Hearts of Oak – A guided tour of hotels for illegal migrants versus those for Covid 19 arrivals.

Free housing, health, education and damages too

Over the last week I have been reading a lot about empty Immigration centres, four star hotels been used to house immigrants and the quarantine hotel fiasco. So I thought I would get out and check them out and do some filming. On Monday I went to the Crowne Plaza by Heathrow which is housing hundreds of immigrants who are free to come and go as they please. They are here illegally yet they have no restrictions on their movements. Hotel rooms in the Crowne Plaza are normally £100 but these individuals who have entered our country illegally are given free accomodation for months and months and free food. No wonder thousands of people come to Britain illegally. Round the corner are two Immigration detention centres. One is closed temporarily while the other one has 100 immigrants staying which is 15% of capacity. Between them they have over 1000 beds. I then went to see the quarantine hotels where passengers who return from a red country are imprisoned in for 10 days at a cost of £1750. While I was out I also came across a very large NHS Covid testing centre that was empty. It had 15 plus testing booths and had space for at least 300 cars to park and wait yet I only saw 3 cars. Something does not add up. Check out the short 12 minute video on YouTube, VK, Facebook, Rumble and Bitchute. Watch it here at:

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34 Comments on Hearts of Oak – A guided tour of hotels for illegal migrants versus those for Covid 19 arrivals.

  1. On the quetion of which race has the highest average IQ : surely what matters is what use the IQ is put to in recent history. The British created the greatest empire the world has ever known and initiated the industrial revolution. It is only because we also lead the world in modesty that we rarely draw attention to our achievements.

  2. The Anglosphere must stop extracting capable people from Black Africa and Islamic countries. It is obvious that those precincts are short of people as educable and as trainable as the top 20% seen in the West. To take such people away from precincts with limited trainable talent is to ensure those places slip further into The Abyss.

  3. There was a time when all citizens of the Empire were accorded the right to come and live in the motherland just as we accorded ourselves the right to live in any land we fancied taking and steal it . Then we discovered Guessedworkers ‘low IQ Stone Age dwellers’ were much smarter than we thought and withdrew the invitation. Now they are arriving in huge numbers equipped with surgical degrees, advanced maths, engineering etc . Oh the ringing of hands and the brave statements of political intent. Don’t waste your time , with 80 million footfalls at Heathrow alone have we got anything resembling a frontier? No. Nor will we.

  4. Meanwhile, the use of Western technology, including in many areas of healthcare, has caused the populations of non-Western states to expand at rates far greater than in Western nations.

    This is a problem in those non-Western countries that lack the capabilities to organise their populations, contain corruption, maintain civil peace, and lack the resources to feed, house, educate, employ their peoples, and to provide on-going healthcare.

    So, many non-Westerners head for the West.

    Now, consider the most capable non-Westerners: the most educable, the most trainable. Few arrive by rubber-ducky. Most are air-lifted to the West by the UN, by immigration//refugee programs conducted by Western governments, and by private charities funded by billionaires and even ordinary people.

    So the UN and Western Do-Gooders are stripping non-Western precincts, esp those most at risk of collapse of all services required to keep their people alive and organised, of the most capable locals. They bring them to the West. These are regarded as acts of great virtue. But this virtue is fake, false, and is obviously destructive to those benighted non-Western states.

    Now, among these types of Western Do-Gooders and their Western supporters, there are those who are vocal in their criticism of past (imagined) down-trodding of non-Westerners by Westerners, esp the British. But they think ’emselves grand for denuding the most blighted countries of talent, in these present times.

    One problem with the fakely virtuous: They know nuthin’.

  5. Dear Guessedworker.

    I bow to your better knowledge on the figures you sight. At base is whether English culture and identity will prevail in our homeland. Our two main political parties are now dominated by those who appear to be unable or unwilling, for reasons that elude me, to take any robust action against those who are determined to distort English history, culture, and identity and replace it with George Orwell’s nightmare vision of a society that lives in complete compliance or, for those who don’t, in fear. The Chinese tyrants are cleansing their country of any challenge to its doctrine and the ‘Woke warriors’ in the west cannot see the irony of their war against freedom. I must quote that sobering line from ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’: Who controls the present controls the past. Who controls the past controls the future.

  6. Ah, dear Guessedworker.

    I was carful not to imply percentages of intelligent people in the population of any country but I assume, from Harry Black’s comment on Somali and Sudanese doctors in Britain, that there must be some. However, not from any racialist reason but I would always be happier with a consultation and treatment from a doctor native to the British isles for language skills and cultural reasons. I also believe that there are many very intelligent Nigerian criminals!

  7. There has been a lot of passionate thoughts expressed over this short video and the its implications of mass-immigration – illegal or otherwise – and mostly around those races that might have a superior I.Q. or who are claimed to have been unjustly subjugated and colonised. In my opinion, the flourishing of the intelligent of any race and/or society depends on how that society is ruled and if its natural resources and climate favour scientific and industrial development. Ancient Greece gave the world great mathematicians and philosophers; the Egyptians built amazing monuments and the Roman empire achieved wonderful civil engineering throughout their empire. However, today those countries are scraping along at the bottom of leading societies. Britain achieved greatness from its own pool of intelligent people (Britain led the world in nuclear physics in the 1930s that gave the Americans a head start for their atomic bomb research) which provided them with a society that fostered that intelligence for scientific and industrial advancement and the means to colonise backward societies for greater access to the worlds resources. This was beneficial to both the coloniser and the colonised in bringing a better model for society and industrial goods and knowledge. Two catastrophic wars in the 20th century and America’s worldwide ambitions caused its bankruptcy and collapse and, subsequently, socialist and defeatist governments that put welfare above all else resulting in a withering of home-grown talent and attracted the low-skilled immigrant and/or those of a criminal leaning to make up the shortfall of our own people lost in those wars but greatly expanded by foolish political mistakes and then by a Marxist inspired opportunist in 1997. Just look at those African countries to see how a country with intelligent indigenous people can be a basket case in a society that is run by corrupt incompetents. China’s rise is not due to a people with superior I.Q.s but a national will for the Chinese to become dominant in the world. It is subjugating others by money and will not allow colonisation of itself by immigration.

  8. There are more Somali and Sudanese doctors in London now than in Somalia and the two Sudans combined. I do not know the comparative count of railway engineers. As for the big picture of British occupation of foreign parts, those foreign parts and their denizens today are all better off, in terms of human development, than before the British occupation, precisely because of the British occupation. Plus the headcount of deaths, property confiscation, slavery and general destruction due to the various Islamic expansions far, far execced that of the British. If one is to signal virtue or guilt/shame/blame, in regard to the actions of races and empires, one ought to count boons and benefits properly, and set them against relevant costs/negatives, or be regarded as a fibber or a fake, or as a person-of-false-feeling.

    • But Mr Black you have not answered my questions. Did we ask their permission which is what we are objecting to here today about the new colonisers , and to further your ideals would you refuse to be operated on by a Somali surgeon on the grounds he should not be here but back in Somalia. The same goes for your local shopkeeper. The idea we ‘improved’ China, the opium wars, etc and other appalling scandals does not bear examination, as well as the astonishing presumption that any colonial people dreamt of the day they could have their Gods knocked to the ground,sounds familiar, and lands seized is faintly ludicrous

      • Child, either you approve of colonisation or you don’t. If you approve then you cannot argue against those parts of the British Empire in which colonisation (as opposed to only colonialism) took place. If you don’t approve of colonisation then you must join with the English people in desiring freedom from it now. What you cannot do is to deprecate white colonisation of non-white lands but applaud non-white colonisation of white lands on the specious basis of generational responsibility (ie, blood libel).

        So which is it to be? You know my position, which is nativist, for the reasons given above in my reply to Harry. What’s yours?

      • Mr Bert, one main matter in this is that Somalia and the Sudans are severly short of surgeons and doctors generally. More generally, my point is that all human lives are best served by appreciating the nett-nett of things -rather than using precious energy in lamentation or complaint, or resentment or criticism in regard to the negatives of what has happened. Life is best lived by appreciating the overall effects of the various projects and operations that we consider. This requires giving full due to the positives in addition to the negatives. In my assessment, the British, indeed English project has provided more nett plusses than the Rest.
        Though of course, the English have gained mightily, over the millennia, from useful/constructive developments elsewhere in Europe, going back to the Ancient Romans and Ancient Greeks.

  9. Reply to Guessedworker’s remark about immigrants ”Do you think it would have been better if the British Army had fought its low-IQ Stone Age opponents or whatever using their techne ? ‘
    If you have ever had an operation it is probable that a descendant of one of your low IQ stone age opponents was the surgeon, or if you have ever taken a train it was another descendant of a low IQ who did the complex maths required to estimate the stresses on the track. The thing is they are here and most of them a good deal smarter than you. I notice you side stepped the Opium Wars which I mentioned as an example of violent immigration by the British. What is so amusing about that is the Chinese have, save for the Eskimos ,the highest IQs in the world, so high they wouldn’t even take the time to argue with you . They know we are not as smart as them, we are not even on their emotional radar. And by the way, it’s often people of lower IQ who resort to ad hominem attacks as in your post.

    • The Jews have the highest average IQ in the world followed by Asiatics (Japanese, Chinese Koreans). Caucasians are next followed by Indians and last of all are negroes, That does not mean to s ay that there are no stupid Jews or no highly intelligent negroes. It’s the proportion of suchlike that matters.

      • Yes, it is a matter of proportions. Too few people can think in terms of distribution curves. Meanwhile, a very interesting definition of “intelligence” that I have seen is: “The ability to make the best of one’s life, given circumstances that one cannot control.” Now, “IQ” tests do not measure this factor, in any way. And I’ve known many people of high IQ and/or who did very well in their exams, and whose ideas fascinated their tutors at Oxbridge and such places, who did rather badly over the course of their lives.

  10. Dear Harry. I know that I’m expressing a defeatist attitude but the machinery and organisation of the Conservative Party (I’m led to believe) has emasculated constituency influence and choice of candidates and is a centralised operation by the party elite who are in thrall from the big donations by a small clique. Party membership is tiny with grass-roots donations simply small change; party workers have no say in policy. In the 1990s, I was a member of Conservatives Abroad’ with the local branch in S.W. France that had lunches and events with a ‘pep-talk’ from the occasional visiting M.P. or supporter to dupe the gathering into believing that the party represented their interests. The branch raised funds throughout the year and sent it to central office but the donations were never acknowledged by the party and I suspect received with a sniff of contempt. I joined UKIP in 1999 and still support them although I’m sorry to say that they are a spent force. Nigel Farage and Richard Tice are making an effort with the ‘Reform Party’ to challenge the Conservative Party and I support them too but I have little hope for their success despite the overwhelming victory by his Brexit Party in the MEP election.

    • Dear Derek, yes you say the truth of the matter. Silly me, I have this fantasy that the Five Million would arise. All best, Harry.

  11. Dear David. I take your point. The two party first-past-the-post system that our democracy relied upon has, until the two major parties merged their basic policies, worked reasonably well. As Peter Hitchens has rightly said, a return of a true conservative party/government can only be achieved with the destruction of the Conservative Party. The opportunity to do so has passed and despite (or perhaps because of) Brexit the dissolving of Britain into a new and very different country will continue apace. Peter Hitchens’ Mail on Sunday’ column this morning confirms that trajectory.

    • Dear Derek, the Tory Party might still be got to rights -but it would require perhaps five million British civilians to join their local Tory branch and learn what must be done to ensure the right policies are enacted. This will require great work on the tasks of identifying, developing, supporting, and pushing the right MPs and local council politicians to develop, enact and defend the right policies. And to make Tory Central a place where proper patriots do their best work on behalf of Proper Britain. Time for the five million to get smart, get wise, get tough, get ruthless -with all appropriate good manners in public, and get into action. Such volunteer engagement in the fight is what is required, without cease, from here on out. The enemy now controls almost all of the internal mechanisms of defence of Proper Britain. And this is true all over the Anglosphere. Only sacrifice of one’s own time and one’s own money, nothing other. Just as our forebears did their great work, for us, in earlier days.

  12. Chap here, saying he’s Human, is incapable of distinguishing between racism and race realism. And seems unconcerned by whom must labour and who must sacrifice to produce the economic surplus required to provide for those who will not and/or cannot fend for themselves. And seems unconcerned by the higher-than-existing-rates of violence and other criminality that arrives with the arrivals. Possibly this chap has simply swallowed whole all he heard during his years of formal education and at the BBC. And is incapable of informing himself adequately to comprehend matters on which he opines. This is a generous, and perhaps naive explanation of this chap’s utterances in these pages.

  13. One can only ask what is Priti Patel doing about it? She should organise a no-holds-barred investigation to the whole question of illegal immigration. Mass deportation of those illegally in this country should follow.

    • Times have changed Bert. So have the stakes. It’s only in the past half-century that the enforced wealth transfers from producers (many of whose forebears sacrificed mightily to save the shop and build it up) to incoming parasites have made it all so unfair. Then there’s the costs of the incomers’ extreme violence and other criminality -that the politicians and do-gooders insist we must accept, otherwise, we are racist. It’s all very unfair, most unjust, see.

    • Why the change? Because we are the native people of this land, and the Africans, south Asians and all the rest are in our home without our consent. They are colonisers; and the native people which does not hold its land against the coloniser is going to lose it and its life along with it. The change is our fight for life.

      Don’t you even understand that?

    • “We” were violent immigrants, were we? Your racist collectivism here? “Unhinged racists” is just an insulting label, or so intended. Abuse is not argument.

      • Yes David Ashton, we were violent. We had the Gatling Gun they did not. Ask the Chinese about Britain’s opium policy. Don’t kid yourself in some sort of Conservative Club by closing time five gin and tonics hallucination.

        • Bert, why do you care, little one? Do you think it would have been better if the British Army had fought its low-IQ Stone Age opponents or whatever using their techne? Would that have been moral or would it have been ridiculous? Or are you ridiculous? Yes, I think you might be. Also, I think you are deeply un-self-aware.

        • >Yes David Ashton, we were violent. We had the Gatling Gun they did not.

          Two opposite views are implied by those who support mass immigration.

          1. It is a wonderful boon of talented, loyal people just itching to provide for Britain by becoming desperately-needed surgeons, railway engineers, etc.;

          2. It is an awful punishment, which is exactly what Britain deserves as a punishment for its past colonialist sins.

    • But there is little evidence that such “immigrants” would agree to work. And there is evidence that if they did take on any significant role, they would not be able to follow any protocol that would make them minimally effective. Anyway, they are here to become wards of the Big State and to consume healthcare, clothing, food, a house of their own with nice furniture and appliances, and walking-around money -all as transferred by said Big State from the fast-declining white productive classes. And in time, to vote for the Labour Party and enjoy celebrity on the BBC, when not pulling down statues of white men.

      • Harry, how right you are! This country is seen as nothing other than a paradise for parasites. If nothing is done about this appalling situation there will be a massive increase in racism and fascism and all that that implies. Save us, Boris, from such an outcome. You have saved us from becoming a mere province of a European superstate, now save us from being swamped by uninvited immigrants.

  14. And, at the next national election, it will be a Conservative or Labour Party government elected as usual to continue this madness. The supine English, who are now fully compliant and accepting of Marxist social doctrine, have only themselves to blame for losing their liberty to authoritarians; glad to be in France despite its own authoritarian shortcomings and higher cost of living but at least I can still own my guns, drive my car on good roads without too much intimidation from revenue hungry cameras, and live amongst people who refuse to have their culture eclipsed.

    • In fairness, the voting public has never been offered a fair or honest choice at election time. The full story of the techniques of deception has never yet been told, and its publication and advertisement may yet find problems. Meanwhile, look out the books by Steve Moxon and Winston Banks.

      Also, Macron is thinking of suppressing white nationalist and anti-replacement groups supposedly to “balance” his opposition to Islam and its anti-Zionism.

  15. The politicians, the civil servants, the denizens of the law industry, the mainstream media, the education industry -the vast majority of ’em all against the ordinary, nett-productive people? Yes, it’s been so since 1945, and it will not end. Not until the ordinary nett-producers arouse themselves, organise themselves, resource themselves, accept the necessity for sacrifice, and head to The Front.