‘A coalition of minorities that collectively form a majority’

“..The ranks of this new ruling class are refreshed by immigrant academics who come to understand themselves in the way progressivism understands them: as minorities who can also act victim-like if they want—a precious endowment in the cultural academic market.

Intersectionality awaits to welcome them and give them a warm hug. They can be treated on principle as black-adjacent. To do that, they quickly learn that they have to concede leadership to their black colleagues as having the greatest claim to victimhood.

If they don’t play the victim card, they throw away valuable currency when it comes to shinning up the academy’s greasy pole. A colleague of mine commented that I was wasting precious victimhood resources by refusing to sign the statement by non black faculty: Muslim, Palestinian, woman, dadidadida.

This is the cleverness of minoritarian rule: a coalition of minorities that, collectively, form a majority but that is nevertheless always able to invoke its minoritatian status to preserve its power. Power is presented as the absence of power to preserve actual power.”

Extract from the full article below

Quillette. April 9th 2021 Lama Abu Odeh

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4 Comments on ‘A coalition of minorities that collectively form a majority’

  1. The groups in this “rainbow coalition” hate each other. Muslims hate gays, blacks generally hate Asians who tend to do better, Caribbeans resent Africans who often outperform the, women resent trannies beating them in women’s sports, the middle-class intellectual lefties and the working class detest each other. One could go one.

    Just sit back and watch the coalition tear itself to pieces. Great fun.

  2. The new census may well reveal different stats, but according to the last one, the self-defined Black %age of the population was below 5%. During recent months Black people have dominated exclusively SCORES of different TV advertisements, thereby excluding other ethnic groups, notably the White British. Other adverts frequently feature mixed-race couples or groups. Black people increasingly appear in quite disproportionate and unrepresentative numbers in TV entertainment, including “anti-racist” drama themes. There is already a strong Black presence in sport and dance-music. People who look like US, i.e. the native white Anglos, may feel this is becoming either OTT and/or reflective of a deliberate design, e.g. preparation for mass-immigration from overpopulated Black Africa. Meanwhile, the full facts of the George Floyd case, the global mob-movement, and BLM aims and leaders, are kept from the public by media distortion; more to this surely than what the “Church” of “England” calls “racial sin” & the guilt imposed on our children & children’s children?
    Can we expect a visit from the Thought Police for mentioning this, let alone for commenting adversely on the “shoutin’ – jumpin’ – hip-hoppin'” behaviour of certain groups, or gang-crime involving guns, knives, drugs and “ho’s”.
    I can’t see how the domination of TV by Black faces and accents can reduce rather than exacerbate “racism”.

  3. Didn’t the Noble Lord, Lord Bhikhu Parekh, once propose the dissolution of our English nation into a “community of communities”? I remember this oleaginous creep at the Walthamstow Teachers’ Centre saying that to get the “Englishman” to swallow his pill, it was necessary to sugar it. However, life is moving on and if you don’t do what the global BLM want, your cities will burn. Look at the “right wing” website comments on the Chauvin verdict. Why bother with sugar when petrol is available?

  4. Not long ago “Sir” Lenny Henry observed that cis-gendered, heterosexual, pale, stale males in What-Was-England were massively outnumbered by women, sexual and ethnic minorities, and the disabled. Who are the masters now?