The Revolution devours its Children

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In a manner reminiscent of the denunciation culture of the Soviet Union,when children denounced their parents, mothers their sons and fathers their wives, a senior policeman, interviewed on BBC Radio 4 today, urged parents to take their son to the nearest police station if they thought he had committed a sexual crime. In addition all those who had been victims of a sexual assault should come forward and denounce their assailants. I don’t think we are talking here about brutal rape or similar. Sexual crimes are now so widely defined they can include trying to get a girl into bed, something that male teenagers have been doing since the beginning of the human race.  

Only private schools are at present in the firing line, and as the courts regard white sexual assault as particularly heinous, sentences will be heavy and, like the closure of Ampleforth, ‘The Catholic Eton’, which was a crude exercise in religious persecution by the authorities, many public schools will be forced to shut down on the grounds of who their pupils are.

It will be good for avaricious lawyers, (who this year will lose the golden teat of dishonest immigration appeals), prison construction companies and marxist revolutionaries seeking the overthrow of society.

One wonders what preparations the authorities are making for a huge boost in the prison population, which by imprisoning the bright children of the wealthy will destroy an entire social class – the aim of the radical left.

The policeman mentioned that enquiries into these crimes will in time extend to the state sector, but one gets the impression that it’s public schools that are the target. The police will be very reluctant to interfere in black schools for fear of racism or interference in black culture. There are always many excuses for black violence not the least, in woke theory, a history of white oppression for which all white people are guilty .

There must be some parents naive or crazy enough to take their son to the local police station to start what may be a 5 to 10 year sentence. Sane parents with sons in public schools will be packing their bags before the nightmare gets underway. Those who were about to send their sons to schools here from abroad will certainly not do so.

This is the price the middle classes invariably pay for dabbling in Maoist chic. Many have worn their liberal credentials as a fashion statement, thinking social revolution only applies to the poor and uneducated. Now they find their daughters have taken class war to the opposite sex in a wave of denunciations of their sons.

Imagine a liberal dinner party in which husband and wife with a young son in prison, discover that across the table are the couple whose daughter denounced their son.

The revolution indeed devours its children.

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8 Comments on The Revolution devours its Children

  1. Yes well, Maoist chic and Maoist malignity now dominate the Anglosphere.
    The anti-Westernist Big Statists now control all key matters of society, and now comprise The Establishment.
    It’s a new revolution we now need, one that births a New Ultra-Smart, Confident and Muscular West in which competent, productive, law-abiding Whites take their proper place as governors of the system.
    Yes, this will require White governors to spend resources to vastly upgrade the behaviour of those Whites who are violent (in sexual and other ways) and/or are parasitic, and/or otherwise criminal.
    The Rest will always be with us, but if sufficient numbers of Whites shape up, there will be better prospect for controlling the violence (incl sexual), parasitism, and criminality among anti-Westernist non-Whites.
    NB: Increasing the productivity of certain non-White groups is a go-nowhere endeavour. This truth is obvious, but requires repeating.

  2. Meanwhile, in the current US revolution, the marxist people are continuing their campaign to destroy the police forces -by way of a new show-trial of a police officer who restrained a drug-addled career criminal who later died of natural causes -natural in the sense that his extreme drug abuse did not mix well with his extremely fatty set of blood vessels and other organs. The marxist prosecutor has opened the case with the lie that the police officer “drained the life” out of this self-drugged-up career criminal with bad blood vessels clogged by eating a lot of fat. Terrible lies by the marxist people. But that is the way it is.

    And soon we will have the spectacle of a black Valley Girl as president of the most powerful country on Earth. This black female is actually half-Indian of the Brahmin class and half-black of the black Jamaican slave-owning black class. Elite privilege, carefully ignored by the marxist media? This will be quite a show -esp as this black-Indian lass cannot keep a straight face when she lies -she giggles. And she lies and giggles much of the time she’s in the public eye.

    Giggling when lying is the new authenticity among the anti-Westernist marxist peoples who now control most of what happens in the Anglosphere.

  3. The public schools sadly became woke themselves and produced woke girls – who then turned on the institutions that gave them so much.

    Go to any public school speech day and listen to the speeches about diversity, equality and inclusion – and no one seemed to see the irony when fees topped £40k of post taxed money.

  4. My female advisor suspects that the real offense of many such a ‘sex-offending’ boy is simply that he was not the hunky boy that the girl fancied, and that the degree of sex offence arising from any act is inversely proportional to the attractiveness of the lad in question.

  5. No less worrying is the “educational” attempt to turn our children into woke robots and leftwing lemmings. Orwell described the Juvenile Anti-Sex league; we now have the juvenile anti-sexism and anti-racism clonage.
    Your picture recalls the usual “Guardian” pix of screaming young females waving their fists for causes from “Kill the Bill” to “Kill the [unborn] Baby”.