Last year China gave us the virus, what next? Crash the dollar ?

The World's worst Mass Killer. Wokists are adopting his techniques of intimidation

The Biden administration is turning Trump’s sensible policy towards China and Russia on its head.

China is now the biggest threat to western civilization and strength in the world. It competes with us head to head on the world economic stage. Russia is a red herring. Not only is China the last communist mega power, it also owns a tremendous amount of western debt and other financial instruments.

England learned what economic might of this kind can do when Roosevelt summarily called off the cozy Suez adventure between Britain and France. China hasn’t yet flexed this sort of muscle, but it already can. America might soon get a taste of its own medicine.  

Russia, on the other hand, is barely on the economic playing field. It sells some oil and lumber and perhaps some beaver backs for lady’s hats that nobody can don anymore without attracting sanctimonious reprisals and mockery. It is true that Russia still thinks in terms of “spheres of influence” and still wants to call the shots in Eastern Europe (and some of the shots in the Balkans and Caucasus). And it is also true that it still has a nasty nuclear arsenal. But huffing and puffing every time Putin decides to toss another oligarch in the tank amounts to geopolitical silliness. True, presumably our “outrage” is meant to weaken Putin’s grip, so western powers can go in and make Russia a nice global place like everywhere else. The problem is that ordinary Russians see through this transparent pretext. Nobody over there is buying it except for some scattered jurists and journalists. And in the meantime, the real danger of China is being neglected.

It is like overlooking the dragon blowing fire just over our rooftops in favor of shooing off a bear spotted rummaging in the village rubbish heap. Sometimes the bear growls at some loudmouthed ruffian and everyone chatters whilst the fence is already alite with flying flame. It is ceaselessly muttered that Trump had some sort of bromance with Putin. But that is all nonsense on stilts. Trump had the businessman’s common sense to know where the real competition is. Biden, bedeviled by his own propaganda and pap, can’t see the folly of reversing Trump’s prudent policy.  

China is old and wise. Perhaps we don’t feel its strength because the dragon is also a serpent. Perhaps it shies from the sort of triumphant display we can readily recognize. Certainly, it doesn’t sermonize to the world. It lets us prattle and prattle.

For now.      

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5 Comments on Last year China gave us the virus, what next? Crash the dollar ?

  1. China needs the Rest of the World more than the Rest of the World needs China.
    Ditto Russia, only more so.
    Biggest threat from China is the infiltration of CCP agents in all institutions of all other countries -to control prices and the two-way flows of goods and cash.
    Both the CCP and the Russian secret services (which are the sole source of dominant internal political power) are fully occupied feeding and controlling their respective peoples.
    Start with that, before developing/offering views of what those countries are doing on the world stage.

  2. We don’t notice its strength because Russia is a neighbour and China isn’t . We are beginning to feel its strength though.

    China is a fascist , even Nazi state. It allows capitalism to rip but under total state control and in the state’s interests; the people are rigidly controlled; it favours the Han Chinese over the rest and is brutal in suppressing them.

  3. China has been developing roads and airfields in the Caribbean for a decade. It’s obvious what they are for.

    • Tourism possibly. Certainly, China cannot sustain long-distance projection of force of magnitude that would a problem for the USA to swat.

  4. Apt, and perspicacious.
    The threat comes from the Chinese Communist Party.
    The Corona Virus was developed in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the likelihood is that its release was planned not accidental.
    The CCP have undue influence over the WHO, and the resultant global lockdown.
    The biggest global capitalists have an unhealthy admiration for Chinese ‘growth’, and the methods used to ensure that growth.
    The persecution of dissidents in China, and the suppression of the people of Hong Kong, and the Uighar people goes almost unremarked in the MSM, and Western governments will not criticise the CCP.
    With the distorted US election replacing President Trump who understood the Chinese threat, by President Biden, who would happily put his head in the dragon’s mouth, the last genuine western opposition to the Chinese Communists has gone.