturing, and by way of the “news” presentations in the mainstream media.

    Yesterday, Harris-Biden described the anti-Left people who invaded the US Capitol Building as “despicable thugs” while extolling the Antifa/BLM rioting-looting-destroyers as righteous justice-seekers.

    And, as enabled by the mainstream media there is vastly more of this destructive anti-Reality to come in the USA, and it will spread evermore deeply throughout the Anglosphere, much of the Rest of the West.

    The post-1984 Brave New World is fully upon us.

    There are many naive denizens of the non-Left who regard the Leftism and its people as legitimate factors in a “democracy”.

    But the Leftist people regard non-Left people as entities to be befuddled and enslaved, if not entirely eliminated.

  2. The real fraud is the electorate has been duped into believing that who they vote into office, at whatever level, makes any difference whatever.

    • Yes Noa, in a way and up to a point.

      But my view is this:

      In these days of rejection of saviourship and rejection of leadership, except the kinds that promise free stuff and forever unhurt feelings, it is actually up to the electorate -that is, the folk- to keep ’emselves informed and keep ’emselves involved in the political realm.

      Spectator democracy works well under certain obvious conditions.

      But clearly, those conditions do not now pertain.

      We must engage full-heartedly in the mess and the conflict that comprise the nature of politics, and fight to win, or we become slaves/spectators in this post-1984 Brave New World.

      Cheers, Harry.

    • How many decades ago was it that G. K. Chesterton said something like “a vote today is like a one-way ticket on a blocked line”?

      Effect electoral opposition requires effective funding and truthful media publicity. This is the prime obstacle.

      • Notable is that the current crop of Very Big Money People support/invest in media platforms (mainstream and other) and education entities that are Big Statist in their goals, to the exclusion of truth-seeking empiricism.

  3. Seems the recent vote manufacturing in the USA is about to deliver a Big State Total Government Apparatus of a nature that will please the Hollywood-entertainment-arts people, and the “education” industry people, and the “law” industry people, and the mainstream media people, and the Big Tech people, and the Big Finance/Big Banking people, and the Deep State people-

    -none of whom will have to live with the consequent destruction of public safety and proper education, the loss of jobs and income, and the clamping down on freedoms-

    -all of which are now to be endured by the striving, white middle and lower classes.

    As goes the USA, so goes the entire Anglosphere, and quite a bit of Continental Europe too.