Universities: No place for the White Man

The University of Leicester’s proposal to replace the medieval literature component of its BA English courses by ‘excitingly innovative’ modules on race, ethnicity, sexuality, and diversity, and thereby further the aim of ‘decolonising the curriculum’, has attracted anger among academics in the English department. But if the public letter of resignation penned by its prospective external examiner for the MA English Studies programme, Professor Catherine Clarke, is anything to go by, then it is difficult to feel very much sympathy for the plight of these academics. 

In her letter, Clarke protests that medievalists at Leicester are already ‘tackling complex subjects such as sexuality, migration and identity’. They are already engaged in meeting the challenge of ‘diversifying the curriculum’, evidenced by that ‘brilliant’ initiative of the English Department, the ‘Colonial Countryside’ project – according to which advisory boards of trained ethnic minority primary school children ‘reverse-mentor’ white National Trust staff to ensure they can explain the colonial and slave trade legacies of their properties. The problem then, according to Clarke, is not that the University is decolonising the curriculum, but that its ‘fraudulent use of the language of decolonisation’ stands in the way of a ‘serious’ commitment to decolonising the curriculum and ‘interrogating its structures and systems’.

But the lady doth protest too much, methinks. If academics at Leicester conceive education as teaching currently fashionable ideology, educating for diversity and inclusion etc., they can hardly object when their ideology, or their take on this ideology, is displaced by another, and, consequently, that they too are replaced.

Catherine and her colleagues may think that they have been ticking all the right boxes, but they are still white and privileged, and according to critical race theory, which is now very fashionable, that makes them part of the problem. To even think that the study of European (‘white’) literature, delivered by bearers of white privilege and exponents of unconscious bias, is a suitable vehicle for addressing historic injustices and giving voice to the victims of white hegemonic oppression, and the marginalised, surely constitutes a microaggression of the most grievous kind.

No amount of posturing and virtue signalling will save the likes of Catherine. Their fatuous posturing merely fans the flames of their own self-created funeral pyre.

Let them burn.

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25 Comments on Universities: No place for the White Man

  1. Only reason to appease Blacks and Muslims is that unless they are given free rein to do as they wish, there will be an upsurge in beheadings, bashings, slaughter-by-motor-vehicle, and general criminality. That, and increased bleatings by Whites who imagine it is virtuous to pretend, against all evidence, that Blacks and Muslims, as groups by proportion of base numbers, are as educable, trainable, productive, contributing, and non-violent as, oh, a couple of other groups.

  2. Dear Harry.

    It’s a depressing truth that you put in a few well chosen words. That parasitism has infiltrated all aspects of public life in Britain like dry-rot in a building and the closing of ranks by the top people at Scotland Yard to cover up their corruption over the scandalous abuse of police power in the unhinged ‘Operation Midland’ is an example of parasitism at the very heart of a body that, hitherto, put duty before a career. One can only hope that this scandal will not go away and that Justice Henriques will get to have his report implemented and those responsible in the botched operation and the subsequent cover up will be held responsible.

  3. I have just finished reading “The Transformation of Germany,” by Thorsten Pattberg, “American Renaissance”, 5 February 2021, online. It is grim reading but must be seen by readers here too. Heute Deutschland, Morgen Grossbritannien! Look into the western abyss and it looks back at you.

  4. Appeasing the unappeasable . As someone whose outspoken Rightwing views contributed to his never getting anywhere., I wish our rulers would grow a pair and tell them where they get off!

  5. Exercise: Imagine if the most capable 25% of white males went on strike for forty weeks. The most capable 25% of white males in all walks and all stations of life. Now imagine the state of the world if the most capable 25% of white males had never existed. Note: Blacks, other-coloureds, and Muslims from everywhere, lacking imagination as the great proportions of them do, might ask a member of the top 25% of striking white males to help ’em comprehend the circumstances of their lives within these scenarios.

    • The Great Celebrity Sir Lenny Henry tells us that Women, BAMEs LGBTQI+(SM?) and the Disabled now form the Overwhelming Majority, with straight pale stale males being a tiny minority with undue influence that must be overcome – They are the ‘Masters’ now, to quote a phrase.

      How can it be done? Well, have a look at the 80+ anti-racist &c regulations prepared for Germany – Unabhaengige Nachrichten, 1/2021, online (English tr. available).

      • Parasitism as the only correct and legitimate way of life.

        This ideology is now enforced by the Commissars of the Big State who gain personal power and control of resources/money, and all that goes with power and control of resources/money, when the ideology of parasitism is embraced by ordinary people.

  6. Non-whites of all genders are now being gifted well-paying and powerful positions in institutions/organisations created by white males. Why non-whites of any gender do not create their own organisations/institutions -that are worthwhile in substantive ways- tells the very story that must be suppressed.

  7. This is a sample of a stage on a pre-determined trajectory. This article in fact understates the problem which affects more than one or two university teaching programmes. Readers, please see e.g. the edited version of my article about the “Cult of Woke” on The Quarterly Review website.

  8. No group, per capita, has provided more nett benefits, tangible and intangible, to all other groups than the most productive and most courageous top 25% of white males. That’s true for university faculty, politicians, administrators, managers, scientists, engineers, business owner-creators, educators, doctors, military officers, and cricketers.

  9. The whining response of Catherine Clarke to the ideology she has bought into is reminiscent of the plaintive protestations of the old Bolshevik revolutionaries objecting to Stalin’s policies. Did they really imagine at their show trials that their murderous and bloody revolution would give birth to a a glorious proletariate utopia and not foment the most repressive and intolerant state yet known to the world? Arthur Koestler’s novel ‘Darkness at Noon’ exemplifies the stupidity of these university dupes.

  10. Dead on.
    The culture war against the indigenous Briton ( and no doubt Dane, Dutchman, and German also) has gone from a cold war to a hot one. No doubt the rapidly changing legislation, and removal of rights, which has been excused by response to the Chinese virus, will be used in this cultural war as well.
    Certainly in my current job, the The Thought Police of the EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) gain rapid promotion, and increase their control over the rest.
    They have introduced ‘Unconscious Bias’ training, and are also running a Black Lives Matter Special Interest Group, and we are supposed to be an organisation dedicated to engineering.
    I suspect I will have to resign before high summer.

    • My future son-in-law works in an engineering-based business. His team is entirely black and Asian but for himself. He is unable to obtain promotion and knows perfectly well why. Everybody knows. He has had enough, and is contemplating doing a window-cleaning round while he retrains for some occupation in which he can be treated fairly, even though he is an Englishman and this is England.

        • Probably social engineering. You’d think that in real engineering, knowledge and talent would out because otherwise the constructions would quickly fall to pieces. Reminds me of a dissident doctor friend in Prague. He said he was always safe with the Party officials because they valued their lives more than their (or his) ideology.

  11. Yes well, the arts-humanities parts of universities embraced anti-Reality some decades ago. Main question now: What is happening in the physical sciences, engineering, IT, and medicine? Are they also going anti-empirical/anti-logical? Bigger question perhaps: How many billionaires does it take to endow a new pro-Western/pro-white university. A university constituted and managed to apply proper standards of empiricism and logic in all of its research and teaching programs. Must be dead against woke-ist Identity Trash. Does not have to involve much bricks and mortar. Buckingham seems OK, and more places of that ilk, but even more so, are urgently required.

      • Hugo, to remain relevant in the coming paradigm shift towards The Globality we have to rein in the talk of Islam, race, the JQ, and so forth. Not that discussion of these things is not necessary, but the old nationalist and traditionalist focus is being overtaken by events; and we have to keep up.

      • Sorry to hear this. I think we have reached the stage where to play the great game you need two or more personas: the conventional one who outwardly conforms but subverts where he can, because the bills need paying and the children feeding, and the outspoken social media one who goes under another name. A bit like Bruce Wayne and Batman in Gotham City.

        • All societies have some level of hypocrisy and taboos, of publicly saying falsehoods or not saying truths for the sake of social cohesion.

          This in itself is probably inevitable and perhaps positive – a compulsive truth-teller who tells everyone everything he thinks of them is as bad as a compulsive liar.

          The problem is that today, this isn’t a matter of avoidance of some subjects in public (sex, in particular) but an attempt of total thought control, a Stalinist utopia.

          Progressives keep claiming they’re for freedom because they’re in favor of sexual license – when just that is the behavior that needs no license. It’s the only freedom you are allowed, simply because it’s not possible to enforce compliance.

          • The combination of sexual licence with the industrialisation of all females was an original Marxist idea. Stalin had to cope with the destructive impact of the first element of this ideology on national cohesion. The effects of “feminism” on motherhood, happy homes, fetal survival are now combined with “anti-racism” and feckless breeding among less intelligent groups at home and abroad do not bode well for western national cohesions.

            As for English history, heritage and literature, the attack on them is becoming more explicit and direct, as the – for the time being majority -ethnic English are not among the “protected” groups.

            Readers should join The Royal Society of St George which is the only surviving lawful and respectable association chartered to defend the strength of England against all enemies.