Labour: The Nasty Party

We will all have to do this soon?

‘Abuse victims should shut their mouths for the good of diversity.’ Anyone remember when Muslim Labour MP, Naz Shah retweeted and ‘liked’ a tweet about girls being raped and groomed by Pakistani grooming gangs?
Voters do.

Anyone remember when Keir Starmer, Lord Adonis and hundreds of Labour MP’s spent three years using every trick possible trying to overturn Brexit? (A vote which in a large part was about mass immigration.)
Voters do.

Anyone remember when Keir Starmer and deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner ‘took a knee’ for Black Lives Matter – one of whom had just set fire to the Union Jack on the Cenotaph?
Voters do.

Anyone remember when Lady Nugee, otherwise known as Emily Thornberry, one of Labour’s most prominent front bench members, sneered at ‘White Van man with his St George’s flag hanging outside his modest, modern terrace house?
Voters do.

Pages have been written over the last couple of days analysing why Labour lost not only Hartlepool but over two hundred local election seats to the Conservatives. Not a single article has mentioned a few simple things: mass immigration, Islam, race and moral superiority.

Voters are not stupid. They might not read a lot about politics, they might not watch that much news and they might not always vote but they have eyes and ears and they instinctively feel things – and what they instinctively feel is that the Labour party not only does not care about them, but that many actively hate them.

The comments in the Guardian give you a good idea of left wing, Labour thinking. After the result in Hartlepool, the comments were as expected: working class morons who voted Conservative are ‘Gammons’, ‘Stupid’, ‘Ignorant’, ‘Fools’, ‘Racist’, ‘Brexiteers’, or just plain wrong. Comment after comment went on in this abusive vein.

How could the poor, ignorant uneducated white oafs of Hartlepool,(and all the other ‘Red Wall towns’) think that the corrupt, sleezely Tories would help poor areas? Other commentators just said point blank that they did not understand.

Voters understand only too well: Labour represents everyone from anywhere in the world but them. It is not a matter of whether it is Jeremy Corbyn from the socialist / Marxist side of the party or Keir Starmer or Lord Adonis from the Blairite wing – the message is the same – poor, white, working class people do not matter.

It is much more than just being ‘woke’ and it is much more than only appearing to represent rich, urban Marxists and immigrants . Labour is now the morally superior, sneering party and no one wants to be sneered at.

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17 Comments on Labour: The Nasty Party

  1. An opinion sample of about two thousand interviewees by the Campaign for Common Sense found 59% against statues being taken down, 61% against children using puberty blockers to change gender but 13% in favour, only 40% against people losing their jobs for political correctness but 21% in favour (Mail on Sunday, 16 May 2021). Not exactly very encouraging, I must admit.

  2. The leftist snobs bemoan the ignorance and poor education of the electorate while oblivious to the fact that the Left hijacked and continues to run the entire educational establishment in this country.

    • I watched the initial Leftist takeover of education from the inside, including the nobbling of the National Curriculum Committees under the nose of Conservative politicians. Many examples can illustrate the process and its metastatis to every other walk of life, such as the “Equalities” Committee and more recently the “Church” of “England”. The “Tories” came up with the bright idea of getting civil servants to draft a compulsory contract which said “teachers must” in every respect obey the instructions of their LEA. When I telephoned Stuart Sexton, government adviser, pointing out that this would actually consolidate, not reduce, “loony leftism” in key London areas, he said: “We hadn’t thought of that”! Norris McWhirter and members of the House of Lords Education Discussion group tried hard to modify it, to no avail.

      Baroness Cox once tried to give a dossier on the leftist agenda-working personally to Margaret Thatcher only to get the brush-off to give it to a secretary (i.e. the waste bin), The full story has yet to be told, if a publisher could ever be found, or if all the contents could be police-free,

  3. Everything you say about the Labour Party’s contempt for ordinary people is true. But it’s also true of the Conservative Party, the Lib Dems, the SNP and (perhaps above all) the Greens.

    But ordinary people still vote for them! Why?

    I fear that the answer is that the mainstream parties are correct in assuming that voters are stupid. The Attlee landslide can only be explained by voter stupidity, and all the evidence suggests that voters are more, not less, stupid now than they were then.

    Is it perhaps time to give up on democracy?

    • What is needed is government by people of character and competence. The voters should themselves directly make policy within but only within their specific areas of knowledge. Government should then be judged on its results, and incompetent or dishonest ministers removed by independent competent authority.There is therefore a case for an industrial franchise at national level, and a judicial authority drawn from people with a record of ability, wisdom and achievement. Have a look at the proposals for government reform proposed by the “notorious” British Union 1932-1940.

      • Dear OSCAR,

        Your advocacy of 1930s Fascist policies doesn’t go nearly far enough.

        No manifesto of the 1930s foresaw the principal problem of our time, which is the presence of many millions of unwanted and potentially hostile immigrants in the UK.

        Before we can discuss political reform, we need to address the urgent problem of demographic reform. British people need to reclaim Britain, starting with the expulsion of millions of hostile immigrants.

        • Historical facts:
          Mosley’s British Union said: “The British people need all of Britain.”
          After the war he was the first politician of any significance to oppose non-European permanent immigration and stood against it at the 1959 election, facing much the same media hostility that Powell faced in his own subsequent opposition. The response of other party leaders has been to make anti-immigration noises at elections and then to ignore them when in power, while reinforcing anti-“racist” legislation. More could be added.

    • Skeptic’s accurate jibe is well illustrated by the response in the letters column in “The Guardian”. Perhaps Labour should rename itself as “The Global Equality” party, which could close the gap between Gordon “Global” Brown and Jeremy “Equality” Corbyn. Trouble is that Peter Hitchens has a point when he describes all the parties as in pursuit of the same ultimate result, in so far as they have any principles at all. The main aim is to “defuse” the so-called “far right”, and pursue the “more immigration” policy shared by the “capitalists” and “communists” alike.

      • We had the Cone Hotline as John Major’s great achievement, Same-sex Marriage as David Cameron’s, and a Ban on Gender Conversion Therapy as Boris Johnson’s personal priority. I do not advocate a ban on anal and oral sexual contact in private by consenting adults, but it seems to me that in a free society if men are legally entitled to practice multiple barebacking or felching with or without a straw, I think other consenting adults should be allowed to engage in gender conversion, religious or secular, and to criticise aspects of the gay “life”style without intimidation by employers or policemen,

    • “Dismissing the people and replacing them with innumerable hostile immigrants” would be more accurate. But it’s not only Labour that wants to turn the native population of the UK into strangers in their own land. The only argument between the political parties is about how quickly the replacement ought to be done.

      • Note that Barnier’s belated supposed conversion to a short-term Fortress Europa would welcome “refugees”. But these are the essential element in mass-movement from Africa, south Asia, the Middle/Near East, and even Latin America. There are millions out there. But importing them will not solve their problems or help us.

        • At least under the EU the incomers were mostly European. Post Brexit the Tories seem bent on a counter-colonisation of the UK per India and Hong Kong!

  4. I think & hope your explanation of the slump in Labour support is correct, but it would help to have a sociological survey (NOT run by “The Guardian” or BBC).

    • An opinion sample of about two thousand interviewees by the Campaign for Common Sense found 59% against statues being taken down, 61% against children using puberty blockers to change gender but 13% in favour, only 40% against people losing their jobs for political correctness but 21% in favour (Mail on Sunday, 16 May 2021). Not exactly very encouraging, I must admit.

    • A sociological study NOT by the Guardian or the BBC? THEN BY WHOM? Are you aware that the alternative spelling for sociologist is “L E F T Y”. So that rules out all the universities ; otherwise it’s a good idea…