Is the Indian pandemic being wheeled on here to prepare us for a new lockdown?

Preparing Britons for a 3 year lockdown

Indian pandemic might come here’ screams the Daily Mail: India had 2812 Covid deaths in a single day. Despite these headlines and deaths in the Covid stakes, India is doing rather well or terribly badly. Will it affect us?

India has a population of 1.4 billion. Britain has a population of 70m, twenty times smaller. For a country with a crowded, teeming mass of human life India has relatively few Covid cases to date on a per capita basis. Britain had a peak Covid death rate of 1820 people on the 19th of January 2021. If India had the same per capita death rate as Britain it would need to have 56,000 deaths a day.

Maybe the death rate in India still has to rise to reach a peak of 50,000 to 60,000 deaths a day. God help the poor souls of India if it does, because already the country cannot cope with the statistical equivalent of 90 deaths per day in Britain.

But conditions in India bear no resemblance whatsoever to a near fully vaccinated country like the UK. Nor do we have to let the Indian pandemic allow the lockdown fanatics here to impose another lockdown on us. India is still a mess despite rapid development ; a lot of luxury apartments and many many super rich: 90 deaths a day would not cause the mortuaries in Britain to overflow on to the street and for the world to have to airlift in supplies. India is one of the biggest manufacturers of drugs and medical equipment in the world yet is woefully unable to help it’s poor – often because of a rigid caste system and a fatalistic religion.

One would also like to know if the manufacturers of vaccines and equipment in India have stopped exporting to lucrative export markets and switched them to their own poor. If not we would then have the ludicrous situation of western countries flying in vaccines while India’s are flying out by another door. Surely not!

It is time rich Indians started to have some Christian charity and make the equivalent of the Victorian reforms which transformed the lives of the poor in Britain.

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10 Comments on Is the Indian pandemic being wheeled on here to prepare us for a new lockdown?

  1. I wish I could remember the name of the elderly Indian gentleman who frequented the bar of the Oxford Union Society in the early 1980s. He was banned from returning to India because he’d written books that suggested that ordinary Indians were better off under British rule than under the later rule of Indian and Pakistani politicians, and that the hypocrite M K Gandhi was largely to blame for the innumerable deaths caused by Partition.

    Whatever his name was, he’s almost certainly dead now, and therefore unavailable to endorse Catherine Blaiklock’s admirable analysis of what happens when the alleged evils of imperialism are no longer available to imperialism’s alleged victims.

    But I knew and liked him, so I’ll endorse CB’s article on my old acquaintance’s behalf.

  2. Vax Live! Unite the globe! Vaccinate everyone in the world NOW! (Except Derek Chauvin, obvs.) When do we want it NOW NOW NOW! Indian Lives Matter. Harry to take the frozen cartons into the Amazon Jungle and the Congo Forest in his open-necked shirt & jeans, and J-Lo flown in to the Vedda caves and Outer Mongolia on a similar mission of mercy suitably attired for the environment in her skimpy bikini and boots – an example of A-list virtue to us all.
    Who said “Sterilize the males at the same time”? Pc Plod is on his way.

  3. Of course, the assumption here is that you believe the figures. I suspect that UK death figures are reasonably accurate; if anything overstated as the UK methodology favours reporting as a Covid death where there is potentially more than one contributing factor. In India the deaths are probably under-reported. In rural poor areas a body is likely to be cremated on a pyre in the field; people have more pressing concerns than reporting death statistics.
    GDP per head in UK is 20x that of India, and in India wealth is overwhelmingly concentrated in the hands of the few. So maybe you are right that wealthy Indians should be sorting out their problem. But the UK has its poor too, with record homelessness and food banks in every city. Perhaps it is time that British wealthy contribute more to solving our problems. Time for a wealth tax?
    It won’t happen. A year ago the British people were being lauded for coming together and helping those most affected by the pandemic; it brought out the best in people. A year on we are finding that it has brought out the worst in people too. Accountants are reporting record fraudulent claiming of government assistance. There have been record flows of new money into the stockmarket as government handouts look for a home.
    It is easy to say some other group should be sorting out a problem. Maybe as one of the richest countries in the world we should collectively be using our resources to help the poorest countries. But a platform of increasing aid is not going to be a vote winner for any party. I am afraid we are all just inherently greedy. It is just human nature.

    • Absurd another chloroquine delusion .Invermectin decreases loss of taste and smell in a Spanish trial and a small decrease in certain protein IgG. Also decreases cough. Lancet. As a treatment for loss of taste etc perhaps , but as a substitute for vaccination that would be like using tonic water instead of aviation fuel in an aircraft. You won’t however convince the tin hatters because any adverse or inconclusive findings in the medical press have been put there by the Bill Gates et al.

  4. Dear Catherine,
    You make very good points, is the Indian case being used by the BBC to soften up the British public for further restrictions, and should the Indian wealthy do more for the Indian poor. The latter question has a straightforward answer “Yes” with the caveat that India is a huge and complex country with a vast population, simple solution aren’t avaailable. The Former question affects the whole western world, and its close allies:
    There are several lenses through which the risk to western democracy, caused by the response to the Corona virus created in a laboratory in Wuhan can be viewed.
    • Medical: the response to the virus is WHO led across the world, SAGE led in the United Kingdom, and an NHS cult created, to prevent any public criticism of their behaviour.
    • PsyOps: Exaggeration of risk presented by the virus, emotional blackmail, a co-ordinated single story from all the main news outlets, and internet sites. The use of India (and formerly Italy) to frighten other countries. More behavioural scientists, and psychology of public health witch doctors, than experts on viruses in positions of power. Imposition of pointless masks (to create fear, not to prevent infection), lockdown to create an air of unreality.
    • Financial: The pushing of ‘contactless’ and ultimately a state/global controlled digital currency, so there can be no private financial exchanges, beyond barter, for ordinary folk in the future.
    • Technocratic/Globalist: Frightened by Brexit and the election of President Trump, the globalists (some of whose names we know, many that we don’t) have been trying to limit democracy, and impose technocracy wherever they can. The good people of Greece had this clearly demonstrated to them, when the EU employed Goldman Sachs to wreck the Greek economy, and thus force Greece into the eurozone.
    • Spiritual: All the people doing this to us, have fallen from God, they believe in scientism, and take a mechanistic, materialist world view. This can be seen in their weird beliefs which include eugenics, and that man’s ability to colonise other planets is imminent.
    • The Green Fraud: The illusional and existential threat of uncontrolled temperature rise, and uncontrolled rising seas. The linking of this threat to our driving of a Morris Minor twice a week, and the decoupling of this threat from China building a new coal fired power station every fortnight. They wish us to feel guilt for what we did not do, whilst they drive their horrible Teslas to their private airports, where their private jets are waiting.
    • Digital: The digital technology companies, have increased their grip on the world’s population during lockdown, their profits increase, they gather more data, the control and limit ease of access to alternative views. 5G is being imposed upon us, but the benefit will be all theirs, more surveillance, more digital controls, more digital interference in every aspect of our lives.
    All these things have cross-weaving between them, but all are part of what is happening.
    Ultimately this is a fight between good and evil. Like the estimable owner, of the Nottinghamshire Mustard Seed tea room, we must remain on the side of good, frustrate them were we can, keep our heads and hearts pure, stay true to our friends, and support those like us where we can.
    “The simple act of an ordinary brave man is not to participate in lies, not to support false actions! His rule: Let that come into the world, let it even reign supreme — only not through me.” Solzhenitsyn

      • Gullible people such as you coupled with your ludicrous anti-western fantasies are part of the problem, probably a big part of the problem. Media multi-billionaires, Big Pharma, Global banking, Agro-Chem giants, arms-dealers, currency speculators and manipulators and more rely and thrive on such as you Andrew. A naive, useful idiot who will one day end up as a useless mouth.

  5. Events like Kumbh Bela could have contributed to the Indian death-rate, but to make a point of this could be “racist” as currently defined.

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