Smashing the statues of multiculturalism

Worshipping the lie of multiculturalism

The government’s review of racial disparities has caused a predictable backlash among proponents of the white privilege black victimhood orthodoxy that has now assumed cult status in this country. All institutions, public and private, pay homage at its shrine and do its bidding. Question the orthodoxy and you reveal yourself to be a white supremacist racist, whose livelihood is instantly cancelled.

The report leaves much to be desired, but it is a start and for this we should be grateful. Its authors, overwhelmingly ‘BAME’, as the orthodoxy would categorise them, have put their own careers on the line and displayed more courage than any elected politician has so far been able to muster.  

The report suggests that racial disparities might have causes other than racial discrimination. It notes that ethnic minority groups in general are outperforming white British pupils at school, once social disadvantage is factored out.

It notes that ethnicity is not the ‘major driver’ of health inequalities, and that in life expectancy, ethnic minorities ‘outperform’ the white population. It casts doubt on the value of ‘unconscious bias training’.

It even questions the value of the acronym ‘BAME’ which lumps all non-whites indiscriminately together as honorary black victims, regardless of the social, economic, and cultural differences between groups as diverse as the Chinese (who top all league tables of educational and occupational achievement) and Afro-Caribbean black (who do not); and it questions the term ‘white privilege’.

Above all, it questions the assumption that Britain is ‘institutionally racist’, something described by Mercy Muroki, one of the report’s authors, as a ‘lazy generalisation’. 

This is not bad for starters and goes much further than any elected politician would dare in questioning some of the sacred shibboleths of the BLM/all whites racist movement. It is no wonder that the race lobby is in a frenzy.

We can understand the report highlighting the fact that people from ethnic minorities are disproportionately victims of violent crime, while omitting to explore the ethnicity of those who disproportionately commit violent crime. There is only so far one can go without putting one’s career prospects at risk. Nigel Farage made the connection on LBC shortly after the BLM movement exploded on the scene and was promptly sacked.

Nevertheless, the report is ultimately fatuous. It is unable to address the root problem because to do so would strike at the heart of idea of ‘multi-culture’.

There can only be equality of outcomes, an end to racial disparities, if minorities are assimilated into the dominant culture – something that was taken for granted until multiculturalism arrived on the scene in the 1960s and began to take hold of the liberal ruling class and its intelligentsia.

By promoting multi-culturalism, celebrating ‘difference’ and ‘diversity’, bending the knee to every sub-culture, self-identifying minority groups are guaranteed exclusion from mainstream society. The pretence that there is no dominant culture, the historical nonsense that English history has always been multicultural etc., only makes matters worse. 

The only way blacks, self-identifying BAME victims, can advance in these circumstances is through positive discrimination, through quotas, which give blacks preference regardless of merit, and more widely by taking a deconstructive hatchet to all remaining norms, values, and standards of excellence that might stand in the way of inclusion and diversity. As for the white working class, they are fit only for the rubbish heap. White trash.

We see the beginnings of the backlash already on social media and on the football terraces. Race relations are being well and truly poisoned. Liberals feign shock and outrage but what did they expect? Denied polite forms of expression, or forums for legitimate debate, the backlash will take unorthodox forms. But it will come. It is the price we will pay for the great evasion.

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16 Comments on Smashing the statues of multiculturalism

  1. The predominant orthodoxy appears to be proportional representation for a chosen sub-set of society, but only for certain high-value jobs, regardless of merit and if not achieved, then the reason must be ‘systemic’ racism’. You couldn’t make it up!

    • I know what you mean Albion.
      But they have made it up.
      The entire edifice of multiculturalism requires that we ignore reality and Just Make Things Up.
      We know that people who are forced to pretend that anti-Reality is Reality will soon lose the sense of their own significance and will seek escape into consumption of various kinds: alcohol/other drugs, shopping, spectating and similar.
      That’s the method -and the aim is:
      Enslavement of the Striving White Productive Classes.
      Just about succeeded really.

  2. To repeat the essentials of my censored comment …

    James, assimilation is the fastest way to gene-kill the natives. Tell me you understand that this is an existential issue for us … an issue of blood, ethnicity, race, not of culture or values or anything superficial. Tell me you’re not one of those weak-tea conservatives who dare not confront the plain truth that we must repatriate the foreign populations to secure the existence of our kind.

  3. England is the name of ethnic domain of the English people. These people were biologically “white” and culturally “European”. The term “structural racism” appears to be a politically contrived dysphemism for any attempts by the indigenous people of England to hang on to their inherited culture, institutions and territorial integrity in face of the mass-intrusion and multicolonial settlement of foreign communities with the assistance of native-born collaborators. The refusal to recognise Englishness as an ethnic characteristic has been the first step towards the elimination of the English themselves. Wake up to woke!

  4. Yesterday, a Black Muslim slaughtered a White cop outside the White House.
    The US Democrat Admin and other Democrat politicians and the media are treating this murder as if:

    (a) it did not happen, or…

    b) if a White cop was killed it was merely an extension of the Trump-supporters takeover of the US government on 6 Jan (chuckle -as if that was anything other than a BLM/Antifa-organised TV show.), or…

    (c) if it did happen, it’s OK -because Blacks and Muslims from everywhere are good, and Whites, esp White cops, are bad -and Whites must be taught a lesson, by their slaughter if the mood takes.

    And be warned:

    This anti-factual, vile, and evil tactic to demonise Whites will be employed all the way to the full enslavement of the White striving productive classes -all over the Anglosphere.

    And note that chief among the hidden forces who are orchestrating this destruction of the White West are: Whites, of the most malign, demented, and power-lusting kind.

    • I am not an admirer of all the publications from Arthur Kemp, who has a bee in his bonnet about the “usual suspects”, but his recent book “The War against Whites” is full of carefully documented argument, including the martyrdom of global icon Saint George (Floyd), and worth reading.

  5. The authors of this report deserve all the support we can give, not only right now but also for the long term. It also needs to be followed through with more publications challenging the ideological onslaught to which we’re subjected day in, day out.

    • We are told that Boris doesn’t agree with all of it. Bungee-jumping with an eye on the ethnic vote of which the recent census is likely to reveal a growth rate faster than ever compared to that of the bypassed English, red wall or red flag? Anyone looking at the numerous TV adverts (I have lost count) which contain not diversity but EXCLUSIVELY census-defined Black “people who look like us” might feel what we are being prepared for a fate determined by the African overopulation crisis.

  6. The true source of the entire problem is that non-White societies cannot produce free resources for their peoples.
    So non-Whites come to the White West.
    But the high incidence of non-White violence and other criminality, and the low incidence of non-White educability /trainability/productivity relative to Whites, makes things very difficult.
    As does the lying about these differences, and the obvious anti-factuality that the problem is due to Whites being racist.

  7. All hail the new BNP, the inclusive, Goleorge Flloyd inspired Black Nationalist Party!
    What? Did you think I meant some other White supremacist organisation, like a British KKK but far worse?!

    • This is pretty much what Marcus Garvey, the Rasta hero, believed, which is why he was in dialogue with the KKK. Rastas to this day believe in black supremacy, a mythical black homeland etc. So maybe apartheid is the answer.

      • Garvey wanted Blacks to return to Africa and opposed racial intermarriage.
        He was sabotaged by people who preferred to mix the races.

  8. Must understand:

    The people who are orchestrating the BLM and other anti-White campaigns are actually not concerned about Black and other non-White lives. They are power-lusting Big State anti-Westernsits, and anarchists who just want to act out, of all colours and non-Christian creeds whose primary aim is:

    Full and final power over the Ordinary People of all colours and creeds.

    But first, they must destroy all sense of legitimacy of Whites who just might fight back.

    Note: Yes, there are the many naive idealists who think that Blacks and Muslims should be given more of everything for free -but they are ignorant fools, easily manipulated by the Big State power-lusters and the clueless anarchists.