Professor John Vincent.’ An early case of cancellation

Extract from his TIMES Obituary 27th March 2021 ‘Mrs Thatcher is the point at which all snobberies meet, intellectual snobbery, social snobbery, the snobbery about scientists among those educated in the arts, the snobbery of the metropolis about the provincial, the snobbery of the south about the north, and the snobbery of men about career women.’

Comment by the Editor of the Salisbury Review. Professor Vincent who wrote for the Salisbury Review, and forced to flee from a lecture hall in 1986 by a gang of 300 left wing students, was an early case of cancellation. I can well imagine Vincent writing the same of Trump as he did of Thatcher. The motives of Trump’s critics are identical.

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4 Comments on Professor John Vincent.’ An early case of cancellation

  1. An insightful, and intelligent man. None of these qualities (including the ‘man’ part) have any value in the inner circle of modern life.
    There are a few redoubts left, where the morally courageous and insightful can speak, but they are becoming scarcer by the day.

  2. Recently deceased, John Vincent will be remembered by decent people for his contribution to history and historiography, and for his sideline in unwoke comments. He caused most offence to those who like being offended by one (probably unreasonable) remark about Caribbean culture. The jackboot is now well on the other foot with Oxford “academics” attacking classical music notation &c as racist or whatever (Sunday Telegraph, 28 March). No good moaning or running way. We have to fight back, and a lot harder and in the right direction, than Johnson or Jenrick.

  3. Must act in secrecy, quietly and unseen, that’s all.
    To say the obvious:
    Our situation is not that of “free exchange of ideas in the pursuit of improvements in conditions for human flourishing”.
    We are now in a war against Big-Tec-enabled Big Statist forces which comprise naive idealists, ignorant and ungrateful people of all colors and creeds seething with massive, malignant resentments against their benefactors, and their evil orchestrators working in the shadows.
    If we non-evil, non-ignorant, and non-naive peoples are to survive this onslaught, we must now get very wise, very tough, and very secretive -and self-organise and self-resource ourselves to conduct critical counter campaigns as part of a long and never-ending war.
    No Saviour is coming.
    It is up to the Ordinary People.
    Without sacrifice of our time and money -our lives- we and our descendants, if any of us survive, are headed into full and final enslavement.
    Our enemies are far, far far more advanced than most of our fellow non-evil citizens realise.

    • But keep up with their activities – take “The Guardian” starting from April Fools Day 2021, don’t miss page after page after page of whining about race, sex and class, with the usual supply of protest pictures and black faces. This is what our rulers read, with the Indie coming up as a mini-me-too. No sense of self-parody and no “English” understatement. England for this woke agitprop “journal” in any case is just a geographical label for part of a northern island to which anyone and everyone on the planet has the right to come and stay.