When the Climate Police come to take your oil fired boiler.

650 million years ago. Snowball Earth. 4000 parts per million of CO2 and -58 degrees C

Although it is almost midsummer, there have been a number of occasions in the last month when I have been tempted to turn on my central heating at night. Although many people have remarked on how cold it has been, the BBC has avoided any mention of it in case it contradicts the doctrine of global warming. Had it been unseasonably hot you can be sure it would have been nightly headline news.

This magazine has already drawn attention ( amid howls of rage from warmers) to the dangerously low levels of C02 in the our atmosphere, 407 parts per million, barely above that required to sustain plant life. If CO2 were to fall to below 170 parts per million the earth’s vegetation would begin to die. 

Over the very long term, nobody knows if the world is warming or cooling but is amusing to contemplate what might happen if the world is cooling. By 2035 Western governments intend to ban oil and gas fired central heating systems and replace them with inefficient heat pumps which in midwinter will send you shivering to bed at five in the evening; just as cooling gets a grip that, at its most extreme, may re-freeze the Atlantic north of the Shetlands.

The sole beneficiary of this policy of assisted freezing would be China which is still building hundreds of coal fired power stations belching CO2. Easy to manufacture and quick to install, China would be able to sell them to the West, but never in numbers to stop the planet cooling. But, along with the Wuhan laboratory fiddling with the DNA of Covid 19, which has, ‘no known natural ancestor,’ and whose latest mutation is transmissible by air, both will help to achieve the very goal our sandal wearers and green bean eaters desire, a 15% drop in world population and a cooling earth.

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  1. Greenist ideology, if implemented, would require that the population of the Earth be reduced to 10% of its current level. Which 10% and who decides?