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12 Comments on Time to rethink Tommy Robinson

  1. Obvious:
    When violence -sexual and other varieties- and general criminality among various protected groups are given a free pass by politicians, then there will be upsurges in all kinds of criminality and other anti-social behaviours among other groups, including the police.
    The necessities of the ideology of anti-Westernist multiculturalism, combined with the dictates of other post-modernist, anti-Christian, anti-factual/anti-logic, marxist-inspired campaigns have brought on wide-spread insanity, anti-civilisational hysteria, and general breakdown in efforts to make things work properly.
    Just as was predicted by sociologists, social psychologists, family therapists and pro-Western political analysts several decades ago.

  2. “Tommy Rot”? A major problem of our national predicament is that usually only a maverick mentality is keen publicy to challenge the imposed consensus which rewards conformity with finance, honours, celebrity or promotion, while “cancelling” dissidents. Such personalities face not only the external handicap of exclusion and/or vilification from the media, but also the internal handicap of vanity, enthusiasm, ignorance and strategic blunders, especially of image. Examples: James Anderton, Roy Painter, Mary Whitehouse, General Walker, Robert Kilroy-Silk, David Irving, Nigel Farage, “Tommy Robinson” (drunken followers careering around the streets with a Sikh waving an Israeli flag) and now….Lawrence Fox?

    • They ignore, and even vilify, an educated gentleman such as Ray Honeyford, and when (some thirty or so mosques later in Luton; many allegedly funded by Salafist/Wahhabist Saudi’s and with connections to murderous jihadists) their righteousness indignation knows no bounds.

      ‘Austerity’ being a favourite weapon of the left, they can’t see that the ‘working class’ animus that is surely fuelling some of Tommy Robinson’s least admirable antics stem from the very things they’d have us believe are caused by austerity.

      Note Theodore Dalrymple: The Starving Criminal

      • Still so on March 15. Anyway, the artlcle starts: “It’s time for people in the mainstream to leave their comfort zone if they *truly* believe in free speech. Before it is too late.

        “I have seen some of the footage from an upcoming documentary from Tommy Robinson, and it is time for a lot of people to pause, watch it and reset their opinions. It is a truly terrifying documentary if you believe there is any fairness in the world; from the media to public officials, lawyers and others, corruption is exposed that has to be a wake up call to all right thinking people…”

        • John Sampson, in what I see, the word “fairness” -as used these days by most politicians, and most media and entertainment/arts people, and most of the education and law people- is a cover for destroying the foundations of Western Civ. It’s terrifying alright.

  3. Seeing things for what they are? Maintaining a peaceful, prosperous civil order based on the contributions of proper citizens? No. Entertainment is now the thing. To me, it is entertaining to watch the moves of Meghan Markle as she continues her campaign to be the most well-known person on Earth.

    • Piers Morgan is not everyone’s favourite but he has now been “cancelled” for refusing to worship Our Lady of Sorrows Blessed Saint Megan, Mother of Gold, Queen of Hollywood Heaven and Mediatrix of all Races (pre-Vatican RCs will recognise the paraphrase).

      I see that Nigel Farrago has entered the lists against this dominant Wokeism – I just hope he forgets the fags, saloon bar pints and golf–course collars, does his real homework and avoids the pitfalls and the hostages to misfortune. He cannot do this alone.